The Strong History Of Fortress Investment Group Has Set The Standard For Its Future:

Fortress Investment Group was founded within the private equity sector of the investment industry. The firm was first established in 1998 and it has been on an impressive run since that time. Today, Fortress is regarded as one of the industry’s leading firms in the area of alternative investments. There have been many major moments for the firm since it was founded by the partnership of Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. There is no doubt that 2007 was one of the big years in the history of Fortress Investment Group. That year saw the firm put forth it’s initial public offering. This was a huge deal in investment circles at the time because the firm was the firm big private equity operation to have an IPO on New York’s famed Stock Exchange.

Diversification is an accurate description of where the New York City-based Fortress Investment Group finds itself in today’s market. The firm currently has some nine-hundred employs working for its clients and it is known for setting many trends within the investment industry. There are currently more than $40 billion in assets that are under management at the moment. These investments are in areas that range from hedge funds to private equity. Fortress is known for its ability to produce strong returns for its investors over the long-term.

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An accurate description of the primary areas that Fortress Investment Group is involved in would be the capital markets sector, management of operations, investments of an asset-based nature and the mergers and acquisitions sector. The team at Fortress is known for taking an active role in the management of companies within the portfolio. The experience that this team has built over the years means that they have a great deal of knowledge on the institutional level and are well-versed in many different industries.

2018 marked another big moment for Fortress Investment Group. The firm’s twenty years of success led to it becoming a highly sought after asset in its own right. This led to the monumental purchase of the firm by the SoftBank Group out of Japan. Being acquired by SoftBank has put Fortress in a perfect position to move forward into a future that looks to be as bright as its distinguished past.

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