The Painfully Obvious Truth Behind Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass seems content to follow in his foolish ways. After starting out with a booming success by predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis and the writer of The Sixth Sense, Kyle continues to make one bad choice right after the next. While many analysts with Kyle’s track record would be hiding in a corner office somewhere praying for a new career, Kyle insists on going on all talk shows where he spews his nonsense freely.

One mistake that Kyle continues to make is in the allies that he chooses. While most analysts know that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is one of the worst things to ever happen to Argentina, Kyle continues to support her beliefs. After Cristina allowed her country to default for the second time in 13 years on a sovereign debt, most analysts were quick to point out that Argentina was going down a wrong path. That is, except for Kyle who continues to sing her praises loudly. When American debtors demanded to be paid in full, Kyle insisted that the action of these debtors was immoral and that they stood in the way of economic growth for people living in Argentina.

Unfortunately, that is not the only mistake that Kyle has made in recent years. After drivers sued General Motors for faulty airbags and seatbelts, Kyle took to the airways trying to make people believe that the drivers were at fault because they were drunk or refused to wear there seatbelts. It is a position that he kept defending even after General Motors admitted they had a problem.

Taya Kyle, the widow of American sniper Chris Kyle, says that they received very bad advice from those associated with Kyle. Kyle’s attorney told the couple that the skull tattoo was not patentable when it was patentable. As a result, Taya claims the family lost out on millions of dollars. Kyle also is trying to control how proceeds from Taya’s American Sniper book are spent. While Taya proclaims that the proceeds should be used to support her and Chris’s family, Kyle is trying to proclaim that the proceeds must be used to support other military families.

Congress has actively tried to address problems created by Kyle. He set up a front called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Then, he short-sells the stocks of pharmaceutical firms causing them to fall. As the stocks fall, Kyle Bass rakes in the profits. Finally, the stocks begin to rise in price again, but Kyle has already left the company far behind. The result is that sick patients do not receive the drugs that they need to survive.

It is painfully obvious to those who watch this man operate that the only thing he cares about is money.

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