Ted Bauman: Change through Awareness

Time and production are one of the most important things in life for the former fund manager and current editor of the Banyan Hill publishing company Ted Bauman. Mr.Bauman was born in the nation’s capital Washington D.C though would live a majority of his adolescent life along the eastern shores of Maryland. When he became a young man, Mr.Bauman and his family would then immigrate to South Africa where he would go on to earn a degree in history and economics from the University of Cape Town. Afterward, Ted Bauman began to work with a variety of non profit organizations as a fund manager overseeing various projects such as Slum Dwellers Internationals which would go on to serve over 14 million people across the globe.

What does a typical day for you look like?

Ted Bauman explains that every morning he begins his day by getting his daugther ready for school. Once that is taken care of he immediately walks down to his basement where his home office is located and begins to work on the days work. He adds that his professional work time may vary depending on if he wants to wake up earlier; however, he always makes sure to work at least till 5 pm.

How do you bring your ideas to life?

The utilization of a writers skills is always paramount in producing a piece that readers want to keep coming back to read, Ted Bauman says. Mr.Bauman goes on to mention the importance of also making the writings relatable to the reader. When writing about mundane topics such as finance and asset protection, the writer must always demonstrate the real-world importance of the topic to the reader.

What was the worse job you have ever had?

Ted Bauman states that although he had plenty of jobs he didn’t particularly like, he never considered any of them bad. He continues by commenting on the important life experience he gained from working in minimum wage jobs, an appreciation for the need to take care of those working these types of jobs. In retrospect, it allowed Mr.Bauman to understand his passion in life.

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