Proper Posture Infographic from North American Spine

North American Spine, a leading group of spine specialists that focus on minimally invasive procedures, has released an infographic that shows the effects of bad posture and the spine. Current information proves that 80% of Americans will have back pain, with lower back pain causing the most cases of disability in this country. Pictures found within the article show the correct positions to place your body in while sitting and standing as well as some possible signs that you have bad posture.

This infographic comes from North American Spine. Their mission statement reads ‘to help as many people as possible.’ While that is an ambitious goal, the center has led advances in spinal injury surgery and back pain relief for the last 6 years. They believe in seeking out the least invasive way to handle pain and injury by consulting with specialists in every aspect of medical care. Each patient is treated with a combination of the most effective and state of the art solutions available from Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery, and/or Interventional Pain Management.

North American Spine has been nominated for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award, whose past recipients include Brinker International, which highlights businesses that use core values and ethics to control their business and operational decisions. Recent developments of the AccuraScope procedure has been incredibly successful in treating bulging and herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, arthritis, and other conditions. The procedure uses a laser and a high-definition camera to pinpoint the center of the pain area and relieves pain in about 30 minutes. After surgery, the recovery time is minimal and may require one stitch to heal the point of entry.

Before considering surgery or other invasive actions, North American Spine is a proponent of lifestyle changes that can increase back health including proper diet, exercise, and stretches. Steps are taken to insure that the least invasive treatments are considered before jumping straight to back surgery, which has a reputation of soothing pain for the moment but leads to the formation of scar tissue and a possible reliance on pain medication.

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