The Keys to Success for End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has made their mark on the United States government as a force seeking to make campaign finance reform a reality. End Citizens United is being run by Tiffany Muller, the President of the PAC, and she has been helping to funnel in the passion of angered voters who are disturbed by the election of Donald Trump to the White House. Let’s take a look at their history and what End Citizens United is doing in order to make a difference in the congressional elections that 2018 will bring.

End Citizens United, as you can tell from their name, is focused on introducing to Washington D.C. a constitutional amendment that will challenge the Supreme Court ruling in regards to the conservative group, Citizens United. You’d have to go back to 2008 to see when Citizens United started to chip away at voting rights in the United States. Bopp had initially made an argument to Federal judges that Citizens United should be allowed to upload unlabeled propaganda videos during the Democratic events. When this failed, Bopp returned to the Supreme Court in order to argue that corporate donations are just an extension of a company’s ‘freedom of speech’. Bopp would inexplicably convince the Supreme Court of this argument and thus open the doors to dark money in the United States government.

Washington D.C. has always been beholden to special interests and corporate lobbyists but the 2010 ruling completely opened the doors and the floodgates. Political legislators began to receive massive donations from millionaire and billionaire donors and soon every politician seemed to have their own special allegiances, thus subverting the voice of the American people. The election of Donald Trump, as odd as it was, can pretty much be traced back to the floodgates of special interests coming to Washington D.C.

In order for End Citizens United to be successful in their mission they need to work hand in hand with everyday Americans in order to render out some real change in the government. That is why End Citizens United is relying on a grassroots campaign to prepare for the 2018 elections. The average donor to End Citizens United is giving just $12 and there is a donation cap limit to prevent special interests from hijacking the goal of the political action committee.

If End Citizens United wants to be successful they’ll need to help several progressive politicians score seats during the upcoming elections. End Citizens United recently backed Democrat Doug Jones in his run against the embattled Roy Moore for the Alabama State Senate seat. Doug Jones has made campaign finance reform a consistent part of his approach to politics over the past several years.

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