Doug Levitt Uses his Greyhound Diaries Project to Demonstrate how Individuals across Different Parts of America Share Common Goals

Doug Levitt is a renowned American singer and songwriter who began traveling by Greyhound buses to various regions of the U.S. His tours were focused on gathering stories and pictures of daily passengers of Greyhound buses. He was passionate about learning how the advent of buses has influenced the country. Throughout his journey, he interacted with people of different cultures, beliefs, ideology, race, and economic status.



Greyhound Diaries is a project that was compiled and recorded by Doug Levitt. It comprises of two EP recordings and web series. Levitt was inspired by the 1930s WPA initiatives when recording the EP. According to him, the WPA initiatives represented the American history broadly. The federal government sponsored the initiatives. Levitt dedicated the entire project to American citizens.



About Doug Levitt


Levitt is the son of Carol Schwartz, who was a former D.C. Council member. As he grew up, Levitt was a member of a gospel choir and participated in school sports. He spent most of his childhood in D.C. where he draws most of his musical inspiration. Levitt once served as a correspondent for CNN while living in London. He decided to travel back to the U.S. to focus on turning his dream of becoming a professional musician into a reality. His mission was to pursue music professionally and enlighten his fans concerning the beautiful sceneries and populace that America has to offer. Levitt also wanted to use music to share his story with his listeners. He felt that other people will share their stories after being inspired by his story.


As a D.C native, he enjoyed the diversity in the city. He was also exposed to different aspects of the society. His mother was a liberal D.C. Republican. Therefore, Levitt had an opportunity to learn politics from time to time. She taught him on how to have an open mind and how to avoid describing people based on their affiliations. As the only Jewish child in a church choir, Levitt sang with passion. According to him, music addresses common issues that people deal with every day. It strengthens people and allows them to overcome difficult situations.



Keith Mann’s Drive and Passion Allows Him to Achieve Success in All Areas of His Life

Keith Mann established a name for himself in the world of business when he created a new division for Dynamics Executive Search that catered specifically to the needs of the private equity industry. As an expert in the area of hedge fund compensation, Mr. Mann quickly saw the need to provide staffing services to businesses that dealt primarily with investments. After launching Dynamic Search Partners in 2009, Keith Mann began establishing new contacts for his newly developed branch. Mr. Mann’s drive toward success ultimately led his new division to work with clients both nationally and internationally, where they began fulfilling more than 200 requests for staffing a year.

Growing up in New York, Mr. Mann had a lot of exposure to the way the world of business worked. He understood the need companies had to hire qualified executives, which gave him an edge when the time came to launch Dynamic Search Partners. Keith Mann’s typical work day reflects the type of go-gutter personality he has. He describes his normal day as being filled with meetings, emails and phone calls. Mr. Mann continues to excel in productivity by staying focused on his objectives throughout the day.

Giving Back to the Community

Keith Mann not only exhibits great drive, passion and focus in the workplace, but also in his personal life. Having grown up in New York, he understands the importance of having a good education. In the New York area there are several institutions of learning referred to as Uncommon Schools. These schools educate children in grades K through 12 who come from low income families. The objective of these schools is to prepare students for acceptance into college.

As a supporter of good education, Mr. Mann began supporting the Uncommon Schools in the Brooklyn area with his company Dynamic Search Partners is 2013. The reason Keith Mann chose to partner his company with the Uncommon Schools was to provide students with the type of business skills needed to achieve success in the real world. Mr. Mann and his company have also helped raise funds for the Uncommon Schools, which recently yielded a grand total of more than twenty-two thousand dollars.


The Success of Eric Pulier

As an influential member of the industry of business, Eric Pulier has big shoes to fill by those that are inspired by what he has accomplished and those that wish to follow his path and use innovation and technology to create businesses that are not only successful, but that also help others in even the poorest region around the world. Eric Pulier is an individual who has the rare luck of knowing exactly what he wanted to do ever since he was younger. Eric Pulier has always been fascinated by technology and has worked hard to create many businesses that involve his passion for technology. Even before a formal education Eric Pulier not only built his first computer, but also created a software business. All this was accomplished before he entered university and went on to become a successful businessman who not only is doing it for himself and his family, but hopes to truly make the world a better place.


Eric Pulier is the successful owner, developer, or co-founder of fifteen successful businesses that generate hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis. With the revenue that he and his co-workers collect, their goal is to continue to fund businesses that combine technology with making the world a better place. As a father, Eric Pulier not only wants to make the world a better place fore his children, but also wants to make the world a better place for future generations of individuals who are located all over the world.


Eric Pulier is a sought after individual by both the private sector as well as by the public sector that seek out his advice as well as his help to start businesses. With over two decades of experience, Eric Pulier has had the honor of being named one of the most influential businessmen. The legacy of Eric Pulier will continue as more and more individuals all over the world see the excellent work that he has already accomplished and see the plans that he has for the future that all include the use of technological innovation and ingenuity.

Perfect Blend of Personal Banking and Investment Banking

Nexbank is a leading investment bank in Dallas. They offer a variety of services for their clients. If you need a loan you can get them from them, or if you are seeking to invest your money they offer you the ability to do that as well. They even offer real estate advising to help you earn the most that you can from your property. They provide you with the best information on how to preserve your property and enhance it to increases its value. If you don’t have the money to do the enhancements, then that is not a problem because you can always get a term loan. If you have been a good customer they also have revolving lines of credit available, so you can get money for any reason you may need it for.

Nexbank has all kinds of services no matter what you are seeking. If you need a loan they can provided that, or if you are seeking wealth growth then that option is available as well. You can get wealth growth with their treasury management offerings, which help provide top interest, while minimizing risk. They can also help you with growth in value of your real estate by making recommendations on how to upgrade it in beneficiary ways. You don’t have to be a business or commercial investor though to take advantage of Nexbank. They offer special interest bearing accounts for public funds as well. So anyone can have the best banking experience, and earn top returns on their hard earned money.

Diversant Executive Enhances Leadership Through Technical Prowess

As informational technology has worked its way into almost all angles of industry, knowledge of the subject is a serious asset, in some cases, it is the decisive differentiating factor which defines true market leadership. Because the informational technology field is rapidly evolving from the server builds of yesteryear to cloud computing infrastructure, it has never been more important to have a trained, trusted professional on hand. Luckily, for IT Staffing firm Diversant, high-level leadership can help shine a light on information technology specifics.

Principle of Diversant, John Goullet is a strong seasoned professional in the IT field. Starting a humble home in his Info Technologies firm, he has been an important player in the industry since 1994. This has provided him with the necessary experience to make intuitive staffing selections. His approach encompasses the entirety of IT staffing, from client needs to employee skill-set. Goullet’s enjoys a robust history in the field, from Computer Sciences Corp. to The Constellation Group and Gemini America. This storied career enables him to have a very clear understanding of the practical ins-and-outs of IT, enhancing efficiency with utmost ease. This savvy executive workmanship has escalated the status of Diversant. The staffing firm now enjoys a position at the peak of the industry as an award-winning organization, and it is rapidly growing. As an indicator of this development, in just five years, the company has grown to a value of over $30 million.

Diversant bases its services on unique, original ideas, which are best-in-class in the IT industry. They focus on the community and client simultaneously, providing beautiful synergy in their resulting success. Diversant focuses on the critical issues that clients need to have addressed, ensuring that challenges of diversity are decisively handled. Their methodology ensures their employees utmost opportunity, while providing elegant solutions.

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Don Ressler- the Business Genius Behind JustFab and Fabletics

It may be a great thing when your business life spills into your personal life. It shows that you are a highly passionate entrepreneur. Don Ressler has been active in the e-commerce marketplace throughout his life. He has managed to blend the e-commerce with his love for athletics and maintaining an active lifestyle. His college athletic days saw him open a company known as Fabletics. Fabletics has changed the fashion world of activewear.

Fabletics began in 2013 and started making sales right away. The company has been around for a short while and managed to make up to $500 million revenue for the previous year. The number is set to rise in the coming years. Fabletics is a product of Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and Adam Goldenberg. Ressler and Goldenberg serve as co-CE0s of TechStyle Fashion Group while Kate Hudson is an actress and the brand ambassador of Fabletics.

Don Ressler has created JustFab to be a clothing line for everyone. The brand has since acquired the label of an all-inclusive brand on Don Ressler ensures that every person feels good and looks good just like they want. That is one of the main reasons why JustFab has grown to become a highly successful brand. It is growing and expanding to other areas of the market. People are getting to find JustFab as the ultimate online fashion place. The latest undertaking of Don Ressler is with the TechStyle Fashion Group. TechStyle is a new name for JustFab. The company underwent a complete rebranding and changed its business operations. Don Ressler added more room for promotions and offers within the new business.

Don Ressler has been known as the lead promoter of FabForAll hashtag. The initiative is to make women in all sizes dress in all fashion styles on It allows women above the standard size limit to enjoy high-end fashion clothing. JustFab has made this possible. Don Ressler and his partner have shown complete seriousness in their passion for offering clothing items that are ahead of the game. Many people are buying from the coming and becoming interested in what the company is going to offer.

Fabletics is another brand advanced by Don Ressler. It has become a leading destination for shopping activewear clothing online. The clothing line works on a subscription basis. Members can choose to sign up and access several fashion items at a lower price. One can sign up for membership and have clothes shipped to them at particular times of the month. TechStyle fashion group is all about changing the fashion markets.

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Up-Close With Eric Pulier: A Renowned Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier has cemented his status as one of the most prominent magnates in enterprise technology. His renown companies have received various types of donations from several venture capital entities as a token of appreciation for his services. Companies such as Enterprise Professional Services, virtual desktops and MediaPlatform have grabbed headlines by partnering with the industrious entrepreneur. Apart from running a successful business empire, Mr. Pulier also spends adequate time as a public speaker at the leading technology conferences worldwide. His widespread technological pursuits have earned him posts at the Enterprise Leadership Council and Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative.

An up-close interview with Eric Pulier sheds light on the humble background that has shaped his destiny. Each one of us has thought of a business idea at some point in our lives. However, few individuals get to turn such ideas into profitable businesses. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Pulier has successfully founded and managed over 15 companies during his professional career. His latest firm managed to pull in $ 350 million through sale proceeds. Every creative idea has the potential of yielding enormous profits. It is such a belief that Pulier intends to enlighten businesspersons across the world on such essential information.

Professional Achievements

People Doing Things was the first company that Eric’s name on the map. Such an entity focused on addressing education, health care and technology as a means of making the world a better place. Afterward, he formed Digital Evolution which merged with US Interactive LLC to form Starbright World, a reserved social network platform for invalids to promote interactive discussions.

Pulier credits hard work and persistence as necessary ingredients to the success of any business. As visionaries in the entrepreneurial field, businesspersons should make it their mission to achieve their goals and objectives no matter the obstacles lying ahead. Such attributes distinguish successful individuals from failures. The company you keep also plays a significant role in shaping your destiny.

Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with smarter and better individuals that are assured of bringing out the best in them. Such people provide crucial advice on how to approach certain ventures and what to avoid. Additionally, they act as a measuring stick for progress made on a regular basis.

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Visit the Kabballah Centre for Spiritual Teachings Today!

For many years, the Kabbalah Center has proven to be one of the most reputable and incredible places where individuals can study spirituality in the world. This foundation was founded by the Berg family with an end goal of helping different seekers find the soul and heart of God within the center. Kabbalah Centre is the best and finest place to ascend beyond religion, learn about religion as well as learn where God’s will and heart is. Understanding of the universe and spiritual fulfilment are some of the major reasons that millions of people in the world seek Kabbalah teachings. Most of the teachings provided at this great center date back to some of the earliest figures in the Bible’s Old Testament including Abraham and Adam.


Teachings Offered

Over the years, the Kabbalah Centre has developed modern ways of interpreting the ancient scriptures thus allowing Kabbalah students have a clear understanding of how to achieve a more fulfilled life. Additionally, this center focuses on developing guidelines which aim at linking students back to God despite their religious beliefs. Kabbalah teachings encourage students to do away with laziness, since this will enable them nurture their spirituality and have a clear understanding of one self. Despite the challenges of maintaining a spiritual life in the present busy world, Kabbalah Centre teaches its students to apply proper teachings when engaging in different activities and aspects of life.


It’s Popularity around the World

Initially, Kabbalah teachings were only offered to the upper class priests. However, this has changed over the years due to the establishment of more than 50 Kabbalah centers all over the world including London, New York and Toronto. This has enabled many people access the teaching easily and pass to other individuals as well. Students studying at the Kabbalah Centre are allowed to access the teachings in different ways including online courses, word of mouth, mentor programs, events as well as a number of great books. Several individuals including celebrities like Nicole Ritchie, Demi Moore, Alex Rodriguez and Ariana Grande have gone through the studies at the Kabbalah Centre and this clearly proves that they are the right places to nurture spirituality.

Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is based in Los Angeles, and strives to teach students the importance of living their best life through positivity and spiritual teachings. Kabbalah is said to have been established before there were any organized religions in the world, so people of all beliefs can learn the principles of Kabbalah, since the teachings are seen as a supplement to religion.

There are five basic tenets to Kabbalah which are designed to help people live healthier and happier lives. The Kabbalah Centre teaches:

-Sharing. Kabbalah Centre teaches that the purpose of life is to share with others. Sharing is said to be the only way to honestly achieve fulfillment in life. When people share with those around them, they connect to Light energy, which the Kabbalah teaches is the essence of God. Sharing is said to be a source of goodness and the absence of negativity.

-Ego Awareness and Balance. The ego is seen as the internal voice that prompts people to react with anger, hurt, negativity and narrow-mindedness. When humans are aware of the ego, and learn to balance ego, the ego no longer has control and people can become their best selves.

-Spiritual Laws. Kabbalah teaches that there are spiritual laws that have a direct effect on people’s lives. The law of cause of effect is one of the main spiritual laws, and emphasizes the fact that people do indeed reap what they sow in life.

-Humanity Is Unified. All human beings or bound together by the Creator. This is a reminder that people must be treated with respect at all times. This principle also indicates that as human beings, we are all responsible for the hurt, poverty and war that occurs in all parts of the world, and can all do something to remedy these issues.

-Living Outside of The Comfort Zone is Liberating. Kabbalah teaches that it’s noble to inconvenience oneself for the sake of making other’s lives better. When we do our best to help others, we are bringing light and positivity into our own lives.

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Eric Pulier: An Unsung Hero

For some strange reason, it seems that the people who do more positive things for society doesn’t receive half as much credit as they deserve. When being compared to professional athletes or entertainers, individuals that are re-shaping man-kind for the better aren’t even household names and here is the perfect example. Have you ever heard of Eric Pulier? If so did you know that he has done some amazing things in the fields of education, technology, and business?

Eric Pulier is a man of many talents and he’s brought many innovative ideas to the forefront of society. The guy is simply a genius (in-a-sense) thanks to his high intellectual level. Growing up in Teaneck, New Jersey Pulier has always seem to have a creative mentality. Did you know that while in just the fourth grade, Pulier programmed his first computer? That’s right! Even at such a tender age the ingenuity was present and by high school he had already founded a data computer company. Between 1984-1988 this brilliant thinker attended Harvard University majoring in English and American Literature. Though having a jam packed schedule, Pulier worked as an editor and column writer for the prestigious Harvard Crimson Publication. Did you know that during this time Eric Pulier also too classes at neighboring (MIT)? He’s the real deal when it comes to getting things done and in 1988 he graduated magna cum laude.

Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to began his professional career and he wasted no time getting work. People Doing Things (aka) PDT is one of his first founded companies which dealt in using advanced technology to solve issues in the fields of healthcare and education. Being such a natural philanthropist at heart, Pulier developed one of the first social media private networks. This network was for chronically ill children and Startbright World gave them the opportunity to share experiences, chat, and blog with one another. Being the founder of fifteen companies, a winner of numerous philanthropy awards, and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity; Eric Pulier is the very definition of excellence.

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