Why Buy Gold From US Money Reserve

Philip Diehl, president of US Money Reserve, was recently interviewed in a podcast on his thoughts about gold as an investment, and the industry in general. As president of US Money Reserve Diehl has developed a keen insight in to the world of precious metals and can offer unique insights on this market. For investors looking to diversify their investments, and hedge against possible geopolitical instability Diehl recommends buying bullion coins from US Money Reserve.

While it may seem obvious that he would say to buy from his own company it comes from a good place. US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of United States government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins. These coins are guaranteed in weight and purity by the federal government. This guarantee can help give investors peace of mind and confidence that they are indeed getting what they paid for. There have been recent scandals from some less than honest overseas distributors who were caught selling counterfeit gold rounds. These gold rounds were extremely sophisticated fakes and could only be caught by experts.

Another reason to purchase bullion coins through US Money Reserve is that they are legal tender, unlike gold bars or other forms of the precious metal. Finally, US Money Reserve prides itself on having the best return policy in the industry. Diehl is sure of this as he sits on three different boards, making him intimately familiar with his competitors.

US Money Reserve further differentiates itself with a commitment to customer service that is unheard of in the industry. This excellence and drive to help ensure that the customer is satisfied has led to many lifelong customers. US Money Reserve also recently began offering a self-directed precious metals IRA. This allows investors to create their own retirement account with gold, silver, and platinum in order to better suit their retirement needs.

All of these factors have led to high consumer confidence in US Money Reserve. Much of this can be attributed to the leadership of Diehl. Prior to his position at US Money Reserve he was director of the US Mint. Here he significantly expanded distribution by adding operations on every continent, including Antarctica. He also preached customer service constantly to his team members to the point that the government agency was being ranked among top private businesses for excellence in customer service.


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My Breasts Are Now Perfect Because Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

My friends and I used to do a lot of skinny dipping when we were kids, and our parents didn’t know about it. As we got to our teenage years, we all developed in the breast area, or should I say everyone else developed except me. I wasn’t growing as fast as my friends were, and unfortunately, I never liked taking off my top to go skinny dipping anymore. Everyone would encourage me to let loose, but I couldn’t help the fact that everyone was voluptuous while I was nearly flat chested. I tried to make my breasts grow, but they didn’t.

I used lotions, and I took pills, but my last resort was to get surgery. I wanted surgery to make my breasts bigger, but my parents told me I had to wait until I turned 18. It was a few days before my 18th birthday when I consulted with Dr. Jennifer Walden, a top Texas doctor. I had an appointment set up to get my surgery, and I did talk with Dr. Jennifer Walden long enough to get an idea of how everything would work out.

My father was not supportive of my decision to get breast implants at all. He felt that I should wait until I grew up a little bit more, and maybe my breasts would come in naturally. I had earned the money on my own, and even though it’s more money than I’ve spent in my lifetime, I felt it was worth it to get my breasts enhanced, instead of feeling miserable about myself for the rest of my life.

My surgery was a breeze, or at least I thought so, and my recovery was smooth sailing. I couldn’t wait to see how I looked, and when the bandages finally came off I remember tears coming to my eyes. I looked amazing. My breasts were perky, they were shaped perfectly, and my nipples stood out like the tops on soda bottles. I couldn’t believe the amazing job that Dr. Jennifer Walden had performed on my body, and I wouldn’t recommend any other plastic surgery besides Dr. Jennifer Walden to others who want breast enhancements. Visit Dr. Walden’s website for appointments and other details.

Market Report Shows Rising Real Estate Prices in Manhattan

An illuminating industry report, “The Aggregate,” has been compiled by TOWN Residential, a New York luxury real estate firm. The report is compiled each quarter by utilizing the Manhattan real estate market’s rolling sales date and the New York City Department of Finance’s live Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS) feed. As originally reported on Virtual Strategy Marketing, analysis of Manhattan real estate in the fourth quarter of 2015 reveals several interesting trends:

• The closing of “trophy listings” in newer developments has turned the fall soft patch into an upward blip.
• Year-to-year increase has been 5.2% in average sales prices and 16% in median sales prices overall, with an almost 20% rise in median prices for condos and a 6.4% increase in the average prices for co-ops.
• Increase in media price per square foot was 6.2% and average increase was 8.4%.
• The median price of a one-bedroom condo rose to $1,080,000, while the median price of a two-bedroom condo rose to $2,056,865. Meanwhile NYC Apartments for rent, the median price of a condo with three or more bedrooms topped out at an impressive $4,421,300.
• The median price of a cooperative with three or more bedrooms went up 15% compared to the previous quarter.
• The market looks to be stabilizing going into 2016. Sellers are starting to adjusting their price expectations as compared to the high levels hit earlier this year. This shift in the market should present some good opportunities for buyers.

For additional information on trends in the New York City real estate market, be sure to read the article at Virtual Strategy Marketing.

Securus Technologies Improves Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies, the main supplier of common and criminal equity innovation answers for open wellbeing, examination, adjustments, and checking, declared today that it has discharged Strings 3.1, the most progressive, completely incorporated “Enormous Information” diagnostic instrument in the U.S. amendments market. 

Securus Technologies Improves Inmate Communication

The overhaul of Securus’ foundation Investigative Arrangements item redesigns the client interface to the most recent online advancements while safeguarding the same effective examination to which our clients have ended up usual. This overhaul makes Strings simpler to utilize and upgrades framework execution. “We streamlined the client interface, wiped out pointless framework activities and upgraded route, record stacking, and the hunting capacity,” said Kelly Strong, General Administrator of Business Administration for Securus. “The outcome is expanded execution and enhanced client experience.” 

The 3.1 discharge redesigns the product stage from Silverlight to HTML 5, and takes into direct account incorporation between different Securus items, for example, Secure Call Stage (SCP). “The less demanding to-utilize interface furnishes examiners with a more proactive device to bolster them in their examinations,” said Strong. “Securus has taken an ideal opportunity to build up a product apparatus that requires small preparing and gives profoundly significant knowledge and centered prompts the examiner.” 

Strings 3.1 incorporates other key new elements, for example, video visitation technology, the capacity to listen to SCP calls inside of the Strings application, guided the continuous investigation, delicate connection reports and tweaked mapping and printing. “For a considerable length of time, Strings has been the best quality level investigative answer for distinguishing, recognizing and writing about suspicious prisoner calling designs, affiliations, connections, correspondence occasions and fraternization,” said Strong. “Strings 3.1 lifts Securus’ answer for the platinum level, and we’re overhauling our current clients for nothing.” 

About Securus Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and serving more than 3,450 open well-being, law requirement and amendments organizations and more than 1,200,000 detainees crosswise over North America, Securus is resolved to help and unite by giving crisis reaction, occurrence administration, open data, examination, biometric investigation, correspondence, data management, prisoner self-administration, and observing items and administrations with a specific end goal to make our reality a more secure spot to live. Securus Technologies concentrates on joining what matters®. To take in more about our full suite of common and criminal equity innovation arrangements, please visit SecurusTechnologies.com. 

Securus Video Appearance permits you more advantageous access to make inmate phone calls to or visit with your imprisoned friends and family. Contingent upon office accessibility, you can either pre-plan your On location visit or plan and visit your cherished one from the solace of your home utilizing a PC

HomeJoy Goes Belly Up

It was a good idea, but went belly up. Homejoy Inc. was a fresh new startup with a very interesting concept. They would link housecleaning and repair people with those looking for that kind of service. The San Jose based company was headed by siblings Adora and Aaron Cheung. They started the company back in 2013. The booking service also had a number of high profile investors that believed in their business concept. However, the company filed for bankruptcy and is shutting down their entire operation. Refer to the original article here.

HomeJoy Internal Problems
Some insiders report that internal problems led to the company filing bankruptcy. A large number of lawsuits were filed against the company. For example, the company was challenged on their stance that their workers were independent contractors. There were rumblings that the workers should be classified as employees. Money woes also were a major challenge for the startup. However, their closest competitor, Handy Technologies Inc. is really cleaning up. They also supplied an application that allowed people to book a cleaning service or repair service.

Handy Technologies Inc.
Handy Technologies Inc. is based in New York. Their founders and CEO is Oisin Hanrahan. He is the creator of the Handy Application that allows people to book cleaners and repair people for their services. They provide a reliable way for people to book cleaning services or repair services. All their workers are screened and their background is checked. Handy is considered one of the most successful companies offering this type of service. Despite numerous other competitors entering the market, Handy still claims the number one spot.

Handy discovered that people are very comfortable with booking their cleaning and repair services over the application. It is also a safe and reliable way to book services. Today, Handy is in over 25 cities and has adapted their service to other countries. The application’s popularity continues to grow. Over 200,000 have applied to the site seeking jobs for potential cleaners or repair people. Today, they hire over 5,000 active workers.

Beneful is an Exceptional Brand of Dog Food

Upcoming pet meal makers are doing exceptionally well in the market because they are using new innovations and technology to manufacture high quality products. One company is recognized for only using fresh ingredients when making their products. In addition, it ensures that meals are stored on the shelves for a limited period of time so that customers can feed their pets when the food is full of nutrients. As a result of competition, traditional pet-food manufacturers are upgrading their marketing strategy in order to be at the same level as upstart companies that are venturing into the industry. Freshpet Inc. and Blue Buffalo Co. are some of the upstarts that are producing healthy and fresh food suitable for all pets.
About Beneful
Nestle Purina is the manufacturer of Beneful, a brand of pet meals that includes dry and wet dog food as well as dog treats. In 2012, Beneful was one of the most popular brands of dog food because it generated over $1.5 billion as annual revenues. Based on the analysis conducted by Marketline, Beneful is an important brand because it contributes a lot of revenue to Nestle Purina. This brand was first introduced to the market in the year 2001. The manufacturer marketed this brand based on its nutritional values that were contained in the ingredients. The company made history by paying a record $34 million as advertising expenses. Five years after the brand was introduced to the market, it generated $300 million in revenues. The company upgraded its production facility so that it can manufacture more wet meals. In 2011, the company started to promote Beneful in Europe particularly in Germany and Austria. In 2012, the company did the same promotions in some cities in the U.S. including New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, and Atlanta.
Beneful manufactures meals for dogs that include wet, dry, canned food and several snacks. In 2005, the company used soy as source of protein in its meals rather than using meat. Additionally, Beneful Prepared Meals were introduced on Amazon to dog owners in 2006 and they were packed in containers that were used as food bowl by dogs. Link http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/.

Handy and HomeJoy: May the Best Service Win

According to a recent online article published by wallstreetjournal.com, Homejoy Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The article says that the house cleaning and repairs start-up was founded in 2013 by brother and sister team, Adora and Aaron Cheung. The Cheungs started the business in San Francisco as a way for users to book cleaning and repair services in their homes, says the article.

In the beginnings, says the article, the company raised $38 million in venture funding. Some of their investors included First Round Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Google Ventures, and other prime investors. Homejoy had employees in five different countries that cleaned houses for $25 an hour, says the article. Until July of 2015, they were expanded their services to include carpet cleaning and other home repairs.

The article quoted Homejoy’s July blog post which said that they were shutting down due to the many problems in the home servicing industry. Some other media reports said that a series of worker classification lawsuits were to blame, says the article. These lawsuits reported an earlier Wall Street Journal article, dealt with reclassifying private contractors as company employees. If such reclassification happens, then startup companies would have to increase their labor costs as high as 40%, says the article.

In conclusion, the article reported that Handy Technologies, Inc, a competitor of Homejoy, raised $50 million two months ago from major investors. Handy also allows users to book house cleaning services as well as assembly services for Ikea furniture, stated the article. The company continues to thrive and has raised over $100 million.

Handy was launched in 2012 by college students Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Their company serves major cities across the United States for household services. Handy only employs well-qualified professionals to clean and do other household projects for clients. Out of the thousands of people who apply to be a Handy contractor, only 3% qualify. Handy wants to use only the most experienced and qualified contractors for their customers.

Customers use the Handy app on their phone to schedule when they need the job done. Handy takes care of all the scheduling and pays the workers through customer accounts. They come home and all the work will be done. Hanrahan and Dua hope to expand Handy services to other countries.

This is a recap of http://blogs.wsj.com/bankruptcy/2015/12/17/home-services-startup-homejoy-files-for-bankruptcy/

The Making of a Legend: Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is not your everyday bloke. He is a capital strategy expert with a background in law. Sam is also a vocal man, especially on Twitter, willing to give anyone willing to listen information on the financial market. To him, you making a good financial decision will always make his days.

Sam Tabar being the man he is recently advised the American public to consider risk stocks. To cushion them against any swings, he encourages them to diversify their portfolio and concentrate on the individual commodities. Sam advises the public to do their due diligence before going all in.

His experience as an attorney and financial expert has seen him amass a lot of experience, and he regularly posts useful information in his website for all to see. It is his business to teach all those who can hear about wall street and its secrets.

He uses his experience in various parts of the world to teach new lessons in investment. Sam was the head of strategy management of Merrill Lynch in Asia Pacific Region and got to experience the art of deal making. CrunchBase shows that Mr Tabar has led many start-ups to have abnormally high growth rates and very high-profit margins. It is thanks to his specialist investment styles that continue to astound seasoned industry titans.

He impacts his knowledge by writing academic papers that are published in journals on legal representation and investment banks. His experience in Asian and American markets has seen him cited by numerous scholars from all over the world. Sam says investors should try to diversify their portfolio and zero in on options with zero correlations. It means treating and investment in Apple and Samsung stock as one investment since they are all in one category. The idea is to maximize one’s money with as minimal a risk as possible.

SAM isn’t just a lip investor, He is the leading investor in various companies and recently joined the ranks of THINX investors. It is a start-up that sells women’s clothing but uses parts of the profits to donate sanitary pads to women around the world. It thus solves an important issue in many regions of the world especially Africa and still manages to make money. It is an excellent business model that has impressed many people outside Mr. Sam Tabar.

The news that Sam Tabar may be leaving the financial world has hit the stock markets hard. He has contributed a lot in this sector, but he feels it is time to serve his 1st love, Law. A graduate of both Oxford and Columbia Law School universities, he has the right credentials to build a successful career in this competitive field.

How Handy Founder Continues To Succeed In Demanding Market

Handy offers cleaning and handyman services to those who would otherwise not be able to find reliable help. This service seeks to streamline the attainment of reliable and trustworthy home cleaning and minor repair help. The service is presently pulling in millions of dollars a year and shows no signs of slowing down.

The founder, Oisin Hanrahan started the company when he was in Harvard. He and three others seek to make this the Uber company for home cleaning. They are very selective about who they hire also. Pre-screenings, background checks and intensive in person interviews make being hired by Handy harder than even getting into Harvard.

Handy is presently up and running in 28 cities in the US, and the UK, Us and Canada. The company is presently valued at over 500 million dollars. He started the company while an undergrad at Harvard, and never completed the degree there. Asked if he has regrets fro not finishing college, he simply says no.

Handy is his second venture at business ownership. At the tender age of 19 he stared the Clearwater Group which is a property development company. This company purchases, fixes, and sells properties. He has made a significant profit through Clearwater and is one way that he has been able to fund Handy.

The idea for the Handy app was actually born out of a need from property development. Oisin soon found that there was a seriouslack of reliable cleaners or handymen. This was not just an issue in his Budapest locations, but Oisin found that this was a problem around the globe.

Soon the platform was built that would offer reliable services to people through an online venue. People simply have to log in to the site tell it what types of services they need, and schedule a day and time for services. The site will charge the individual’s card for both the services and the tip for the work to be done.

Presently the focus is to grow the existing operations. Although, the demand seems to be increasing in more locations and tentative hiring and expansion are soon planned.

Visit the original article here.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s New Role Of As Coriant’s CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir is the current Chief Executive Officer of Coriant, a leading supplier of innovative networking solutions to the best network operators in not less than a 100 countries. Shaygan was made CEO and Chairman of the Board after being involved in a close working relationship with the senior management team. He was acting as the Operating Partner and was very active in driving the company’s strategic operations and planning forward. He assumed his new leadership position to drive the company growth strategy as well as strengthen its focus on matters that are related to making its service delivery much better.

Shaygan has a lot of experience in matters related to leadership in technology companies. He is respected in industry, business as well as operational experience and is expected to make a very big role in making the company’s products and services go in tandem with the current high demand for data intensive end user applications.

He says that what attracted him to Coriant was its comprehensive portfolio of modern packet and data networking solutions that are backed by world class technology innovation and whose aim is to expand the customer base to a global outreach. He said that under his able leadership, the company will enable customers experience networking solutions that are non-disruptive and that are optimized for the highest degree of programmability, service delivery and automation.

He has not less than 28 years of experience dealing with matters related to financial services, telecom and technology industries. He made his career debut at GTE Corporation and went ahead to become appointed as Verizon’s Chief Information Officer. He was also a member of the executive leadership team that was very instrumental in improving modernization, efficiency and innovation. He also worked in Barclays bank in the role of Chief Operations and Technology Officer and was held responsible for creating the company’s TRANSFORM program. From Barclays, he proceeded to Juniper Networks and played a very integral role in developing the Integral Operating Plan for the company that had a very strong focus on the execution of the growth markets in matters cloud building and IQ networking.