Expanding The Market: David McDonald and OSI Group

David McDonald is a man with a big job these days. He is the current president and COO of OSI Group. Over the last two decades he has watched the company expand into new markets around the world. One market that he was anxious to be a part of was the Chinese market. This lead him and the company to figure out how to get into that particular market and be a success as well. He sat down with Andy Hanacek and talked about how the company was able to get their foot in the doors and be such a phenomenal success over the last twenty years. One of the things that David McDonald talked about was being able to understand what the Chinese consumer wants. This includes hiring interpreters in order to understand the language and local culture.

This was one of the key points to allow OSI Group to become part of the market. Over the last twenty years, the company has made every effort possible to put the consumer first when it comes to their business. Being able to connect with consumers on an individual level makes the transition into the Chinese market much easier for the company. One of the things that David McDonald and OSI Group has been trying to do over the years is to understand all of the governmental regulations and rules that are in place.

By working with them in this manner is show that the company wants to be a good neighbor in China and give new customers a chance to try their products. The company is also making sure that all of the most current regulations are being met and working with officials when it comes to food safety. Looking out for things like this makes the company a trustworthy partner in Chinese commerce. This is what happens when companies build strong relationships in new markets. Being able to follow the rules and be responsible for its own actions make this a match made in heaven. This is why it has been such a success over the last two decades.

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Betterworks To Make Your Team Work Better

Betterworks has recently released a magnificent new software platform called Team Edition to be used as a tool in Continuous Performance Management® so that a team and its managers can function around each other properly using data and networking to reach goals and achieve success faster. Because Team Edition works great on a scalable level, there is no limit to how big or small the project or company is when first starting to use what Betterworks has to offer.

Do you have a desire to start a new project with your business, and want to improve productivity and smooth flowing function? Do you need to better measure the data that is going into your project so that you can see physically the changes that are occurring for the better? Then Betterworks has the right software for you to start.

By connecting communication and using business data effectively Team Edition is able to master your Continuous Performance Management® in order for you to gain strategic insights and create a culture of feedback within your organization. Good data is completely necessary for managers to make good decisions, and for employees to be motivated in doing good work. Because that’s what you want out of your project, isn’t it? Betterworks’ version of Team Edition leaves nothing in the blind spots, exposing all aspects of what has happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen throughout the cycle of a business project.

If you are a small and growing company it is Betterwork’s goal to help you experience the benefits of these OKRs in a way that is beneficial and scalable. Among the constant change and growth of a company, Betterworks is there in the background, measuring and helping your goals be understood and achieved. So don’t hesitate to make your project better than it was before by using software that is proven to boost performance.

Angela Koch Says Businesses That Want to Succeed Invest In Their Employees

In need of a sound investment? For generations many Americans have turned to coins made of gold or silver. Provided the distributor is backed by a government guarantee, like U.S. Money Reserve, it’s a reliable way to secure your money.

CEO Angela Koch has seen more than half a million transactions rely on that security, but such a volume was only possible because of the workforce she invested into.

Talking about her employees, Koch wants them to individualize their role within the company, to see themselves as more than just sales people and truly command the space they operate in. This means trusting them enough to take a step back and let them decide how to move forward on a transaction. It’s a decision that has benefited the company.

Prior to heading the U.S. Money Reserve, Koch was a college dropout with a baby on the way. Her husband had set his eyes on a professional golfing career soon after, leaving her to be the provider for their little family. With all the responsibilities that come with being a working mother, she was unsure of how to find a career that appealed to her.

Koch was eager to take on several jobs at once. She invested a great deal of time collecting all information she could find about each role, then proceeded to become an expert in that position. By mastering her limited roles, she sought to advance her career to the next logical rung. But her many jobs provided nowhere to go. She was out of options, and her future didn’t seem so promising.

Through many jobs, Koch found herself working in meteorology, running computational analytics. That only set her up to work in business strategies and development. It’s a skill set that came in handy when her mentor, a Kobe beef rancher, asked her to acquire a certification for their hormone-free cattle. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BBB

Ranching wasn’t her first choice for a career change, but Koch assumed the same determined posture that got her through other jobs. Learning all she could about the ranching business, tailoring it to her style, and learning the personable skills to deal with clients and partners, convinced her she was ready to handle a company as an executive.

With the ranching business behind her, Koch worked for U.S. Money Reserve, and in shot order she jumped into the role of CEO. With years in her executive position, those working in marketing, sales, and the ERP system join together to foster a cohesive experience that brings them back to the business.

What is Koch’s next move? Expanding the company. Koch is looking to encourage her employees to be more confident with how they handle their daily responsibilities. This begins by helping them learn how to separate their work form their personal life, allowing the to shore up their strength and be willing to foster regular collaboration.

About U.S. Money Reserve:

10 years ago, the U.S. Money Reserve has provided precious-metal coins made of gold, platinum, and silver, to over half a million investors. Backed by a guarantee from the U.S. government, their dedicated staff takes part in each transaction, leaving customers satisfied that they made the right investment decision.

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Talented people fuel Fortress Investment Group’s business model

Being a highly recognized, award-winning hedge fund is no easy accomplishment. This is why many in the investment and finance industry have kept their eyes on Fortress Investment Group, which was recently purchased by SoftBank Group Corporation for $3.3 billion. The acquisition made it the first publicly traded hedge fund to be acquired.

People behind the business

However, a successful firm is not just a lifeless business model. There are actual talented people fueling the success of Fortress Investment Group. Most notable are the three founders, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman. Only Kauffman has since retired, while the other two founders remained involved in the management of Fortress. Learn more about the organization of Fortress at crunchbase.com

Wes Eden

As one of the three founders of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens brings a sense of leadership and a resume that not only includes experience in finance but also the professional sports industry. Edens has been involved in the professional sports industry since 2014 when he acquired the Milwaukee Bucks. He purchased the NBA team for $550 million.

Edens is also owner of FlyQuest which is a League of Legends team. FlyQuest is currently backed by Fortress Investment Group as it competes in the Northern American League of Legends Champions. Additionally, as owner of FlyQuest, Edens also financially backs eSports.

His approach to investing is characterized by looking for instruments which have been under some type of distress or has been out of favor by capital markets. Edens does not shy away from complexity. He is known to be able to apply comprehensive analysis in order to obtain returns from investing in fluctuating environments which are usually seen as challenging.

Randal Nardone

After becoming a founding member of Fortress Investment Group and a part of the firm’s Management Committee in 1998, Randal Nordone became the CEO of Fortress in 2013. Prior to officially taking the reins, Nardone was the interim CEO for more than a year. Before founding Fortress, he worked as managing director for UBS. Additionally, Nardone was a principal for BlackRock Financial Management.

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Oren Frank, the man behind Talkspace Success

The healthcare industry has failed to address the problem of mental health among people in society. Many patients have trouble visiting any health facility to seek treatment when suffering from complex mental problems. People with mental diseases will always get criticized for being weak. Mental health, according to Oren Frank, is a problem for all people, regardless of their class and achievements. There are personalities with so much wealth and accomplishments under their best, and they still get depression. Oren Frank started a company to address this problem. A few years later, the company is now leading in the market, reaching out to thousands of patients. The therapy sessions from Talkspace are cheap so that patients are comfortable. Oren Frank holds the role of chief executive officer in the online company. Under his leadership, the startup has connected millions of people with a mental health condition to experienced and licensed therapists. Find out more about Oren Frank at Huffpost.

Oren Frank strongly believes that technology is the only way to make society better. When starting the company, the leading entrepreneur got the support of his wife, Roni. The mission of the couple was to give therapy to all patients. In the early years of their marriage, Roni and Frank had many challenges. With the help of therapy, things turned out just fine. Frank and his wife founded Talkspace so that more people could have access to therapy, especially when facing tough situations of life. Before taking on this journey, Oren Frank was serving as one of the senior advertising and marketing executives in the American market. People in the market recognized the executive because of his creativity and ability to introduce successful marketing campaigns. Oren Frank has worked tirelessly to make Talkspace successful in the market. The business leader has educated many people about the benefits of seeking professional help whenever a mental health issue arises. The sales executive brought only the best therapists in the country to handle the growing number of customers. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talkspace

Quality Home Service from the Professionals of Agera Energy

If you want electricity or fuel for your home without it costing you a small fortune, it’s time to consider the services of Agera Energy. The main reason for why Agera Energy has been around for so long and has millions of customers nationwide is because of their quality and affordable service options. You can easily get the service that you need and not have to worry that you are spending a lot of money just to get it. Read more about Agera Energy on medium.com.

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There are lots of reasons to consider Agera Energy. You will be able to contact them directly on their site via their live chat or contact them by phone. You can even visit the Twitter page for Agera Energy and see just how different this company is when compared to some of the others that are out there. You will love saving money on the electric and fuel that your home needs. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Portfolio Manager Igor Cornelsen Shares Some Wisdom About Investing In Brazilian Companies

Igor Cornelsen is a graduate of the Federal University of Parana where he earned an economics degree in 1971. He spent the next 24 years working as an executive in the banking industry. Banks he led include Multibanco, Unibanco, Standard Chartered Bank, and Libra Bank.

He began investing for himself. First limited to the Brazilian stock market, he started investing internationally once he was paid in U.S. dollars. He was highly successful as an investor and used his skills to open Bainbridge Investments in 1995. He manages his client’s money using strategies that he has developed over the past 30 years.

Igor Cornelsen advises that investors should be looking for damaged stocks, not damaged companies. If you invest in damaged companies you will lose money over time. Damaged stocks, though, are good companies whose stocks are under-valued. He buys these stocks and once the value is back up to where it “should be,” he sells and invests in the next damaged stock.

With the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil has experienced booms and busts over the past several decades. In recent years, the Brazilian government has introduced reforms that have brought more stability to the economy. It is one of the world’s biggest exporters of agricultural products. It is also a major oil producer and has other industries that are doing well.

He has recommendations for people that want to invest in Brazilian companies that have a good outlook. Igor Cornelsen says one of these is Netshoes. It is an e-commerce sporting goods company that just recently held its initial public offering. Millions of Brazilians still don’t have internet access so as that changes Netshoes is bound to acquire more customers. He says that while the company’s stock is currently quite volatile, over the long term it presents a great opportunity for investors.

OSI Group Covering New Ground With Plant-Based Patties

Whatever the preferred terminology, whether it’s vegan or meat-free protein, the plant-based organization, Impossible Foods has introduced a meatless burger. Since mass production is needed to grow with the expected demand, the company announced that it will partner with OSI Group. This partnership has been accurately deemed, a ‘co-manufacturing’ operations. For its part, OSI Group is excited for future developments with a burger described as the first large-scale production of plant-based patties. Impossible Foods Senior Vice President of Product and Operations, Sheetal Shah said that they ‘searched’ for the right manufacturing partnership. Since OSI Group is now regarded as an industry veteran, they’re ready to expand the Impossible burger from its current market of 10,000 restaurants and 400 ‘distributors and redistributors.

OSI Group anticipates making an immediate impact, with expansion estimates of 7, 000 additional restaurants by the end of the year. Sheetal Shah said that the main advantage of working with OSI is that it will enable them to “significantly ramp up production.” As an indicator of what’s to come for both Impossible Foods and OSI, the initial introduction in St. Louis received an overwhelmingly positive response. In April, the patties were added to the menu of 59 Burger King restaurants. Details of the business deal weren’t made public, however, Impossible Foods has stated that both companies are now investing more funds into multiple facilities in Chicago.

With plans to begin serving the meatless burgers in the area. For the present, Burger King restaurants are exclusively serving the Impossible Pattie. When asked if the future would include supplying restaurant rival, McDonald’s, although he declined to mention specifics, Sheetal Shah said that anything is possible. Impossible Foods and OSI Group are effectively responding to consumers who want more meat-free options. The inclusion means that they’re new choices as far as menu items for vegans and for those who simply want to eat meat alternatives. The partnership is preferred, according to Senior Executive Vice President for OSI North America, Kevin Scott. He said that there’s a growing demand from consumers for “plant-based meat substitutes.”

Sheldon Lavin’s Success Story Over 43 Years :

Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group has been a success story in the making for 43 years now. Working in the meat industry was all new for him, after having spent the earlier part of his professional career in banking. Prior to leaving the banking industry, he decided to open his own consulting firm. Becoming the CEO and Chairman of the world’s largest meat processing company was most likely not on his list of accomplishments for his future. However, the last 43 years have shown that he has thrived and done well. Sheldon Lavin has become one of the most iconic consultants of our time in meat processing, as he led OSI Group into success once they connected with McDonald’s in the 70’s.

Now that OSI has become such a massive conglomerate, they have many subsidiaries including OSI Industries, OSI LLC, OSI International Foods, and more. The company now has more than 20,000 employees around the globe, and with the positive corporate culture he has built, he is expecting more growth in the future. Sheldon Lavin attributes the successful culture to the fact that the company has remained very family-oriented, as well as the fact that they have always put “people” as the priority of a successful business.

Otto and Sons had started as a humble operation, and serving their local community. Otto Kowolsky probably never saw the day when his butcher shop would grow into a massive meat processing plant only to grow at the global level. Once Sheldon Lavin took the company to a new level of success, they became more focused on expanson into Europe. Asia wasn’t far behind on the list of places the company wanted to get into. Today, Lavin is 81 years of age and counting. His business acumen is as sharp as it ever was, as he continues to focus on the company’s expansion. His goal was to carry the company culture he created overseas, and to implement it everywhere he went. Today, OSI Industries boasts more than 55 facilities in more than 16 countries.

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Betsy Devos Advocates the Use of Private Schools

Betsy DeVos is in charge of the Education Department. Her home state of Michigan also happens to have served as a testing area for the growth and development of charter academies. Each one of these privately owned academic institutions is to a specific degree subsidized by federal income.


She has previously, on the other hand, attracted mockery for recommending that schools ought to have access to firearms and guns. Betsy DeVos was explicitly referring to an exceedingly remote institution in Wyoming. She stated that this academy needed weapons to safeguard young people from bears.


Betsy DeVos advocated this course of action even though that state’s legal guidelines prohibit it. DeVos stumbled to some extent in the course of her Senate hearing. This error occurred when she was questioned directly with regards to the question of whether firearms ought to be considered acceptable on the environs of an institution.


At the same time, we must always keep in mind that she will have some specifics responsibilities in her role as the newest leader for the Education Department. For example, she is going to keep an eye on a yearly spending plan worth $68 billion. This fact should be considered as well as the reality that she is going to at the same time have power over the organization that helps ensure the utilization of federal laws in schools.


While still attempting to win the presidency, Trump agreed to refocus $20 billion in federal government revenue to improve private educational facilities. Betsy DeVos, also, has made it feasible for worried moms and dads to help to make selections in favor of their young kids. As you possibly can envisage, the Republican-majority Senate accepted her in her groundbreaking position.


Betsy DeVos has aside from that encouraged the use of homeschooling across the nation. The Senate verified the scheduled appointment of the brand new boss of the Education Department. Remember to keep this fact in mind: she is the latest leader for the Education Department.


As a consequence of her serving this function, she also administers a twelve-month spending budget with control over college student loans. For Betsy DeVos and the campaigners for charter educational facilities, these private academic institutions provide learners a replacement for public educational facilities. Conservative people criticize public schools for problems stemming from the sway of the unions.


Another issue that is frequently criticized is the impossibility of firing educators who might be thought to be low-quality employees. Quizzed by a left-wing senator, Betsy DeVos, who was the administrator for the GOP’s local division in Michigan, rationalized that she was in support of educational vouchers. But bear in mind, the left-wing political figures are averse to thinking about virtually any alternative apart from public academies.


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