The Name Makes Sense

In the wild world of internet, ecommerce, websites and social networking, naming a company for mental recognition has kind of gone by the wayside. As in its inception, the name Ebay hardly connoted an online auction place, and Nike does not mean sneakers, but now they do. What is easier, however, is starting out with a name that can quickly optimize brand recognition. It is particularly easy to recall the name Skout, a social networking app, when you are traveling, find yourself in a foreign land, and wish to scout out a few people who can make your stay a little nicer. Your synapses will quickly deliver Skout to your fingertips! Skout has the single intention of connecting people. There will be far less lamenting of one’s lonely circumstance when travelers find themselves alone, looking for others who want to help them explore this new locale. Simply logging into Skout will help them find likeminded people, wherever they may roam, and help them have a good experience.

There are some really well-known restaurants that are part of a chain, and therefore are able to advertise on a wide-scale, attracting lots of customers. Everyone knows, however, that this is not where the best food is found in any city in the world. It is the esoteric bistros, and the small mom-and-pop taverns where the best food is found. It is never readily apparent to those from foreign lands which are the best, and those which should be avoided. Instead of just arbitrarily asking someone at your hotel, you can now go on Skout and ask a bunch of people their advice, build consensus, and end up having a great meal, and perhaps with a few new friends. The power of Skout cannot be overstated when it comes to helping people avoid making bad choices on where to dine in foreign cities.

Most people also like to get out and enjoy some nightlife when traveling. Far more prudent to have some advice on the matter, than to arbitrarily stroll the populated strip, hoping to fall upon a good time! Skout will also serve to smoke those establishments out of their sneaky holes who try to capitalize on travelers, offering up a not-so-good-experience at top-dollar rates. We have all been there. Now finding a great club, or bar with some good live music is a function that Skout can efficiently handle for you. Skout can also help you as it really provides what can be considered a staff of local tour guides, which then helps people better manage their time.

No one wants to waste precious time having a bad experience, which will then lead to bad memories connected with that location, which then has a deleterious effect on tourism. In the end, Skout may be just an app to help people connect with others, but if used efficiently, it will serve to help them have good experiences, to build better memories, and it also helps local economies by drawing attention to those that are providing good food, service and experiences, meanwhile taking revenue away from those establishments that were only ever in it for that.

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