Securus Technologies Reveals Phone Charge Rate Manipulation

Leading technology company Securus Technologies has found out about illegal and unethical conduct committed by a rival company known as Global Tel Link. The conduct committed by Global Tel Link has proven to be a breach of integrity and therefore Securus Technologies has decided to help put an end to this conduct. According to reports and findings by Securus, Global Tel Link has manipulated phone charges in order to boost its revenue. The company has manipulated phone charges in numerous correctional facilities in the state of Louisiana. As a result Securus is looking to expose this unethical conduct with state leaders as well as to the public.

Over the past recent months, Securus Technologies has found out about a considerable amount of wrongdoing by Global Tel Link which is associated with phone use. Global Tel Link used a number of tactics that were unauthorized and led them to generate more revenue. The first thing that has been discovered is that Global Tel Link programmed the clocks on phones. This programming led to adding between 15 to 36 seconds per call in order to make more money. Securus has also discovered that Global Tel Link has been charging rates for calls at higher rates than what is allowed. Therefore the company would use yet another unethical tactic to generate revenue that isn’t permitted by law. Lastly Global Tel Link has artificially inflated its charges by charging the same call multiple times. Therefore this conduct has caused much suspicion and Securus is looking to help state officials put an end to this practice.

Since these practices have been discovered, Securus Technologies been working with the State of Louisiana Department of Corrections in order to help stop Global Tel Link manipulate phone rates. Securus is now looking to reveal a comprehensive report about the unauthorized practices by Global Tel Link and hopefully restore integrity back into the telecommunications industry. With the expertise of Securus Technologies, these unethical practices are likely to be eliminated in the near future.

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