Reviews by Former Patients of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board-certified plastic surgeon. She is a well-respected doctor and is highly sought out because of her skills and the dedication she shows each of her patients. Here are a few of Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews shared by some of her former patients.

C.F. described herself as being incredibly pleased with the results of her procedure. Not only does she call Dr. Walden an amazing surgeon she also calls her an artist. She goes on to say that everything leading up to the surgery as well as the actual surgery went smoothly. She says that the nurses were very kind and took great care of her. She expresses how happy she is that she chose Dr. Walden. This review shows the care and dedication that Dr. Walden and her team give to each patient. In this review, the patient called Dr. Walden an artist. That statement shows the skills, commitment and high level of expertise Dr. Walden uses during procedures.

In another review, C.L. describes her experience as perfect and even rates it with 5 stars. She says that from the consultation to the actual surgery Dr. Walden and her staff made her feel at home. She drove five hours to get to Dr. Walden’s office and says it was all worth it. She says that she will recommend Dr. Jennifer Walden to anyone who is seeking any type of surgery. This review proves that Dr. Walden and her staff go above and beyond for their patients from start to finish. The fact that this person drove 5 hours to get to Dr. Walden’s office shows that Dr. Walden made them feel comfortable enough to trust her from the start.

In the last of Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews, G.O. had a tummy tuck procedure done by Dr. Walden. She explains how this was the first big procedure she’s ever had done so she was extremely nervous. Dr. Walden and her staff took great care of her and made her feel comfortable. She says that she’s thrilled with her results and can’t wait to meet with Dr. Walden and the staff again at her post-op consultation. These reviews show the care and commitment that Dr. Walden and her staff give to their patients.


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