Portable Printer Developed for Selfies

Selfies have become the latest form of expression in an age when cameras become ubiquitous. Thanks primarily to the advent of cellphones, practically everyone has a camera at the ready.

These cameras, in turn, are used at every possible opportunity, especially when directed towards the user.

Some smart manufacturers thought that people would like not only to upload these pictures online, but maybe print them out fast. A French company has released a smartphone case that prints your selfie from the mobile in less than one minute. 

Prynt uses the Bluetooth connection and works flawlessly. The manufacturers are now working on improving the printing speed. It might soon decrease to 30 seconds, because in our time people like to have everything ready instantly. 

However, only one piece of paper can fit in the case at the moment, and that is definitely something to be improved. Clement Perron, CEO of Prynt, say that his idea of a functional device is with 30 pieces of paper in it.

The Prynt app that you are going to use has the function of recording a short video of the moment before and after you too the picture.  In this new age of selfies, it’s safe to say that even Kenneth Griffin would say it wise to invest in this portable printer!

One thought on “Portable Printer Developed for Selfies

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