The Advantages of Wearing Fabletics Clothes

The majority of people who shop for clothes just take a casual and thoughtless approach to buying clothes. Even women who are considered the more fashionable gender tend to shop mostly based on the function of having something to wear. They are not aware of the advantages of buying clothes from special sources. For instance, women that shop at stores like Fabletics may experience an awakened interest in fashion. Therefore, they may want to try some of the different items that they see on the clothes rack or on display on the webpage. The online site is good about showing different sides of the shirts so that they will see the thought and creativity of the design.


There are a lot of advantages to wearing clothes from Fabletics. One of the advantage that women get from Fabletics is that they get the excitement of trying something new. Trying on a new style can be like going on a new adventure or even traveling to a new place for a vacation. Either way, the excitement can bring about a new sense of improved self image. They might be encouraged to take on activities with their new found sense of style.


Fabletics clothing may also inspire women to take more pride in themselves. Often times, when women see an outfit that they like and are enjoying it, they may become inspired to do more to improve their physical shape if need be. A lot of women find themselves inspired to make choices to live more positively not only because of the style that Fabletics offers, but also their devotion to making positive changes in the lives of people. When women know that they are contributing to a cause and are looking really good on top of that, they may find a new sense of confidence.


One major advantage is that women who are dressed in the beautiful clothes offered by Fabletics are not going to pay as much attention to what some people have to say. For one thing, everyone is going to have at least one critic. It is important for one to place herself in a condition in which she is truly happy with herself so that she will be able to live her life to the fullest. Fabletics does this well with the clothes they offer for women. There are also many other advantages to discover and enjoy with Fabletics.

Classroom Communications App Raises $21 Million

In a Series B round of funding ClassDojo has raised $21 million. ClassDojo has an app that makes it simple for teachers, parents, and students stay in communication and empowers their connections. The company plans to use this venture funding capital to increase the number of employees at the company and expand the functionality of its app. The app creates a community that keeps parents in the daily loop on what their children are learning and how they are performing. The app allows teachers and students to do things such as take pictures of projects and classroom events and send them to parents, along with text and video communication. Parents are able to send messages to the teacher and their child as well.  More of this subject on

ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011. Chaudhary has said that the idea behind the app is to help parents talk about their child’s educational experiences and support their learning. The app was created when they couldn’t see anyone else developing an app that was free and easy to use. They succeeded in creating an app that helps build an educational culture and community. The app is now used at more than 85,000 schools across America including public, private, and charter schools. The app is primarily used in kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms.

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One thing the app will never do is make money off any of the user’s data. Don has stated that privacy is a huge concern, especially when it comes to a child’s information. Instead they are looking at adding premium, paid features. Some of the ideas for expanding the app with the new funding includes a feature that enables parents to pay for school activities like field trips. They could also put money in their child’s lunch account or buy school supplies.

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Privately Held and Growing

In late February, 2017, NexBank announced that following the conclusion of a recent senior unsecured note issuance effort, their total issuance increased to $155 million. With a five year, fixed rate of 5.5 percent, the notes mature in early 2026 and are callable as soon as March, 2021. This supplies another investor confidence boost for the financial institution, which was initially created under a community charter. Their year-end 2016 earnings release revealed a huge 71 percent asset growth rate, deposit growth of 72 percent and a net income that was over $83 million.


As the fourteenth largest bank in Texas, NexBank is based in Dallas, and provides Commercial and Mortgage Banking Services. They further offer customized financial and banking services to institutional clients, financial institutions, and corporations nationwide. And they aren’t afraid to post and compare their high yield Certificate of Deposit rates on their site. With a low overhead of only four brick and mortar locations and 89 employees, they also offer Money Market interest rates two times the industry average.


In their service quest to other financial institutions, NexBank offers public funds, treasury management, investments and real estate advisory services. They also warehouse mortgage loans, partner in participation loans, offer term loans, lines of credit and credit services.


John Holt came to NexBank in 2011 to serve as president and chief executive officer. A member of the Texas Banking Association, John is also Vice Chairman of the Community Banker’s Council and serves as a member on the Audit, Finance and Investment Committees. Mr. Holt graduated from Southern Methodist University’s Southwestern Graduate School of Banking and obtained his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.


A subsidiary of NexBank Capital, Inc., NexBank is a privately held organization.

Jeffry Schneider – A Smart Businessman

Jeffry Schneider is a smart business man. With a wide knowledge in marketing, operations, sales and education, coupled with a modern style of financial structuring, his company, Ascendant Capital has raised huge sums of money for upcoming and established fund sponsors. Working with a network of other institutions such as private banks, brokers and family offices, his company has been able to distribute these funds around the world.

Under the leadership of Jeffry Schneider, the company has recorded remarkable growth over the past 5 years from 2 employees to over 30 employees. During the same period, he and his team have made nearly $ one billion. The company works with 50 dealers or more, 250 fund advisors and a lot of family offices. Capital raised has been used to open new lines of business such as technology companies, real estate and automobile dealerships. Inasmuch as this growth is incredibly great, Jeffry and team want to take it a notch higher; their focus is on a greater future. This truth is demonstrated in their projected budget of raising $50 million every month this year.

Jeffry knows that diversifying investments helps to spread the risk thereby making ventures more profitable. By doing so, they have experienced immense growth in the recent past and this growth will follow the same trajectory in future.

The culture of Ascendant Capital plays a pivotal role in the growth of the company. Jeffry has been on the fore front at creating an environment of trust and dialogue among the employees. He is proud to be associated with this culture, which is not only within the company but also extends outward. The company has varied interests and makes its utmost responsibility to its partners its main concern.

Jeffry Schneider holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts. He enjoys staying fit and eating healthy. He loves to travel. He gives back to the community through his involvement in many organizations of charity.

Patty Rocklage- The Psychotherapist with an Outstanding Reputation

Patty Rocklage is a family and marriage psychotherapist. With over twenty years experience in counseling, Patty has dedicated her career to assisting families and couples fight against their life struggles. Patty graduated from the Southern California university in 1981 and is currently based in Massachusetts.



Patty and Her Husband are Honored by Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Patty is skilled at teaching, coaching, team building, public speaking, and is active in community outreach. Following in the footsteps of her husband, Patty does not shy away from giving back to the community. Patty and her husband Scott recently gifted MIT. The gift was aimed at assisting them renovate a nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. Patty’s husband studied chemistry at MIT hence the affection towards the fraternity at the institute.



Patty and her husband were recently honored for their generous gift to MIT. Moungi Bawandeni, the head of the renovated lab took them through a tour of the improved facility. The institute went further to put up a plaque to honor Patty and her husband.



Patty and the Renovation of Their Home



Patty and her husband recently subscribed to the services of the Sudbury company for the renovation of their home under the guidance of Ed Freedlender. Patty and Scott were not impressed by how far the kitchen was from the house. Ed offered them two options; the addition of a new kitchen or relocating the old kitchen to a distant room in the house. The other issue with the Rocklage home was the front façade. Finding the visitors entrance was difficult and there was need to reposition the façade.



Sudbury has very harsh environmental policies. Before Scott and Patty begun on their project, they had to seek the approval of the Conservation Commission of the town. The agreement was based on the terms that everything especially the trees in the Patty Rocklage home would be recycled and incorporated to the new design. The other condition was that the driveway be made from crushed stone. The project was completed successfully with a flawless kitchen and an exquisite farmer’s porch. Patt and Scott were also pleased by the quality and speed with which the projected was completed.


Kim Dao’s Morning Routine Is Better Than Yours

What’s your morning routine like? Is it a simple one: like you get up, shower, get dressed and leave your house in 30 minutes? Or is your routine a little bit more involved than that? Well the routine of beauty & lifestyle vlogger Kim Dao is more of the latter, and she recently gave viewers a behind the scenes look at it.


Taking forever to even get up (Dao says she has to set at least 10 alarms), the first thing she does after waking up is play on her phone for 30 minutes. She starts with playing a game. Current game of choice is Best Fiends. After playing the game for awhile, Dao then checks her social media accounts and responds to comments and/or questions.


Up next is breakfast (oatmeal in this video) and a cup of coffee. After she is done with breakfast, Dao brushes her teeth, washes her face and then begins her skincare and makeup routines. Spending the most time here, Dao gives her audience an in-depth, step-by-step tutorial on the routine, as well as complete product information. As a makeup novice, I absolutely loved this part of the video. It was super helpful and Dao is so personable, that I’m considering subscribing to the channel. (Just. Did.)

Cotermar – the Mexican Company

Cotemar is a Mexican company, which specializes in maritime, offshore construction, marine maintenance, petroleum, and specialized ships services. The company provides these services at the different level of capacity depending on the consumer’s requirements. Since 1979, Cotermar Company has more than 37 years in the business of gas and oil industry. Base on its performance, the company ensures that each and every function is put into successful operation.

By providing offshore maintenance services, Cotemar has several vessels, which are computerized and linked to satellites. The linking of these vessels result in a dynamic positioning that makes the ships to remain in a fixed and predetermined position. Also, the vessels are well-equipped by saturation diving systems, which allows for proper procedures when it comes to inspection and processing of the rehabilitation lines. These specialized vessels can also provide services such as the transportation of the structures that are used in the exploitation of oil, barite, mud, abrasive bulk materials, and sand. While using these vessels, operators are usually conscious of safety. Cotemar provides hydrogen spill and firefighting services to the vessels, which are in need. It is fully prepared and ready for any emergency.

When it comes to fulfilling sustainability obligations, Cotemar ensures that they use efficient process in the production of hydrocarbons. Committed professionals only implement the required procedures and formulas that are employed in the production of hydrocarbon. Technology is also used to maximize production while risks are kept to the minimum level possible.

Regarding offshore catering and accommodation, Cotemar offers services that include laundry, bedding, nourishment, and cleaning of common areas (TV rooms, basketball courts, gyms, and cinemas). The employees who specialized in these services ensure that they monitor and inspect these vessels on a daily basis. They ensure that nourishments are at the right job location and common areas are clean and properly arranged.

The Peculiar Popularity of Kabbalah In Hollywood

Here is a interesting question for you, what do Paris Hilton, Madonna, Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis have in common? They are all famous and practitioners of Kabbalah Centre. Kabbalah, for the uninitiated, is the ancient Jewish mystical tradition that is based around a esoteric and exogesic understanding of The Torah, the primary text of which is The Zohar.

What has left many people stretching their head is why the Kabbalic Traditions have become so extremely popular with the stars of Hollywood, a trend which took off to new heights of popularity with the pop icon, Madonna’s conversion to Judaism and intensive study of the Torah and Zohar. According to the well known American comedian Sandra Bernhard the Kabbalic teachings helped her ease the inner turmoil which fame had brought to bear upon her as well as quell her lurking inner demons. The same is true for pop icon, Britany Spears who practiced Kabbalah briefly before becoming interested in the Hindu religious traditions. In Sammy Davis’ case, he was drawn to the esoteric teachings of the Zohar for a slightly different reason. Mr. Davis stated on numerous occasions that he felt a great kinship with the Jewish people as a Black American because both of their people had been historically plagued with repression and thus he believed that understanding what had helped them remain a strong and coherent people for so long would in turn help him to better understand himself.

But again, this is really a repetition of the same motif over and over again of self understand over ignorance and order and stability – peace even – over chaos and disunity. It is relatively easy to understand how a venerable tradition such as the traditions of the Kabbalah could be of great use to Hollywood’s celebrities whose ostentation, flash, glamorous and enormous wealth often is only a facade, a smokescreen that occludes the very same problems everyone else has to face. As they say, “Money can’t buy happiness.”


OSI- Impacting Food across the Country

A very successful privately owned American company, OSI Group has been making an impact for many years to come. A leader in the meat processing worlds, OSI has become one of the top 100 food companies in the country. It is very tough to eat your daily meals without coming into contact with something made by OSI. They have impacted and helped many major food based companies. There recent interactions serve as proof they will be around for many years to come. OSI Group Capabilities

The OSI Group is the creation of German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky who began a family meat market in Illinois back in the early 1900’s. They became known as Otto & Sons a few years later and began building a reputation for offering quality meats. Over the years OSI Group would began building a relationship with some well known companies including the well known McDonalds. Supplying meet to McDonald’s restaurants soon became Otto & Sons’ main business. Over the years OSI has expanded it’s operations across the country. They have plants across the country in states such as Iowa, Utah, Illinois and even Wisconsin. Over the years OSI Group has grown tremendously and become a meat supplier to other major companies such as Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut.

Recently OSI made a major move in the business world. OSI bought the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for about $7.4 million. Such an incredible facility enhances our OSI’s ability to meet the their growing needs. Some of Tyson’s notable products include items like tempura chicken, meatballs, crepes, omelets, soups, sauces and much more.

Another recent purchase OSI made was the purchase of Baho Food. Back in August of 2016 OSI acquired Baho Food. Baho Food is a a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats and snacks serving the food service and retail segments. OSI again has expanded it’s platform now able to produce even more high quality food.

OSI Group is a company that is respected by many. Just last year OSI was in the top 100 on the Forbes list of largest private companies earning more than at $6 billion. They continue to impact food more millions across America. Their presence is sure to be felt for years to come.

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Avi Weisfogel’s Thoughts on the Role of Physicians and Dentists in Treating Sleep Disorders

Avi Weisfogel is a New Jersey based dentist and sleep specialist. Throughout his career, he has been working on treatments for sleep disorders. Avi Weisfogel is one of the founders of Dental Sleep Masters. The institution was founded to offer remedies to sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Weisfogel commenced his 15 years dentistry career as a dentist working as the head of Old Bridge Dental Care. He learned that most physicians lacked relevant knowledge on how to handle patients suffering from sleep disorders. This factor motivated him to create Healthy Heart Sleep as an awareness creation institution. Doctors from different parts of the world received education regarding the operation and importance of sleep labs from the institution.

Weisfogel spent most of his professional career touring the world and researching on sleep disorders. His emphasis was on the role that dentists and physicians play in the treatment of these ailments. He founded Unlimited Sleep Patient with a goal of helping victims of sleep apnea. In 2012, he also offered dentists and physicians lectures on handling sleep patients. Weisfogel attributes his career success to the psychology and biology degrees he acquired from the Rutgers University. He also attended New York University’s College of Dentistry for a DDS.

Weisfogel’s Thoughts on Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a life-threatening disease that affects people irrespective of their age and sex. The disease is prevalent in obese people. Weisfogel believes that obesity is one of the factors that cause sleep apnea. He urges people to practice healthy eating and workout on a regular basis. According to him, fat deposits tend to occupy the airways of the respiration, interfering with breathing. High blood sugar levels also increase the chances of one contracting sleep apnea.

When fat deposits block the airways, one may find it difficult to breathe. One may also collapse or die due to insufficient oxygen flow in the blood. As a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Weisfogel urges people to avoid smoking. He also advises individuals to visit their physicians regularly for blood sugar level and blood pressure checkup.

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