Dr. Jennifer Walden Gets Glowing Online Reviews from Satisfied Patients

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Texas and New York plastic surgeon with many years of experience. Her reviews on the internet are glowing in their praise of the work she has performed on people. Here is a sampling of some of them.

The Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews include one from August 24, 2016, that stated their experience was remarkable from beginning to end. This review was from a woman who needed a highly complex breast revision. A previous plastic surgeon she had seen did a terrible job. She said that her breasts are now “amaaaaazing”. She called Dr. Walden a perfectionist as a compliment on how exacting she was in detail.


Another review states that they went to Dr. Walden to get a rhinoplasty (aka nose job) done. She called it absolutely beautiful work that left her very happy with her appearance. A review on July 26, 2019, stated that they had recently started going to Dr. Walden’s clinic to get facials. She called out Lola, who they said did a great job reducing the size of her pores on her nose and cheeks. She got a gold mask that she 100% recommends.

A review left on Yelp stated that it had been six months since her operation. She called Dr. Walden an artist who did amazing work. Her body is now perfectly proportioned which was a dream of hers. She said that all of the nurses she came in contact with were incredibly sweet and caring. The experience was better than she thought possible.

Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are also on Google reviews. One left on June 21, 2019, saying that everything was perfect and that five stars out of five weren’t sufficient to convey her experience. She felt right at home from the very first time Dr. Walden consulted with her. The drive to the clinic took five hours, which she feels was time well spent. She recommends that people never go cheap when it comes to plastic surgery because you get what you pay for.


Redefining Professionalism in the World of Investment

In any stock market, there are two ways of explaining numbers and trends — the bear and the bull perspectives. The bear and the bull discourses are fascinating, and each of the two schools of thoughts has some valid points towards investing and stock markets. To millions of people, however, the two schools of thoughts are a recipe to confusion, especially in the last ten years. Fortunately, HCR Wealth Advisors are ideal in analyzing and evaluating  the stock market.


What makes HCR Wealth Advisors a haven to investors — especially in unstable markets? First, HCR Wealth is home to some of the best analysts on market trends. Unlike other markets, investment depends on how best an investor interprets a pattern. The company, therefore, assists clients in dissecting a trend and thus helping an investor to make the right choices.

Second, the firm has one of the best approaches to the customization of information, especially concerning individual markets. Giving clients customized information on different markets and market realities put clients in a better position to trade well and in return, make more profits. HCR Wealth Advisors, however, believes that the final decision — to invest or not to invest in a particular plan — depends on the investor.

Thirdly, the firm has one of the best policies on data and clients’ information. The management of HCR Wealth Advisors believes that the best way to protect clients from unexpected harms is to have a strict policy on data privacy and confidentiality. In the last three decades (30 years), the company has consistently exhibited that it is possible to protect the client’s information on trading and other related activities.

Lastly, HCR Advisors believes that time, in the world of investment, is critical. Walking with a client for more than many years or even decades is better compared to two years. During a lengthy relationship, it is possible to better advise the client on different factors such as market fluctuations and how to protect the invested value as well as long-term goals. Thanks to this approach, the HCR Wealth Advisors have redefined profits and consistency in the world of investment.

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James River Capital

James River Captial was founded in 1986 as KP Futures Management Corp. which served as the investment department of Kidder, Peabody & Co. has become an independent investment firm in 1995, when Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt, two management officers, acquired the business from Kidder, coinciding with the acquisition of Kidder by Paine Webber. James River is a registered investment advisor in the SEC and a Commodity Trading Advisor as well as a Commodity Pool Operator with the CFTC. Paul Saunders is the founder of the James River Capital  Company, and affiliated companies. He has had a lifelong interest in finance stemming from his days as earning a B.A. from the University of Virginia, and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.


Paul Saunders also has a passion for philanthropy, as they launched their own organization, the Sanders Family Foundation, while regularly supporting other charities also. James River Captial has focused on asset classes such as corporate credit, strategies in equity, global macroeconomics management strategies, asset-backed securities and more types of financial knowledge. Mr. Saunders has provided entrepreneurs with information on funding startups. He enjoys sharing some of his success secrets with new entrepreneurs who want to start a business.

His advice: bootstrap your businesses; fund it yourself, through personal savings, credit cards, and perhaps borrowing from family and friends. Bootstrapping will not take care of all your funding, but it can cover some of your startup costs since spending more of your time building savings could be worth it. More advice: if an investor has decided that you have contributed some of your money to your startup, they will invest their own money to provide an even 50-50 split. Other methods of funding include crowdfunding platforms that allow people to donate their own money to the start-up. Kickstarter is one such crowdfunding platform where people pledge money without expecting the money to be returned. The use of crowdfunding demands marketing your idea since many businesses launched this way has been successful. Small business loans through the Small Business Administration will require a strong credit score and is another way to try to get funding.

Iskandar Safa on Privinvest and Shipbuilding


Iskandar Safa was born in Lebanon in 1955. His family is Maronite Christian. They sent Iskandar off to France for his schooling and to escape the political and civil chaos that was beginning to grip Lebanon. He returned to Lebanon to study civil engineering at the American University in Beirut. After the completion of his degree, Iskandar decided to work for his family’s civil engineering firm on a project in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. He went to work designing a military academy with an airstrip. He worked this project for three years before taking up formal training for a business career.

Iskandar Safa attended the European Institute of Business Administration from which he earned an MBA. With this degree successfully in hand, he decided with his brother Akram Safa to start a business called Privinvest Group.

Early on Iskandar and Akram, under Privinvest Group designation, decided to test their business skills by purchasing a failing European Hotel. They turned it around and made it profitable again. Go Here to learn more.

Iskandar then decided there was plenty of potential profit to be had in the shipbuilding industry. So Privinvest Group started out with a contract from the US defense contractor Northrup to build navy ships. Via this company, Iskandar took over a failing shipyard in Cherbourg France; acquired Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN). It took just two years to turn the shipyard around and make it profitable. By the end of 1991, the shipyard had a full order book and 500 employees. Since then Privinvest Group’s shipbuilding properties have expanded to Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Middle-east.

Privinvest Group has to date manufactured over 2000 vessels for military and civilian use. The military vessels have been shipped to more than forty countries, and the civilian ships have been mega-yachts. Iskandar Safa has made certain that his company installs all the latest technology on its naval and civilian craft.

Iskandar Safa has sought to use his wealth and his person for humanitarian purposes. To that end, he has funded the rebuilding of churches. He funds the Lebanese Special Olympics and has personally negotiated the release of French citizens from terrorists in Lebanon. See This Page for additional information.


Additional reference article: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/privinvest


Iskandar Safa – CEO of Privinvest


Iskandar Safa and Privinvest, Shipbuilding Engineers with Worldwide Impact

Iskandar Safa is a Privinvest co-founder and current CEO. Privinvest is one of the foremost shipbuilding companies in both the Middle-East and in Europe. It was founded along with Akram Safa, his brother, and is on the cutting edge of new maritime engineering and design. It employs over 2,500 and has operational locations in the Middle-East as well as France and Germany, with headquarters in Beirut.

Iskandar Safa’s engineering background and industrial experience has been elemental in the company’s direction and in the creation and delivery of over 2,000 products for navies, NATO concerns, commercial shipping interests and private mega yacht owners around the world. Among these are coastal security and surveillance systems. Iskandar Safa’s experience was key in developing the WP18 high-speed tactical vehicle. He also invests in green energy for watercraft. See This Page for additional information.

Safa was born in Beirut, Lebanon, during times of civil strife. He received his civil engineering degree in 1978 from the American University of Beirut, carrying on his family’s historical background in the industry. Safa also became a distinguished athlete in the Arab region by becoming a leading champion in discus throwing. By carrying on the family tradition of personal pursuit, Iskandar Safa persevered through the difficulty and even personal injury during the civil war times to become a leader in business creation and positive contributions on the world stage.

Starting in a family engineering firm he became involved in the construction of a military training academy, including infrastructure and airplane access. He went on to better his education in France at the European Institute of Business Administration, earning a his master’s degree. Go Here to learn more.

Along with his brother, Akram, Safa undertook to make profitable a hotel company in Europe and to engage in international commerce as a liaison between western defense companies and the Middle-East. He proceeded to turn around the CMN shipyard in France and to bring together various departments within Privinvest in large-scale, dedicated projects, making Privinvest a leading Middle-East shipbuilding concern.

While Iskandar Safa has made an impact on society and the world, he is not vocal about it, preferring to let his works, including time spent with the Special Olympics and his involvement with hostage release in Lebanon during the civil war times and his place at the head of a foremost, worldwide shipbuilding company, speak for themselves.


Follow him on https://twitter.com/iskandar_safa?lang=en






TJ Maloney Brings True Excellence To Lincolnshire Management As Chairman And CEO

Matthew Nacier was among the four people that CEO TJ Maloney was pleased to add to his Lincolnshire Management group, and so were Yashna Ginodia, Nicolas Vega Llona and finally Georg Stolt-Nielsen. This alteration to the current Lincolnshire staff list will likely provide a positive return, just like the addition of TJ Maloney did after he entered the firm in 1993. Private equity is clearly an area of great knowledge and opportunity for Lincolnshire Management as that is where the team is able to complete its deals effectively, and some of those Lincolnshire deals come from more than 80 acquisitions of smaller, usually private, companies. Since 1986, the firm constantly has been building in private equity, and its growth is exactly what Frank Wright, Lincolnshire’s founder, had in mind over three decades prior.

What TJ Maloney actually brings to the professional table as chairman is his vast finance and law wisdom, and his background in New York’s securities law provides for some strongly informed insight when it comes to deciding which private equity deals he chooses to lead Lincolnshire Management into. Fordham University is where TJ Maloney prepared for his prior career as a well-regarded securities attorney by studying towards his important law degree. That institution now has an impressive new library structure that Maloney had a hand in creating, as his $5 million, which he gave to Fordham, was put to use in that library’s creation. Further, Maloney has a solid history with regards to speaking and lecturing.

TJ Maloney is surely ecstatic to be able to witness Lincolnshire Management continuously find new growth under his CEO piloting, and his leadership has culminated in the private equity monster now possessing a respectable $1.7 billion in regards to its controlled capital. How astonishingly Lincolnshire has performed has impressed several onlookers in private equity, including important writers at not only Private Equity News, but also the famous CNN Money. With kind words about the firm’s performance coming in from well-respected publications, there is likely not a single doubt in Maloney’s mind that his excellence as chairman is benefiting Lincolnshire Management overwhelmingly.

Follow this link to learn more https://pitchbook.com/profiles/investor/10059-85

Expanding The Market: David McDonald and OSI Group

David McDonald is a man with a big job these days. He is the current president and COO of OSI Group. Over the last two decades he has watched the company expand into new markets around the world. One market that he was anxious to be a part of was the Chinese market. This lead him and the company to figure out how to get into that particular market and be a success as well. He sat down with Andy Hanacek and talked about how the company was able to get their foot in the doors and be such a phenomenal success over the last twenty years. One of the things that David McDonald talked about was being able to understand what the Chinese consumer wants. This includes hiring interpreters in order to understand the language and local culture.

This was one of the key points to allow OSI Group to become part of the market. Over the last twenty years, the company has made every effort possible to put the consumer first when it comes to their business. Being able to connect with consumers on an individual level makes the transition into the Chinese market much easier for the company. One of the things that David McDonald and OSI Group has been trying to do over the years is to understand all of the governmental regulations and rules that are in place.

By working with them in this manner is show that the company wants to be a good neighbor in China and give new customers a chance to try their products. The company is also making sure that all of the most current regulations are being met and working with officials when it comes to food safety. Looking out for things like this makes the company a trustworthy partner in Chinese commerce. This is what happens when companies build strong relationships in new markets. Being able to follow the rules and be responsible for its own actions make this a match made in heaven. This is why it has been such a success over the last two decades.

Read full article : http://officialdavidmcdonald.com/

Betterworks To Make Your Team Work Better

Betterworks has recently released a magnificent new software platform called Team Edition to be used as a tool in Continuous Performance Management® so that a team and its managers can function around each other properly using data and networking to reach goals and achieve success faster. Because Team Edition works great on a scalable level, there is no limit to how big or small the project or company is when first starting to use what Betterworks has to offer.

Do you have a desire to start a new project with your business, and want to improve productivity and smooth flowing function? Do you need to better measure the data that is going into your project so that you can see physically the changes that are occurring for the better? Then Betterworks has the right software for you to start.

By connecting communication and using business data effectively Team Edition is able to master your Continuous Performance Management® in order for you to gain strategic insights and create a culture of feedback within your organization. Good data is completely necessary for managers to make good decisions, and for employees to be motivated in doing good work. Because that’s what you want out of your project, isn’t it? Betterworks’ version of Team Edition leaves nothing in the blind spots, exposing all aspects of what has happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen throughout the cycle of a business project.

If you are a small and growing company it is Betterwork’s goal to help you experience the benefits of these OKRs in a way that is beneficial and scalable. Among the constant change and growth of a company, Betterworks is there in the background, measuring and helping your goals be understood and achieved. So don’t hesitate to make your project better than it was before by using software that is proven to boost performance.

Angela Koch Says Businesses That Want to Succeed Invest In Their Employees

In need of a sound investment? For generations many Americans have turned to coins made of gold or silver. Provided the distributor is backed by a government guarantee, like U.S. Money Reserve, it’s a reliable way to secure your money.

CEO Angela Koch has seen more than half a million transactions rely on that security, but such a volume was only possible because of the workforce she invested into.

Talking about her employees, Koch wants them to individualize their role within the company, to see themselves as more than just sales people and truly command the space they operate in. This means trusting them enough to take a step back and let them decide how to move forward on a transaction. It’s a decision that has benefited the company.

Prior to heading the U.S. Money Reserve, Koch was a college dropout with a baby on the way. Her husband had set his eyes on a professional golfing career soon after, leaving her to be the provider for their little family. With all the responsibilities that come with being a working mother, she was unsure of how to find a career that appealed to her.

Koch was eager to take on several jobs at once. She invested a great deal of time collecting all information she could find about each role, then proceeded to become an expert in that position. By mastering her limited roles, she sought to advance her career to the next logical rung. But her many jobs provided nowhere to go. She was out of options, and her future didn’t seem so promising.

Through many jobs, Koch found herself working in meteorology, running computational analytics. That only set her up to work in business strategies and development. It’s a skill set that came in handy when her mentor, a Kobe beef rancher, asked her to acquire a certification for their hormone-free cattle. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BBB

Ranching wasn’t her first choice for a career change, but Koch assumed the same determined posture that got her through other jobs. Learning all she could about the ranching business, tailoring it to her style, and learning the personable skills to deal with clients and partners, convinced her she was ready to handle a company as an executive.

With the ranching business behind her, Koch worked for U.S. Money Reserve, and in shot order she jumped into the role of CEO. With years in her executive position, those working in marketing, sales, and the ERP system join together to foster a cohesive experience that brings them back to the business.

What is Koch’s next move? Expanding the company. Koch is looking to encourage her employees to be more confident with how they handle their daily responsibilities. This begins by helping them learn how to separate their work form their personal life, allowing the to shore up their strength and be willing to foster regular collaboration.

About U.S. Money Reserve:

10 years ago, the U.S. Money Reserve has provided precious-metal coins made of gold, platinum, and silver, to over half a million investors. Backed by a guarantee from the U.S. government, their dedicated staff takes part in each transaction, leaving customers satisfied that they made the right investment decision.

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Talented people fuel Fortress Investment Group’s business model

Being a highly recognized, award-winning hedge fund is no easy accomplishment. This is why many in the investment and finance industry have kept their eyes on Fortress Investment Group, which was recently purchased by SoftBank Group Corporation for $3.3 billion. The acquisition made it the first publicly traded hedge fund to be acquired.

People behind the business

However, a successful firm is not just a lifeless business model. There are actual talented people fueling the success of Fortress Investment Group. Most notable are the three founders, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman. Only Kauffman has since retired, while the other two founders remained involved in the management of Fortress. Learn more about the organization of Fortress at crunchbase.com

Wes Eden

As one of the three founders of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens brings a sense of leadership and a resume that not only includes experience in finance but also the professional sports industry. Edens has been involved in the professional sports industry since 2014 when he acquired the Milwaukee Bucks. He purchased the NBA team for $550 million.

Edens is also owner of FlyQuest which is a League of Legends team. FlyQuest is currently backed by Fortress Investment Group as it competes in the Northern American League of Legends Champions. Additionally, as owner of FlyQuest, Edens also financially backs eSports.

His approach to investing is characterized by looking for instruments which have been under some type of distress or has been out of favor by capital markets. Edens does not shy away from complexity. He is known to be able to apply comprehensive analysis in order to obtain returns from investing in fluctuating environments which are usually seen as challenging.

Randal Nardone

After becoming a founding member of Fortress Investment Group and a part of the firm’s Management Committee in 1998, Randal Nordone became the CEO of Fortress in 2013. Prior to officially taking the reins, Nardone was the interim CEO for more than a year. Before founding Fortress, he worked as managing director for UBS. Additionally, Nardone was a principal for BlackRock Financial Management.

More information about Fortress: https://www.fortress.com/about