Video Games Boost Sensorimotor Skills

The University of Toronto has led a study that proves those that play adventure video games learn new sensorimotor skill more quickly than those who don’t. Each time we learn a new sensorimotor skill, such as riding a bike or walking, a new pathway needs to be made between the sight and motor function. Davood Gozli, a leader in the study, said, “We wanted to understand if chronic video game playing has an effect on sensorimotor control, that is, the coordinated function of vision and hand movement,”


Their study was comprised of 18 gamers (those that played first person games more than 3 times a week, two hours or so at a time) and 18 non-gamers (those with little to no gaming at all), each was asked to perform the same manual tracking task. By the end of the experiment, the gamers were significantly more accurate than the non-gamers, which surprised Ricardo Guimarães BMG a little bit.

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