With Sergey Petrossov Leading The Charge, JetSmarter Is Making Some Big Improvements To The Private Flight Industry

JetSmarter is a unique company based out of the Florida municipality of Fort Lauderdale that offers its customers the ability to book private and shared flights. The program works off of the JetSmarter app which is patched into a network of algorithms that can connect users to a massive network of available aircraft. It is a unique way for users to create their own flight plans. The company is the creation of its innovative founder named Sergey Petrossov who felt like he could find a better way to do the business of chartering planes after his own extensive experience in the airline industry.

Sergey Petrossov serves in the CEO capacity with this innovative flight company that he has created at JetSmarter. His innovative business model has led him to attain some impressive recognition that includes making the prestigious Forbes list called the 30 Under 30 in Consumer Tech. He has also landed on the list of South Florida’s Top Working Professionals which is published by the Sun Sentinal publication. This impressive amount of recognition that Sergey Petrossov has attained over the course of his career is due to his constant drive to find ways to continually innovate within his field.

When Sergey Petrossov had his first experiences in flying private, he quickly became clued into inherent problems with the way that these types of flights get booked. He noticed that it was really inefficient and still relied on outdated methods of booking that had gone out of the rest of the flight industry long ago. Wanting to change this and find a way to do it better is what inspired Sergey Petrossov to come up with the innovative business model that he has applied to his JetSmarter company.

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