Spotlight On The Eucatex Company

Within South America there are many surprising companies that are making a difference in today’s world. Many of them manufacture many useful products that consumers in every corner of the globe have come to rely on for their needs. One of these notable companies would be that of Eucatex, with four factories located in the heart of Brazil. The Eucatex brand has always been dedicated to the many different products that they produce, including their flooring choices for laminate, vinyl and event floors; their paint options, which are good for peg and paint and Eucalar options; their wall partitions and door products; their hardboard options; and the ecaulyptis seedlings that they produce as well.

The Eucalex company has been in business for over sixty years and has been a notable employer of the Brazilian people. They began becoming active in the manufacturing sector with the opening of their first panels factory in Salto in 1951. The company underwent a large scale evolution and today manufactures furniture products; products for industrial needs; and supplies doors and plates for the packaging industries, along with companies devoted to the making of cars and toys. The company is chaired by Flavio Maluf, who through his leadership was able to help the company open up a new production line of T-HDF/MDF (Thin high density and medium density) Fiberboard products. The new plant was opened in 2010 in Salto County in the state of Sao Paulo.

Perhaps one of the most useful products that this company produces would be that of the Eucalyptus seedlings, which have many uses. A Eucaplyptus tree can be used as ornaments, timber, firewood and pulpwood. Many people utilize the oil of the tree to turn into an industrial solvent and some of it is used in small quantities as an ingredient in sweets, cough drops and toothpaste. Some even use the eucalyptis tree oil as a healing property for joint difficulties. Flavio Maluf has wisely utilized this facet of his company and made the Eucatex brand that much more desireable.

Flavio Maluf has helped to build an impressive company and has established himself in Brazil as an entrepreneur and mechanical engineer. He is strong in marketing his company and has a knack for determining the basic needs of his consumers. With Flavio Maluf at the helm, the Eucalex company will continue to flourish and prosper.

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