Wengie Youtube Recap

Wengie is an Australian – Chinese beauty guru and social media phenom. Her Wonderful World of Wengie videos are a fabulous way to watch techniques and get ideas that you normally wouldn’t get to see outside of a salon. With roughly one million fans this is someone that people are really enjoying.

In Wengie’s video, Wengie has just returned from a trip to Japan describes the differences between American and Japanese makeup styles. She does half of her face the American way and half the Japanese way. Wengie first starts by explaining the Japanese trend of egari or gypsy makeup that mimicks what your face would look like if you’ve had a few drinks and you get flushed. She compares this with the Kylie Jenner/Instagram trend. The first thing Wengie does is add something called circle lenses that help to make the eye look larger. These seem to be very popular in Japan.

When starting to apply makeup Wengie discusses the difference in primers. The Japanese primer tends to leave more of a sticky feel, the American side is more dry. Both primers however are for a poreless finish. The BB cream which she uses a sponge to apply leaves a very dewy bright and glowing finish on the Japanese side, where the American side is matte and has yellow undertones. The uses for concealer differ in that Japan uses it to hide flaws and American’s go lighter to highlight. Brows in Japan are not as angular and sharp as American eyebrows and they use a lightening mascara type wand.

The eye shadow is also less obvious and more natural in Japan. A slight wing for the Japanese eyeliner where America the wing is more pronounced. Mascara and lashes are also much different with Japan being understated while American’s have very large lashes. The engari look really takes place with the blush which is placed beneath the eye and around the cheek directly under the eye. The American blush is more angular. The lips are more outlined in America while Japan goes dewey and natural.

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