Parental Engagement Comes to ClassDojo


The socially engaging platform ClassDojo is back with new a tool that aim to bring parents and teachers a little closer to their shared virtual environment, and this one’s all for mom and dad.

With Student Stories, students will be allowed to add multimedia to their personal portfolio that provides video and photo that chronicles their school day to share with the parents and the rest of the family. The point of this new option, ClassDojo has stated, is to take the involvement of parents just one step closer to being in the actual classroom. Regardless of what their child does during the day while at school, the option to view more complex media beyond text allows parents can feel more involved in their child’s efforts in school.

To upload content, students don’t have to have access to their own mobile device or login. Teachers can simply their class’ corresponding QR codes then capture the media in question. By tagging the classmates, teachers can make it so their parents can be alerted to the addition of new media. These additions are at the discretion of the teacher, which makes sure that all new additions remain relevant an on Class Dojo’s message for informing them about scholastic activities. It also has engaged more students by giving the more of an input as to what gets shared on the platform with their parents, instilling a bit of pride in schoolwork they are eager to share.

It’s what the platform was designed to do, according to Liam Don, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of ClassDojo. Don has expressed that the company continues to receive overwhelming support for Student Stories since its implementation. It was, after all, designed as a response to a collective request for more ways to let parents see their child’s accomplishments in real time, and also for teachers to get their students more of a voice when it comes to embracing their roles as students in the digital age.

About ClassDojo:

ClassDojo is an innovation communications platform that has allowed parents to be more directly involved in their child’s school day since 2011. Since then, the company has collected more than $31 million in funding, besting their efforts the company’s prospective plans.

With monetary backing and solid technological experts on staff, ClassDojo has been able to develop a safe social network that is rather unique in a market that continues to be under served.


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