SanDisk Introduces 128GB USB Drive Smaller Than a Dime

Advancements in the technology industry tend to make everything smaller and faster. In the case of USB drives, they have been getting smaller and faster for years. However, the question of just how small a drive could become coupled with storing a massive amount of data was a problem that few companies were willing to address. The answer to just how small and powerful a USB drive can be has apparently been answered by one company that has made a name for itself in the industry.

According to Huh Magazine, SanDisk has managed to cram 128GB of memory into a USB drive that is smaller than the size of a dime. The device also utilizes a blazing fast USB 3.0 connection, which makes it small, fast, and powerful. In fact, the actual connector is larger than the storage section of the unit, making it virtually vanish when plugged into a computer. All of a sudden moving massive amounts of video, audio, pictures, and documents around without aid of the cloud is a very real possibility.

SanDisk has accomplished a pretty incredible feat according to Ivan Ong. While not every user needs to take advantage of 128GB of portable memory, the applications for mobile devices, like tablets and phones, is unlimited. The next issue is getting traditional USB ports onto those devices, but with many having thickness issues to receive the USB memory drives, the problem is likely going to take a few years to solve.

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