The Honey Birdette Brand Of Adult Boutiques Is Growing In Leaps And Bounds

An interesting recent article on a website named The Industry London explains that the Australian upscale sensuous lingerie company Honey Birdette is expanding its business scope in big ways.

A comprehensive e-commerce website for U.S. customers is up and running, and the company is vastly increasing the number of retail stores it operates in the United Kingdom.

According to the article’s author, the new online site will offer a larger selection of products, faster delivery and return processes, and an overall pleasing experience for the consumer.

The debut of Honey Birdette’s new U.S. e-commerce site comes after the company experienced an increase of more than 300 percent in online business in the past year. Honey Birdette stores consistently provide friendly, efficient service, and offer an array of bedroom products for adults.

The Honey Birdette company was founded in Brisbane, Australia, in 2006. Since the company’s inception, Honey Birdette has worked hard to provide customers with high quality and luxurious bedroom-wear and accessories in a pleasant and attractive environment.

With an extensive selection of stylish and sensuous lingerie and adult accessories being presented in a sophisticated atmosphere, the Honey Birdette brand has raised the bar in the world of adult-products establishments.

In recent years, the Honey Birdette brand has experienced a high level of retail growth. The company now maintains more than 50 stores in Australia, and three in England. Because of the large U.S. market for its products, Honey Birdette is also setting its sights on opening retail stores in the United States.

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