Jeremy Goldstein, Client Guidance and More

Jeremy Goldstein attorney concepts are a big topic in the legal realm. The same thing goes for Jeremy Goldstein lawyer concepts. Who is Mr. Goldstein? He’s a highly regarded attorney at law right now. He’s a Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates Partner at this moment in time, too. He’s the firm’s trustworthy namesake. This legal practice is one that guides the way for businesses, management crews and Chief Executive Officers alike. It aids them with regard to subjects like compensation and governance. Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate of highly regarded institutions of higher learning such as the University of Chicago, Cornell University and, last but definitely not least, New York University.


Goldstein is an individual who is driven by concepts and all of their possibilities. He came up with the concept behind JLG Associates roughly a full decade ago. He heard people talking at length about problems that involved executive compensation. That’s precisely what encouraged him to take action by setting up a practice that essentially revolved around the topic. It took the legal aficionado a while to contemplate everything. Once he did so, he was 100 percent ready to move forward.


He manages all sorts of things out of the desire to guarantee he gets a lot done. He gives his clients guidance that pertains to vocations, salary approaches and more. People often come to him with queries that involve accepting brand new positions. They frequently come to him with queries that involve positions and the impacts they may have on their existences overall.


Goldstein has been a huge force in his field for close to two full decades at this point. He appreciates that longevity as well. That’s due to the fact that he believes that unfamiliar dilemmas are few and far between for him. He has a comprehensive background in his line of work and because of that doesn’t encounter odd scenarios with great frequency.


This lawyer does anything and everything he can in order to acquaint himself with his current clients. He believes that a strong acquaintanceship can pave the way for guidance that’s of superior caliber. Goldstein wants to be able to pamper his clients with guidance that’s sound.


Goldstein didn’t know everything as a youth. If he had the ability to guide himself back then, he’d talk about the strength of comprehending obstacles. People can actually view obstacles as things that are beneficial to them. Something that appears to be a headache may in reality be a perk in the end. An obstacle can give a professional a rare opening of sorts.


Goldstein believes that investing in technological products can be favorable. He never delays getting his hands on fresh technological devices like computers.


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Chris Burch’s New Home

Entrepreneur Christ Burch said he always wanted to have a place in Paris to call home. He got his wish. He is renovating the 1608 Hotel Particulier to make it a new home for him and his family.

A couple of years ago, Chris Burch was visiting Paris and he found out that this hotel was for sale. He went to take a look at it and fell in love. He knew that it was going to need a complete makeup but was just for the challenge. He has six children so the home he lives in does need plenty of room for all. He decided to make the purchase and turn this into this home.

The 1608 Hotel Particulier is 10,000 square feet. The interior and the exterior of the home are considered to be landmarks. This hotel has most of the original flooring and beams from past centuries. He wanted to restore the building to its original glory.

It took years to complete and several top designers but now the home is ready. The home got a complete makeover while embracing the style from past centuries.


How Stratford Shields Helped The University Of Ohio

Stratford Shields has been an executive in the municipal finance sector for over 20 years. He lives in Chicago and is one of the managing directors at Loop Capital Markets. He is in the Public Finance Investment Banking division with the responsibility of working with major clients across the Northeast and Midwest. He was once at the Ohio Office of Management and Budget where he was the deputy director and he was also once the president of the State Controlling Board.

He spent five years working for Morgan Stanley as their head of public finance. Stratford Shields led a turnaround effort at this company that resulted in their managed negotiated rankings to go from 10th to a consistent 4th. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history at Ohio State University. He also earned an MBA at Columbia University.

He says that in order to best help his clients he reads a lot of news in order to keep up with current events. Stratford Shields says he also reads the news to satisfy his own curiosity about what is going on in the world. He says that by reading multiple news sources he gets different sides of the news and is more productive and creative in his work.

Stratford Shields once worked on a project with the chief financial officer of Ohio State University. This university needed him to come up with some privatization ideas. The goal was to streamline operations at this university and to fund its endowment. Stratford Shields came up with the idea of privatizing their parking system. In 2012, Ohio State University started a 50-year concession with LAZ/QIC to privatize their parking system. The university received an upfront payment of $483 million. This money was used for several purposes and funded the university’s endowment which advanced student scholarships and research.

Betterworks Implementations

Betterworks Corporation was formed to provide inspiration and motivation to the workforce to ensure that people give their best in the respective company. They ensure continuous growth and developments. Betterworks closely with the management teams as well all employees providing there is often communications where employees can report, and the feedback received immediately. Communication enhanced by Betterworks help the organization team to be ready for any risks and challenges they might encounter in the future. Betterworks have also established a mobile app that makes communication among employees effective.

They have set aside about $65m for the Series B round that aims at accelerating the growth of various enterprises through continuous performance monitoring. The CEO Betterworks Doug Dennerline has taken the initiative to promote the goal of the company that entails increasing activities related to continuous growth and development contributed by employees. He advocates for corporations to motivate their employees as well as invest a lot of money to promote technology as well as training them ensuring they give the best to the company. Betterworks strives to create permanent solutions for enterprises to help them meet all their set goals and objectives.

They believe in teamwork to promote growth. For the Series B project, Betterworks investors included Kleiner Perkins and Emergence working closely to ensure the project is successful. Doug Dennerline works hand in hand with Anup Yanamandra who serves as the Chief Product Officer sharing new ideas to implement in the company. There are other board members including Shona Brown and John Doerr.

Ted Bauman: Change through Awareness

Time and production are one of the most important things in life for the former fund manager and current editor of the Banyan Hill publishing company Ted Bauman. Mr.Bauman was born in the nation’s capital Washington D.C though would live a majority of his adolescent life along the eastern shores of Maryland. When he became a young man, Mr.Bauman and his family would then immigrate to South Africa where he would go on to earn a degree in history and economics from the University of Cape Town. Afterward, Ted Bauman began to work with a variety of non profit organizations as a fund manager overseeing various projects such as Slum Dwellers Internationals which would go on to serve over 14 million people across the globe.

What does a typical day for you look like?

Ted Bauman explains that every morning he begins his day by getting his daugther ready for school. Once that is taken care of he immediately walks down to his basement where his home office is located and begins to work on the days work. He adds that his professional work time may vary depending on if he wants to wake up earlier; however, he always makes sure to work at least till 5 pm.

How do you bring your ideas to life?

The utilization of a writers skills is always paramount in producing a piece that readers want to keep coming back to read, Ted Bauman says. Mr.Bauman goes on to mention the importance of also making the writings relatable to the reader. When writing about mundane topics such as finance and asset protection, the writer must always demonstrate the real-world importance of the topic to the reader.

What was the worse job you have ever had?

Ted Bauman states that although he had plenty of jobs he didn’t particularly like, he never considered any of them bad. He continues by commenting on the important life experience he gained from working in minimum wage jobs, an appreciation for the need to take care of those working these types of jobs. In retrospect, it allowed Mr.Bauman to understand his passion in life.

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Finest Ways to Compose Headings That Convince Individuals to Click

Headlines are the lifeblood of paid press release distribution service. Without offering a great shot, it is challenging to find up with a well-written headline that gets the interest of the media.

A lousy headline suggests no press connections, no promotion, no web traffic, and fewer sales. If you show up on this web page, it merely indicates that you are trying to find ways to compose much better headlines. Here are a few of the most effective ways that we can suggest:

Exercise the 4 U’s:

Most copywriters practice the Four U’s in creating headings: one-of-a-kind, ultra-specific, necessity and also helpful.


  • Urgency

Occasionally you can hook readers to click and read your story by composing headlines that a sense of urgency. They ought to feel that they need to review to continue reviewing it to recognize what they can learn from it.

The very best methods to provide this is to consist of numbers, data or stats in the heading. Details such as this always make them intend to review it because they feel that it is something essential and also they shouldn’t miss it.

You can likewise write something “Are you Not Getting Earnings By Creating Incorrect Headings?” This headline undoubtedly gets hold of focus because viewers will certainly assume if they are doing the very same thing, and also they wish to know.


  • Valuable.

One method to amass the interest of the readers is to show how extraordinary your story is for them. Provide them the benefits that they’ll obtain.

Marketing experts are commonly guilty about this blunder. They often tend to write smart headlines, however, missing out on advantages. Consequently, their duplicates are pointless due to the fact that they can generate clicks but fail in conversion.


  • Unique

Of course, the heading needs to be exclusive to instantly send the readers to check out the rest of your story. If it isn’t, that indicates you have not created the right hook. This makes good sense because nobody will have the rate of interest to review your tale if it’s something they read daily.

You should make the viewers wish to read your tale, visit your website and also ultimately, make a purchase. If they believe that your story is all the same as what others supply, it’s challenging to stick out. Journalists avoid this kind of tales, so make sure to make the angle distinct.


  • Ultra-specific

Headlines must specify sufficient to hook the readers to review your tale. You can compose what individuals will obtain so that they will certainly recognize why they have to focus on your story.

Is your story providing information, experience, suggestions or lessons? Once they check out the headline, they ought to have a clear concept of what they can anticipate from it. Go directly to the factor and also stay clear of including too much detail that can puzzle the visitors.


  • Consist of a subheadline.

Headings grab the interest of the readers. However, a subheadline makes the viewers want to continue reviewing the rest of the tale.

Often you can compose every little thing you intend to share in the heading. The subheadline satisfies this job. It sustains as well as makes the headline stronger by giving included information for the viewers.

Subheadlines ought to be able to draw the readers to dive in a lot more. To complete this, it can supply even more descriptions about what the tale is all about, motivate the visitors to do even more as well as supply advantages.


  • Usage power adjectives.

Adjective words, such as amazing, attention-grabbing, controversial, creative, productive, kick-ass, mind-blowing fulfill sistible, damn excellent, proven, powerful, brave, and also a lot more suffice to astound the audience’s focus. They are strong enough to encourage readers to click as well as read your tale.

Apply these pointers to compose a reliable headline that produces clicks and also conversion. Bear in mind that it is essential to reach your service goals.

Article Title: Zeco Auriemo Expands His Business to the United States with New Real Estate Projects

Article Text:

Zeco Auriemo is a notable personality in the Brazilian business circle. He is the CEO of JHSF Inc, one of the premier and luxurious real estate development firms in the country. Since the time of its inception, the company has developed over six million square meters of residential and commercial properties. He joined JHSF in 1993 and worked hard at various management levels before he became the CEO of the company. JHSF Inc was started in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo, father of Zeco Auriemo, and has been active in the field of commercial and residential development and has also constructed hotels, airports and shopping malls.

Zeco Auriemo has particularly focused on retail management since the time he took over as he believes that a particular sector is growing in Brazil. Some of the notable shopping malls that JHSF has undertaken under his leadership are Cidade Jardim, Metro Turucuvi, Santa Cruz, and others. The headquarters of JHSF is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but also has regional offices set up in different parts of the country and even abroad. Zeco Auriemo has completed his studies of engineering from FAAP and also did business administration studies from FASE in Brazil.

The focus of Zeco Auriemo has been to expand JHSF beyond the realms of Brazil, and it is why he recently invested over $30 million to purchase an old mansion in New York’s posh area of Fifth Avenue. It is this mansion that Zeco Auriemo plans to build into a luxurious apartment. The main aim of Zeco to expand his business abroad is for brand building. While most companies expand to increase their profits and for other financial reasons, Zeco wants people to be aware of JHSF and allow them to see what else they have to provide to their real estate clients in Brazil and other places.

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Edwin Miranda Highlights the Reasons Why You should Invest in Programmatic Advertising

Edwin Miranda ranks Programmatic advertising, as one of the fastest growing trends in the world’s digital marketing subsector. This form of digital advertising uses deep learning algorithms and other advanced software to acquire a customer’s likes, dislikes, buying preferences, and other information.

The programmatic technology uses the information to tailor appealing ads that engage and prompt your prospective customers to take action. Edwin Miranda argues that 66% of entrepreneurs who use the digital marketing strategy have realized an improved ROI.

Is programmatic advertising worth your investment?

According to Edwin Miranda’s recent article posted on his LinkedIn account, the marketing expert said that programmatic advertising is necessary for businesses that wish to remain successful, as well as those that are looking to get an edge against their competitors.

Mr. Miranda says that programmatic advertising is effective than other forms of digital marketing since it uses relevant, creative, and less irritating ads to approach each unique client. The tailored approach improves brand recognition, and it develops lasting relationships with existing and prospective customers.

You can use programmatic advertising for marketing your business on various social media channels. In fact, Edwin Miranda says that 77% of entrepreneurs use trending marketing strategies to target social media users. Apart from social media, you can use the digital strategy to advertise on mobiles, radio, and television.

While programmatic advertising is growing popular, Miranda says that it has downsides that you ought to consider before incorporating it into your marketing plan. Mr. Miranda says that some less reputable marketing agencies use deceptive tactics to click on your ads, instead of using real human beings.

Besides the deceptive clicks, the less reputable marketing agencies use customized ads to target the wrong prospects. These scandalous tricks might hamper your business from acquiring more customers, enhancing its visibility, as well as attaining its desired growth.

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Why Your Baby Needs Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Hyland’s is a medicine brand that has been trusted by many generations of parents. The century old brand has conquered the trust of parents by providing medicine that aids young children with many common cold symptoms. The needs that parents have for helping and treating their children’s illnesses is what fuels Hyland’s inspiration to continue to provide products that make children feel better. Hyland’s takes the feedback of parents seriously. They constantly want feedback in developing more products and catering to the needs of their customers.

Hyland’s has developed many products for many different type of health needs. Digestion, the common cold, flu, pain relief, allergies, skincare and sleep are some some of the issues their products help treat and aid. Hyland’s teething tablets is another popular product the company provides. They make these teething tablets for all ages of children. These tablets are good for any type of toothache and gum pain. These tablets quickly dissolve and are extremely easy for a child to take. Once taken, these tablets begin working quickly.

Hyland have launched a new teething product. Hyland’s Baby Oral Relief Pain Tablets were created especially for little babies who are experiencing any type of gum or teething pain. These Hyland’s teething tablets sooth a baby’s mouse and gums. These teething tablets help a child that is experiencing any crankiness, irritability or not able to sleep comfortably.

Hyland’s teething tablets are just one of their many products. These tablets are very effective and have become a very popular product for the company. Many parents are pleased with how the teething tablets have made a difference in the health of their child. Hyland’s plans to continue to strive to bring new products to the market that serves many purposes in the health of children. Hyland’s is more than just a brand of medicine for children. The company has also launched products geared towards adults. This company can treat the entire family with their line of products that helps with sleeplessness, oral discomfort, issues with digestion and pain. This company will surely experience another century of success by treating sickly children around the world.

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Elected to board but steps down as Unitel chairperson – Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos has lost power in the administration of Unitel SA, Angola’s biggest telecommunications provider. Previously she held the position of chairwoman of the board at Unitel, and has now secured mandate as board member, but has stepped down as chairwoman.

Unitel SA has four major shareholders, each with 25% of the capital. Two of them are Brazilian telecommunications company Oi SA, and the Angola state-owned oil company Sonangol. The other two stakeholders are Vitadel (Society of Isabel dos Santos) and local firms like Geni. Visit her facebook to learn more about her platforms.
Unitel has been recently subject to legal action by Oi, and an arbitration tribunal in Paris has determined that other shareholders of Unitel must pay 600 million euros of compensation to Oi because of previously blocked dividend payments. During the general meeting of Unitel SA shareholders held in the wake of this legal action, it was determined that Isabel dos Santos will remain in the administration but will no longer lead the company.

The eldest child of the former President of Angola, Isabel dos Santos has amassed a massive personal fortune during her father’s 4 decades of power. She is Africa’s richest woman, with an estimated net worth of 2 billion euros.

Born in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, she attended boarding school in Kent and later studied electrical engineering at King’s College in London. She started her first business in 1997 – Miami Beach Club – one of the first nightclubs and beach restaurants in Luanda Island. Over the next 20 years, she expanded and diversified her interests, holding high-level management positions in a number of companies. Besides Unitel SA, she owns massive interests in both Angola and Portugal in diverse fields like retail, finance, energy and media. She is a founding member and member of the board of an Angolan bank in Lisbon, Banco BIC Portugues and is the main shareholder of ZON Multimedia. She also has a commercial interest in oil and diamonds.