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“No single person is born hating another person because of the color of their skin, or their background, or religion. People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be trained to love, for love comes more as you would expect to the human heart than its opposite”, Nelson Mandela. A human activist is defined as a person who campaigns for human rights. Yeonmi Park has been in the limelight for her efforts in human activism for a while. Park is one of the lucky few who are lucky enough to have fled North Korea with their lives. Park escaped North Korea through China in 2007, in 2009 she finally settled in South Korea. The escape was not easy
Park was born on 1993 in North Korea. Parks father worked in Hyesan town as a civil servant for the ruling Workers Party. Parks mother was a nurse for the North Korean army at the time. Her father had dedicated most of his time to his metal smuggling business that he had established incognito in the capital. Things for Park changed drastically when her father got arrested for allegedly partaking in illegal activities. Park soon got inspired to escape after watching a pirated version of the Titanic, a popular Western tale of love, which made her realize how much freedom had been taken away from them.
As soon as her father got back with the family, he began pushing for them to escape from North Korea. Park’s sister, Eunmi, left earlier without alerting anyone. The family followed later traveling through China with the assistance of brokers that smuggled people out of North Korea. Park’s father had refused to go along with the family scared that he would slow them down due to an illness he was ailing. After successfully crossing over to China, Park, and her mother were en route for Jilin province in search of Parks sister. They assumed she was dead after failing to find her.
In 2007, Park made arrangements for her father to be smuggled into China where he was later diagnosed with colon cancer. Park’s father succumbed to the illness a year later and was buried in secret as the family had to live incognito to prevent them from being deported back to North Korea. Park and her mother found a shelter run by Christian missionaries who eventually helped them get to South Korea through Mongolia. After a long and wearisome excursion, Park, and her mother got to South Korea successfully. They were both able to find jobs as a waitress and shop assistant.
Park Yeon-mi’s story inspires a lot. She has realized a lot at such a young age and serves as a source of motivation to everyone who has heard her side of the story. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.

The Uncanny Talents Of John Textor

The world of entertainment can be a grueling career choice. John Textor has not only made that choice, but has navigated the world of entertainment flawlessly. Over a long career John has developed the contacts and the experience needed to be a major player in the entertainment and digital imagery fields.

Mr. Textor began his career with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wesleyan University in 1987. He went on to co-found a company by the name of Wyndcrest Holdings in 1997. He worked and kept persevering and eventually became their managing partner. Wyndcrest Holdings is a company that focuses on the internet, telecommunications and the entertainment industry.

In 1999 John Textor became the director of The Parent Company and Baby Universe. These are companies that deal primarily with children’s products. These are not his only experience laden positions on his resumee. John has extensive experience in upper management as well.

One such position is as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sims Snowboards. He was also the founding director of Lydian Trust Company and More recent experience has put John in the positon of Chief Executive Officer of Digital Domain Productions and Digital Domain Media Group in 2006.

John Textor is presently serving as the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. This is a comapny that deals with digital productions. Specifically they specialize in the application of computer generated human likenesses. His work has been featured at many major functions that have been televised around the world.

One such accolade on Mr Textor’s experience is the human likeness provided for the Benjamin Button movie. Most of the major part of the movie included a computer generated actor. This likeness was so lifelike that it was nominated for a major award. Textor has taken these computer generated likenesses even a step further.

Music awards feature performers in live events. One such likeness that Textor provided for a recent Music Award Ceremony was Michael Jackson. He made this likeness so real that people in the audience actually thought they were seeing the real thing.

Other famous people that Textor has replicated as computer generated likenesses include Marilyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur and even Elvis Presley. His work has remained unmatched by other major entertainment media groups and his talent for making these images appear real is uncanny.

Truly an expert at his field, John Textor has excelled in what he loves and does best.

Benefits of Using the Lime Crime Line of Makeup

The Lime Crime line of makeup on tumblr is one that is growing very quickly in size and is becoming one of the most popular brands on the market. One of the major reasons for this change is because people are now looking to go bold when it comes to the makeup they are using. Just by visiting the Lime Crime site, you will immediately notice bold and bright colors that are completely different from many others that you might have seen in the past. This is what makes Lime Crime stand completely apart from some other brands that are out there.

Another wonderful thing about Lime Crime is the quality and care that goes into making its cosmetics and tools. The price you pay for the Lime Crime cosmetics is well worth it just because of the fact that you will be getting products that match the quality that you are looking for when purchasing makeup. No one wants to spend a lot of money on their makeup only to find that it simply does not deliver, but using Lime Crime will never make you feel like this. They are definitely a great line of makeup that is being used by tons of people all over the world.

You will find that Lime Crime is still relatively new in its size, but it is growing rapidly because of the fact that women want to try brand new things and new colors that might have been too bold for them in the past but are interesting to them now. Gone are the days when you had to focus on a more subdued look because of the fact that there is a line like Lime Crime out there to help out with this task. You will love that they have many different products available to the general public.

While you are on the Lime Crime site, you may also find a lot of information on their back story and other things that they have available. You can contact the Lime Crime crew if you have questions regarding their products and want to learn more. This is a great way for you to become completely familiar with the line of makeup to see if it is the right choice for you and your style. This is a reason why a lot of women are currently making the switch from their old brand to the new Lime Crime for themselves.

You will love that Lime Crime has so many cosmetics and tools for you to use yourself. You can go for a completely different look that complements your style well or you can stick with the more subdued colors and looks that you’re used to using yourself. It is up to you how you use the makeup that you buy from the Lime Crime line of cosmetics, so make sure to try something new and give this line a try for yourself to see what they are all about and why they are so popular.

Slyce Challenges Amazon Flow with its New Image Recognition Technology

Slyce’s new technology aims to utilize the increased use of mobile phones in taking and sharing of pictures on social media and buying items online. The product recognition technology allows consumers to take pictures of something that they spot, and enables them to compare that with other similar or same products available in retail shops. They can also make online purchases. This will change our previous perceptions of the retail market. The possibilities it will bring forth are limitless. The technology comes in form of an app and a website.

Slyce will be working behind big retailers. The technology will be integrated in the websites of the retailers. You are not likely to practically see the Slyce app as a result. As of now, the company is already in talks with major retailers in the United States.

The technology presents limitless opportunities for consumers especially those who like shopping. Whether they spot a cute dress worn by a friend while walking in the streets, or they are just looking at images on social media, they will be able to spot something they like, take a picture of it, and immediately buy the same item or a similar one from the retailer.

This is not the first time that this type of technology is entering the retail market. Amazon is the pioneer in the field with their Amazon Flow. Amazon Flow is similar to what Slyce has come up with. Users of Amazon Flow are able to take pictures of something that they spot and get the Amazon listing instantly.

But Slyce’s new technology is not just a carbon copy of Amazon Flow. While it works around the same concept, it comes with additional features that aim to better the service experience. Unlike Amazon Flow, it allows users to take pictures of items in any state. For Amazon Flow to work, the product must be in its original packaging, therefore limiting consumers to the stores.

When the picture is taken, the technology first identifies the type of the product; it could be a shirt or vase for example. It then looks for specific details. In the case of a shirt, it could look at the color or the print pattern. It then compares the item with other products available in the database of the retailers. Consumers either get a perfect match or a product that is similar to the item.

Retailers will also greatly benefit from this technology. Driving sales is not the only focus here; they will get to know what the consumer needs. They will also know the exact moment that the consumer needs to buy a particular product. This kind of information will be very helpful now and in future.

Yeonmi Park: Modern Human Rights Activist

Human rights activists are people who work to better the lives of other human beings. They work to defend the rights of people who have had their rights taken away or do not have their own voice to speak out with. Around the world, human rights activists are recognized as those who work to defend and protect others. There are many awards given globally that support what human rights activists do. Awards such as The Nobel Peace Prize, The Human Rights Defenders Tulip, The United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, and several others are given out in recognition to those who have championed for the rights of other humans.

The United Nations recognizes human rights activists and has adopted a Declaration which helps to support and protect those who defend the rights of humans. The Declaration works to protect human rights activists working all over the world. It was adopted in 1998 and is the first Declaration made by the UN that actively protects and recognizes the importance of what human rights activists do. There are certain rights that are protected under this declaration and they include the right to advocate for better rights; the right to create, develop, and discuss those rights; the right to criticize government agencies and lobby for a change; the right to have legal assistance for your causes; the right to a fair trial; and the right to have access to resources that will help defend human rights.

There are many famous people that are also notable human rights activists. Some of the more famous activists include Amal Alamuddin-Clooney, Angelina Jolie-Pitt, Hillary Clinton, Martin Luther King Jr, Zack de la Rocha, Michael Bolton, and Joan Baez. One of the leading human rights activists emerging recently is former North Korean resident Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park is a young defector from the notoriously oppressed country of North Korea. She was born in the country and grew up being taught what to think, say, and feel. She also learned at a young age that any offense against the government could lead to severe punishments. Her father was found smuggling metals to China and was sentenced to a hard labor camp where he was tortured. Their family soon realized that they needed to escape the brutal country in order to survive. Yeonmi Park, her mother, and her sister all crossed the river into China where they endured hardships that almost cost them their lives. Eventually the three made it to safety and are now refugees living in South Korea.

Now, Yeonmi is 21-years-old and is becoming a voice for those still left in the dictatorship who are being tortured and starving. She has hope that the Western culture and media is slowly infiltrating into the country and will eventually bring down the Kim dynasty. Yeonmi is speaking out against the country that tortures and oppresses their citizens in hope of seeing a change for it’s people.

Lime Crime Leads The Change In The Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry is a fast changing business world to be part of with a number of changes taking place on a regular basis over which brand is the most popular and fashionable. The world of cosmetics is closely linked to the fashion industry and a change in how both industries brought about by the growth of the Internet, which has encoraged anybody who feels they have the chance to be a fashion industry expert to air their views. Others have taken a different route to success, including Lime Crime founder Doe Deere who has taken her fashion education and turned it into a success through savvy Interent promotion and high quality products.

One of the main differences that has been brought abut by the growth of the Internet is the ability of consumers to take a look at the history of the company they are conisdering buying cosmetics from. Many potential customers are determined to purchase their products from a company that has similar beliefs and an ideology to them, which can mean cosmetics created without animal testing and the paying of a realistic salary to those in the production stage of any company. By completing a little research the majority of consumers will make the decision on where to buy their products from and which brand to buy.

Lime Crime on had only been in existence for a short period of time, but the growth of the company has included a decision to prodduce cruelty free products that can be enjoyed by customers from all over the world. The Lime Crime brand was born on the Internet and has continued to make sure the Internet plays a huge role in the way the company markets itself. Lime Crime founder Doe Deere publishes a regular blog, which acts as a marketing tool and a way to offer inspiration to those who are seeking to achieve the most possible with their own talent. Marketing is also an important part of the Lime Crime story, which includes the use of social media to complete the growth of the company. Traditional cosmetics companies have yet to embrace the use of social media as strongly as the independent cosmetics providers have, which means the marketing options for independent producers like Lime Crime are on the rise.

Stephen Murray A Part of CCMP for Decades

CCMP Capital continues running strong even after the death of its former president and CEO passed away in March 2015. Murray’s history with the company started when the original company he worked for, Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, was bought out by Chemical Bank in 1991. Chemical Bank was the starting point for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on crunchbase and went through many changes to become the company it is today. The company became Chase Capital Partners in 1996, and after merging with JP Morgan in 2000, the company changed its name to JP Morgan Partners. CCMP was formed in 2006 as a spin-out of JP Morgan Partners specializing in buyout and growth equity investments. The name stands for Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital specializes in four sectors, retail and consumer, industrial, healthcare and energy. Companies that partner with CCMP get specialized operational enhancement consulting. CCMP collaborates with companies to streamline operations in order to save money and increase revenue as well as advise management on investments.

Murray stayed with the company through all the transitions and became CEO in 2007 following company founder, Jeff Walker. Murray graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics. He then attended Columbia Business School to earn his masters. After college he trained as a credit analyst with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, and the rest is history. Not only was Murray a notable businessman, but he was a great philanthropist and supported many non-profits. He especially supported the Make A Wish Foundation. He also supported his own schools, Boston College and Columbia Business School as well as Stamford Museum. He served on several company and non-profit boards such as Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, board of trustees at Boston College, and was a member on the chairman’s council of the Metro New York Make a Wish Foundation.

Murray resigned a month before his death for health reasons. He was only 52 when he died.

The Digital Future of Pulse Evolution

Pulse Evolution Corporation is a leading developer and pioneer in the world of technology. The cutting edge company creates realistic, digital human concepts utilizing computerized and holographic technologies. One of their well known projects was in collaboration with the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, in which they designed and developed the digital likeness of the late pop icon, Michael Jackson.

After reporting results of its second fiscal quarter, Pulse Evolution told CNN of its plans to become fully-reporting and listed on the national stock exchange. John Textor, CEO, stated, “Our heavy investment from a committed group of strategic investors has positioned our company to be a leading developer of exciting new forms of entertainment and a pioneer… of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.” Significant portions of the company’s operating expenses are directed toward technological development, and PULSE Evolutions is currently pursuing development of computer-generated digital humans for use in virtual reality, live performances, and even consumer interaction. The company looks to utilize this technology to interact with customers and consumers both in live interaction and through online media, similar to digital avatars used today.

John Textor, CEO, is responsible for partnering with venues, developing consumer relationship, acquiring appropriate rights, and developing revenue agreements. Textor previously served as CEO and Chairman at both Digital Domain Productions and Digital Media group, leading teams to complete over eighty major projects including blockbusters like Tranformers, Tron: Legacy and Pirates of the Caribbean at Worlds End. Textor also lead the team that completed the first, realistic digital human recreation in the film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Other endeavors include development of a unique, dual-enrollment bachelor’s program at Florida State University, the digital recreation of Tupac at Coachella in 2012, and transformation of Digital Domain Productions into a feature film production company. Textor has also been integral in Pulse’s acquisition of rights and revenue agreements with the estate of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley

The undeniable genius and business acumen of Brian Mulligan

Brain Mulligan is an astute businessman, entrepreneur and media personality. He has worked in various positions in the entertainment and media industries in a career spanning over 30 years. The CEO of Brooknol Advisors considers he is very fortunate to have had the opportunity to achieve what he has. Brooknol Advisors is an Entertainment, Media and Sports Advisory Company based in California.


Brian Mulligan is also involved in various charitable and community outreach projects. He especially likes to work with the youth and institutions related to his core love, sports and entertainment. He has served as a commissioner of youth basketball league and head coached travel basketball team and youth tackle football.


He has worked in various media, entertainment and sport companies. Among the positions he has held include: Chief Financial Officer and Executive of The Seagram Company Ltd. Senior Executive Advisor with Cerberus Capital Management dealing with media and entertainment. He was also a founder and senior partner of Universal Partners, created to acquire Universal Entertainment.


He has experience working with large and global media companies in various capacities. He has consulted for Fox Television, overseeing Fox Sports, Fox Television Stations Group and Fox Cable Networks Group. He also oversaw business operations at FOX Broadcasting Network.


Before moving to FOX, he worked in various positions in Universal Studios. Among the positions he has held include Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Development and Executive Vice President.


He earned his Bachelors degree in Business Administration form the University of Southern California and a Masters Degree from John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management in the University of California.


On top of serving as a CEO, he also writes for Fields of Green and content related to the sports entertainment industry. A look at his articles will convince any reader of his insight and experience. His take on the trends in the industry show a hard to find balance between classic wisdom and foresighted vision in his discourses.


There is no denying the business acumen and genius of Brain Mulligan. He has helped the various companies he has worked for make great improvements and helped them attain great success in the areas he worked in.


He has also helped his clients make great deals and achieve their goals far and beyond their expectations. As time goes on, one can only expect brain Mulligan and his company to achieve more success based on their track records.

Let FreedomPop’s Mobile Wireless Services Give You The Constant Wi-Fi Connection You Need

A hotspot can be very valuable for someone who needs access to the Internet anywhere they go, especially if they don’t want to have to sign on to anyone else’s Wi-Fi service. Although there are many ways to activate a hotspot, including through a home Internet modem or through a cell phone with a hotspot turned on, it’s still a good idea to have a personal hotspot. Personal hotspots are good for anyone who likes to travel, especially if the person is traveling out of town regularly. Most people can’t rely on Internet services that they find anywhere else, and they’ll have security if they choose to have their own hotspot.

Some companies may have a person sign up for a job when they are doing job fairs, and the building they are in may not have a hotspot available. If a company has a hotspot that they can bring with them, they can allow a person to sit at a specified laptop or terminal and sign up for a job right away. Hotspots are also great for those who run their own business, but they may have to do traveling for their business. Imagine being able to use a tablet that’s connected to a hotspot anywhere the person goes, and they can sign onto Wi-Fi service, without having to access another person’s Internet service.

Not only are hotspots very valuable when it comes to businesses, but people who want to have their own reliable Internet service at all times may find the use for a hotspot as well. All one needs to do is make the choice and purchase a hotspot for themselves, and then they must connect it to a service provider for the hotspot. FreedomPop is a great hotspot service provider, and they have 4G LTE speeds for their hotspots. Not only will a person get blazing fast speeds for downloads, uploads, and even streaming music or movies, but the price per megabyte is very low as well.

It’s possible to get a specified amount of Internet service on FreedomPop on a hotspot each month, and additional service will be charged per megabyte. It’s possible to get a price as low as one cent per megabyte to get extra data on a hotspot. The FreedomPop hotspots are very small and portable, and there is one that’s in the form of the stick, which is extremely portable. Since the hotspots won’t take up much space, they can easily be taken anywhere with the person, especially when they have to go to a lot of different places all over the country. FreedomPop has excellent services for those who are need of Internet service, especially someone who needs a Wi-Fi hotspot that is secured and has very fast speeds.