Incredible Success Story of Omar Yunes Everyone Ought to Read

Omar Yunes is an investor whose origin is Mexico. He was born in 1967, and he is well known for his remarkable achievements as he has won several awards it the franchise competitions which are usually held every year. Aggressiveness in the business industry is what made Omar earn the award. He took responsibilities well despite the fact that the strict objectives in the industry. Omar Yunes had more than three hundred employees in the brand this explains how Omar was focused in the improving and running the brand.

This great investor has been ranked as the best Franchisee of the world, and this earned him an award. Omar Yunes did not begin his investment at is old age period like many people do, but he started when he was in his early 20s. As young as he was he began franchising for the Japanese leading food chain which is the Sushi it to, and trust me this made his long journey since he now owns almost ten percent of the franchised units.

Apart from being crowned with an award, Omar has also helped the brand to achieve anonymous growth. He has managed to do this by making teamwork effective, proving operational processes as well as the management which is in line with the brand’s policy.

Yunes is among the most influential leaders. He has played a great role in changing the relationship between brand and its franchisees. Omar is also known for his selfless act which has promoted and brought great improvement or rather quality customer care as well as the product offering.

I cannot put a full stop before telling you about Omar next plans. He has left a mark as the successful businessman in Mexico as well as the entire world. Omar is now planning to grow the brand incorporating more units to the franchise to make it the top restaurant chain in Mexico.

Omar Yunes was born in a political family. Apart from playing a part in politics, he had the great interest in entrepreneurship. Like the other people, Omar gained experience from his mistakes while working and this made him emerge the best. Yunes is a very hardworking man who is respected by all employees.

Rodrigo Terpins – Evolving to a Legend in Rally Racing

Rally racing is a sport that excites many people around the world. The driver and his navigator are the key players in making the competition worth watching. One driver in this fascinating sport is Rodrigo Terpins. He is of Brazilian by origin coming from a family with a deep passion for sports. Rodrigo’s brother is also a rally racing driver where they battle each other in various competitions. The brother is also the chairperson of the Brazil Cross Country Championship.

He started his racing career at a very young age, and he has attained a lot along the way. Their father, Jack Terpins, also known as Jackao seems to be their motivator in joined sports. The father was a basketball player when he was a youth. He played for Hebraica basketball team in the 60s and 70s. Rodrigo has followed his father steps where he competes in Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship in the category of T1 prototype races. He has won various competitions.

Rodrigo has excellent leadership skills where he serves as the senior director of T5 Partipacoes. His leadership skills have seen the company develop positively and even planned some of the most prominent rally racing competitions held in Brazil. It is this charisma and dedication that has also seen him overcome tough times one has to undergo in competitions thereby winning many awards.

Rodrigo uses modern innovation to interact with his large fan base. One can follow him on social media sites to get updates about him. Consistency and determination are qualities that Rodrigo attributes to his success in rally racing career.  Check out Terra to see more.

Rally racing is not a one-man job. It takes the help of a dedicated partner to be successful. His navigator, Fabrício Bianchini has also played a significant role in ensuring the rally driver becomes successful. Rodrigo Terpins also learns a lot from past encounters which he uses to build his performance in various competitions. Just like his father is an iconic figure in the community, Rodrigo is a prominent and respected person in his hometowns, Goias and Minas Gerais. The family will feature in history books as the home of legends. You can search him on Google for more.

Skillful rally drive Michel Terpins

Rally car driving is one of the most exciting sports in the world today. It has been in existence for a very long time now. In Brazil, the sport has a huge following that is excited to watch the rally competitions that happen every year. One of the people who has booked a spot in the hall of fame in the Brazilian rally driving is Michel Terpins. Michel Terpins comes from a family of rally drivers.His brother Rodrigo Terpin is also a renowned rally driver. They have been able to participate in various competitions with a success rate that is admirable.

Michel Terpins is one of the best rally drivers in the country. Although people think the sport is dangerous, Michel Terpins has learned the art of driving these cars with great accuracy. He’s a pro in the sport. Together with his brother Rodrigo, they are the founders of a rally driving team known as Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpin have a huge following due to the prowess that they have shown driving the T-rex. T-Rex is a car that was designed and manufactured by the MEM Motorsport for the purpose of rally car driving. The car was created as a prototype and is being tested to see its performance. To make it more competitive, T-REX is powered by a V8 Engine that is fed with ethanol. Some of the rally competitions that Rodrigo and Michel Terpins have participated include the Brazilian championships cross country rally and the Mitsubishi cup.

Apart from participating in these rally competitions, Michel Terpins organizes his rally competition known as the Annual Sorties Rally.Michel Terpins started his journey in the rally cart driving competitions in 2002. In the beginning, he was dealing with motorcycle driving before later joining his older brother Rodrigo in car rally driving in 2004. Michel Terpins was highly skilled; he learned the art of fast driving in a very short time. In just a few years after joining the rally competition, he had made a name for himself as one of the best in the country. Michel Terpins drives alongside his co-driver, Maikel Justo. Together they have been in many competitions representing their team Bull Sertoes Rally Team. In the category of prototypes T1, he is one of the best in the country at the moment.

George Soros: Helping People Get Out Of Unstable Situations And War Torn Territories

George Soros is something that we all want to be. He is one of the wealthiest people in the entire world, he has an incredible amount of social political power and an astonishing collection of the people, in addition to helping thousands all over the world. There is no doubt that Soros is an icon to look up to, but the road to the tough has been tougher for Soros than what one might expect.

Soros grew up during the Second World War in Hungary and lived with his family, who were all Jewish. Being Jewish made things incredibly hard for Soros, but with great determination to survive, coupled with fake documents to seal their identity, his family managed to get out of the grips of the Nazis. They helped several people around them as well, offering to make them fake government documents that could help them get out of Hungary.

When Soros and his family was ultimately able to move to London, things were still hard for them. They had to work hard just to make ends meet and to get their necessities. As a teenager, Soros had to work at a number of jobs, and sometimes had multiple jobs to go to through the day. He worked hard and was then able to put himself through college. He attained an economics degree from the London School of Economics and then decided to enter into the field of finance, where he would ultimately make his fortune.

Unlike most people, who would otherwise be beaten down and hurt by all the turmoils and troubles that Soros had to face, he decided to stand tall in the face of the adversaries and turn his life around. He then realized that he would have to take it upon himself to make a wide enough impact so that he could give people a better life and have better political situations. Using the money that he earned being a financialist, he decided to start up a number of charities and organizations that would aid people in various kinds of ways.

One of the more recent charities that Soros founded was for the aid of people who escaped war-torn countries and who were living in different parts of Europe. Through the organizations, Soros was able to provide these people and their families with funds to set up their lives and get a boost to help them once again rebuild their life. Soros knows better than anyone else that rebuilding one’s life after leaving everything behind is not easy, and hence realized that he needed to do something to aid people who are now in the same situation that he was in before he made it big.

In addition to his own charities and organizations, Soros regularly donates to fundraisers and foundations that are working to achieve similar goals as his. He sees this as a way to reach more people and offer his aid than what he would through his own organizations and charitable trusts  and Follow him

Lung Cancer Discoveries and Eric Lefkosky’s Cause

There are several causes that contribute to lung cancer. Environmental factors (air pollution, exposure to secondhand smoke and inhaled toxins), as well as lifestyle choices (tobacco use) are one of the common risk factors to lung cancer. A recent Dartmouth study revealed lung cancer markers that can help us learn more about the cause of the disease in each case.

Three biomarkers were discovered which helped the scientists learn how the cancer cells develop. Each of the biomarkers showed potential as the subjects were classified per smoking habits and frequency.

There is, however, a caveat to the study. The research was conducted to Caucasian males and may not necessarily be used to conclude for a bigger population with different physical and lifestyle backgrounds. This, however, is a first step to discovering more advancements in the treatment of lung cancer. Oncologists and researchers will be using this data for lung cancer research, diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer has been a battle that most families face. Chances are you have a family member (whether immediate or extended) that is diagnosed with cancer at one point in their lives. Numbers don’t lie and it is a current pressing concern in our country’s health.

Eric Lefkosky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. He developed Tempus with a team of equally determined individuals with the goal to lessen cancer mortality rates. The software works by assessing a patient via genetic sequencing. DNA and RNA samples will be tested for cancer markers and risk factors. The physician can make use of this vital report to provide the most appropriate treatment options for each patient.

Lefkosky believes that treating cancer cannot be done only by curing the symptoms. It involves discovering the cause, or the root of the disease. Genetic sequencing is one excellent way of doing so. By figuring out which genetic characteristics express the symptoms of cancer, better treatment options and courses of action can be taken.

According to Lefkosky, Tempus’ services ranges have come down exponentially to be able to help patients afford cancer prevention procedures. As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, he believes that healthcare should not be above anyone’s means. He believes by doing so, families can be informed of the risk factors of the cancer diagnosis, and be able to prevent them through medical decisions and lifestyle choices.

For more information, you can visit Tempus website at

Rocketship Education Charter School is about to get a New Home

Redwood City, California is where the first Rocketship Education Charter School was first established. This charter school is dedicated to providing a high-quality education for inner city students with certain neighborhoods. While any young student can attend Rocketship, this school’s main goal is to help low-income parents with the ability to choose alternative schools for their children.

Rocketship in Redwood City is going to get a new makeover. The school is being moved from one end of town to another section. The newer facility is going to provide more space, better amenities and improved technology for students. The structure was recently built and is expected to open for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

The administrators at Rockeship realize that student tend to perform better inside of updated facilities. Newer facilities typically have improved resources that better serve students. The technology within newer facilities is typically updated and the learning materials consists of the latest books, teaching tools and supplies.

The amount of students at the facility is going to increase as well. The school will be able to accommodate 480 students. This will allow more students from low-income areas to attend. The school is trying to push enrollment up to 600. Since Rocketship is a K – 5 school, the students will need recess. The new facility will also provide a state of the art playground which will include a jungle gym, climbing walls and brand-new playground equipment.

The school’s new home will also need more teachers. Many qualified teachers will be hired into the facility. Parents will also have a say in the hiring process. Teachers from the old building are expected to transfer into the new building. Rocketship’s new facility is creating a lot of excitement for the staff, parents and students. These changes are expected to make Rocketship one of the best schools within the Redwood City area.

Roberto Santiago, the Shopping Mall Magnate

Roberto Santiago is a renowned Brazilian investor, sports person, and a visionary man. He began his career path at a Santa Rosa’s Café and nowadays is known to be among the top entrepreneurs in the whole of Brazil. Born in 1959 in João Pessoa, Roberto is widely acknowledged in Paraiba and all over Brazil because of his investment spirit. In 2014, Roberto Santiago became the proprietor of Mangabeira shopping mall in the Northeast City. Roberto is viewed as a Referral point for his entrepreneurial skills and investment decisions in Paraiba.


In 1989, Roberto Santiago launched the Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall faces expansion and face-lift every year. Roberto’s Manaira establishment passed through five phases of enlargement. The shopping mall is among the top two biggest and best-performing malls regarding selling in Brazil. Manaira Mall offers various amenities such as movie theatres, bowling alley, party room, VIP rooms, and universities. It has a gaming station that can accommodate over 200 gaming machines and use by people of any age and preferences. Equipped with over the top of range technology, the Manaira mall does attract people from all walks of life.


The Roberto Santiago owned Manaira Shopping Mall, stands 75,000sq meters of rental space and contains about 280 shops. It is designed the Manaira Shopping to cater for the entertainment of every member of the family and developed between the town and the ocean beach. The development of the Mall has enhanced both the social and economic growth. Homes near the development have increased in value bringing in more investment interest in the area.


The design of the Roberto Santiago Mall is advanced and has the capability of hosting around four thousand seated individuals and approximately ten thousand while standing. It has two floors to hold visitors. One floor has private rooms, and the other has events rooms for graduations, weddings, and fairs. The mall needs constant expansion to enable it to meet the changing economic conditions in Brazil.


Furthermore, the norms and beliefs of Roberto Santiago are incorporated into the Manaira Shopping culture. It showcases expos promoting values. Students also are allowed into the mall to learn on the expos ant to gain interest and enjoy themselves. The shopping mall also contains among the top and biggest concert hallways in Brazil found on its rooftop.


According to Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers, Manaira Shopping was one of the contributors to the 6.5% economic growth in Brazil. The increase resulted to assurance in the management of other stores with the gotten cash spent in the mall is used to mend the financial position of malls in Brazil. In 2015, the Mariana shopping showed a movement of around two million shoppers. This improvement was an indication of the stableness of the industry because it increases as the years go by adding to the industry’s growth. The data of cash used in the mall and intention of Household consumption data has been put public for the third time in a row. The data helps the shopping mall to rate themselves economically.


Fashion Data With Adam Goldenberg

Fashion retailers depend a lot on the data that is being provided. Therefore, people who are wondering why the type of clothes that they have hoped to get one day has suddenly disappeared from the shelves should know that this is all because of the data they have collected from the customers. According to the data, customers were not buying that item. In other words, if people want the clothes to be on the shelves, they have to buy it. After all, they do not want to have a ton overhead. Another thing that is worth considering is that the clothes that are on the rack are going to be done away with one way or another.

One of the data analysts in the retail industry is Adam Goldenberg. He works with TechStyle in order to make sure that they are bringing forth items that are selling. He uses data in a way that makes sure that people get the clothing that they want. At the same time, his way of using data makes sure that the company is not getting any overhead or tons of left over clothing. One of the worst things to have to deal with is having to drop the prices of the clothes low enough so that people will buy them.

One thing that Adam Goldenberg has stated is that the product is important as well. One of the worst things to do as a company is put all of the focus on the marketing of the product. This is one of the reasons that he pays closer attention to the customers. The customers are going to buy the items they want. There is no use in trying market something that is not going to sell anyway.

Adam Goldenberg thinks with a lot of innovation when it comes to the items that he wants to sell. He also makes sure that he is serving the customers in the best possible way. With this type of method, he is earning himself the status of a unicorn as a marketer in fashion. Adam Goldenberg makes sure that he is serving customers in ways that make them feel good about themselves.

Fabletics Still Determined To Provide Innovative Sportswear to Its Clients under the Guidance of Don Ressler

When buying athletic clothing, women had to choose between fashionable and affordable wear. For a long time, there had been a gap in the women’s activewear industry. Taking note of the market opportunity, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to establish Fabletics in 2010. At the time, the industry was growing at a fast rate, and they knew that this trend would not slow down any moment. Fabletics brand offered terrific active wear that was functional, fashionable and affordable.

At the time, the activewear that was available in the market was not what the women wanted. Therefore, instead of focusing on the market trends at the time, Don and Adam worked on creating a brand that its consumers would appreciate. To understand what they should have focused on, they undertook consumer tests. The surveys revealed the significant issues surrounding women’s sportswear, and the challenges showed consistency across the board. Ladies’ activewear in the market were expensive and ill-fitting.

Having realized that women had trouble finding quality sportswear at affordable costs, Don and Adam got down to business. Don Ressler contracted Kate Hudson as the face of the brand. Kate was confident, friendly and had an appealing look. By making her the spokeswoman of the organization, Kate managed to interact freely with consumers. Her excellent PR skills created a secure connection between Fabletics and its consumers. Hudson has a great passion for media and can efficiently communicate with the masses. That is why Don Ressler and Adam saw it fit to bring her on board as a co-founder. Till date, Kate is passionate about Fabletics and works hard to improve the brands’ online appeal.

At the initial stages of establishing Fabletics, the founders experienced funding difficulties. However, Don Ressler’s ability to manage the biggest hurdle of comfortable sportswear saw the company sail ahead. A lot of active wear out there fails to meet the standards of functionality and fashion. To design shoes that one could run comfortably in and still look fashionable in them was not a minor task, yet Ressler managed to get through. His success can be attributed to his determination and his vast experience in the fashion industry.

Besides the quality wear, another factor that made Fabletics stand out was its strong online presence. Fabletics is determined to offer more to their clients. In 2017, they announced that they would be expanding their market by designing products for the plus size ladies. The move is incredible since larger sized women who wish to get slimmer have the chance to lose weight comfortably, by having fashionable active wear.

Opening The Classroom Door and Creating A School Community

ClassDojo is an app used to connect parents and teachers. Teachers are able to communicate with parents daily as needed. This educational app is opening the door to a classroom that was once closed. Parent involvement in their child’s education plays a role in their performance in school. Let’s face it working families don’t always have the time to be physically involved. ClassDojo gives parents another way to stay involved with their child’s school. Not only can the parents message the teacher they may also message the principle their questions or concern. ClassDojo allows the schools to build better bonds with the parents ultimately creating a community working together to create the best classroom experience possible. Teacher records each child’s behavior for the day and records how the overall week went as well. Giving the parent specific details on their child’s daily accomplishment as well as things they may need to turn around. Which gives the parent the opportunity to have conversations about their progress in school. In all honestly I believe every parent has asked their child after school how was your day and the child’s reply is always “Good”. No details or specific incidents or anything. With the ClassDojo app parents have the ability to ask a more specific question based on information they receive from the teacher about the day. Teachers can post pictures of things the class is working on or just something amazing a child has accomplished. This educational app closes the gap of teacher and parent communication.