What O2Pur Offers To Vapers

The eCig industry has undergone quite a bit of consolidation in the past few years. The three biggest players in the industry are now three international tobacco firms; Reynolds-American, British American Tobacco, and Phillip Morris International. The latter company sells many eCig products under their Marlboro brand. However, there are still plenty of smaller companies in the industry who find success by differentiating themselves from the competition.

How ECigs work is that they have a heater which warms up a liquid. This creates a vapor that people inhale through the Ecig which is shaped like a pen. This liquid could be infused with nicotine or not. They come in a variety of flavors so that they appeal to as many people as possible. When the liquid is used up people buy an E-Liquid refill for the device.

O2Pur is a smaller company in the eCig industry that sells its products exclusively online. Their vape pens sell for $29, $39, or $76 depending on the type of battery it has. These can often be found for half price by using a promo code, though. They offer premium E-Liquids that come in three different bottle sizes; 10ml, 60ml, and 120ml.

When ordering a bottle of E-Juice from O2Pur you get to decide whether or not you want nicotine in it. You can choose from no nicotine, 3mg, and 6mg. You also get to decide what flavor you want. There are eight flavors to choose from including Berry Cheesecake, Butter Pecan, Island Breeze, Menthol, Tobacco, Strawberry Cream, Caramel Apple and Strawberry Toffee.

At O2Pur they also offer a full line of vaping accessories and box mods. These include additional batteries, a charging cable, a 4 port speed charger, and a dual coil. All of these products and more are discussed on O2Pur’s Instagram change. They also have articles about industry news like whether people should use nicotine salts or not. You can also submit questions to the company through this page which they say they can quickly respond to during normal working hours.

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