Recent Survey from Global App Skout Reveals Friendship Trends Worldwide

Today marks the first-ever celebration of International Online Friendship Day, a day to recognize online friends in a world becoming increasingly connected. Skout, a worldwide app that allows users to meet new people, recently surveyed more than 52,000 of it’s users around the globe to uncover friendship trends from New York to New Zealand. The results from the survey are in and some highlights include:

  • The majority of the world perfers to discuss their sex life with online friends
  • Women are most likely to have close online friends
  • Online friends are told the truth more often than friends seen in person
  • Online friendships have enabled friendships around the world, breaking down geographical barriers

In addition to gathering these results, Skout also asked it’s users about the friendliest qualities of the residents of major cities across the United States.

You can read the full article here about Skout’s survey and results, as well as how to download the app and get connected with people around the globe.

One thought on “Recent Survey from Global App Skout Reveals Friendship Trends Worldwide

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