The Making of a Legend: Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is not your everyday bloke. He is a capital strategy expert with a background in law. Sam is also a vocal man, especially on Twitter, willing to give anyone willing to listen information on the financial market. To him, you making a good financial decision will always make his days.

Sam Tabar being the man he is recently advised the American public to consider risk stocks. To cushion them against any swings, he encourages them to diversify their portfolio and concentrate on the individual commodities. Sam advises the public to do their due diligence before going all in.

His experience as an attorney and financial expert has seen him amass a lot of experience, and he regularly posts useful information in his website for all to see. It is his business to teach all those who can hear about wall street and its secrets.

He uses his experience in various parts of the world to teach new lessons in investment. Sam was the head of strategy management of Merrill Lynch in Asia Pacific Region and got to experience the art of deal making. CrunchBase shows that Mr Tabar has led many start-ups to have abnormally high growth rates and very high-profit margins. It is thanks to his specialist investment styles that continue to astound seasoned industry titans.

He impacts his knowledge by writing academic papers that are published in journals on legal representation and investment banks. His experience in Asian and American markets has seen him cited by numerous scholars from all over the world. Sam says investors should try to diversify their portfolio and zero in on options with zero correlations. It means treating and investment in Apple and Samsung stock as one investment since they are all in one category. The idea is to maximize one’s money with as minimal a risk as possible.

SAM isn’t just a lip investor, He is the leading investor in various companies and recently joined the ranks of THINX investors. It is a start-up that sells women’s clothing but uses parts of the profits to donate sanitary pads to women around the world. It thus solves an important issue in many regions of the world especially Africa and still manages to make money. It is an excellent business model that has impressed many people outside Mr. Sam Tabar.

The news that Sam Tabar may be leaving the financial world has hit the stock markets hard. He has contributed a lot in this sector, but he feels it is time to serve his 1st love, Law. A graduate of both Oxford and Columbia Law School universities, he has the right credentials to build a successful career in this competitive field.

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