Rubica personal cyber security- Know its importance.

Internet and computers are considered as an important part of everyday lives as it helps in carrying on communications, banking transactions, tax record, transportation and other important tasks. But with the increase in dependence on technology, there has been an increase in number of cyber attacks that are carried on by hackers who are looking for confidential information about individuals, companies, businesses and government. Therefore if you have been a victim of cyber attack then you will need to consider Rubica cyber security measures as it is the best way of dealing with the problem of security breaches.

Rubica personal cyber security involves following different steps for protecting your valuable information so that it does not get into the hands of hackers for misuse. For this you will need to opt for the services of Rubica as they will assess the amount of your information that is stored in the computer so that the required steps can be followed for protecting this valuable information. Rubica is the one stop solution for all your cyber security needs as it is a digital security and privacy company that will offer you protection against cyber attacks so that your information will not be compromised by hackers. You will also get the required protection from cyber criminals so that your money will not be stolen from your bank account or you do not become a victim of identity theft.

Rubica personal cyber security is the best way of getting complete peace of mind as all your information will be protected and you will not have to worry about cyber attacks that are very common these days. This will help you to prevent cyber crimes so that you will not have to worry about losing a large amount of money in the hands on cyber criminals and hackers.

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Little Education Did Not Stop Jim Larkin From Making a Big Impact

James Larkin, known as Big Jim, founded the Irish Citizens Army on November 23, 1913. Despite everything he had done to help Ireland, Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool, England on January 21, 1876 to Irish parents. With little education, the native Brit worked at many manual jobs , starting as a child, until he became a foreman at the Liverpool docks.

Larkin realized that workers were not getting paid the money they deserved and joined the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL). By 1905, Larkin worked as a union organizer full-time. If it was not for the fact NUDL grew dissatisfied with Larkin, he would not have become a hero of Ireland. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin moved to Dublin, Ireland in 1907 and formed the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). Larkin’s goal was to get skilled and unskilled workers to join one union that would benefit them all.

By December 1908, Larkin outlined the program to provide for those unemployed people who wanted to work an eight hour a day job. Workers, who reached the age of 60, were supplied a retirement pension. Larkin managed to create arbitration courts, adult suffrage, nationalization of canals, and different means of transportation.

Four years later, Jim Larkin joined James Connolly to form the Irish Labour party. Connolly and Larkin led a series of strikes with the 1913 Dublin Lockout being the most significant of them all. It took seven months for 1,000 workers to win fair employment from their employers. Larkin earned many admirers, including the poet WB Yeats,who honored the labour leader with a poem after the Irish Labour party was formed.

On January 30,1947, Larkin died in his sleep at the age of 71. He has been revered by the country of Ireland ever since. Poems and songs were written about Big Jim and what he did to reform the Irish workforce. In 1996, a some members of the Liverpool, England community named their marching band after Larkin. Today, a statue of Jim Larkin stands on O’Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland to honor him.

The Career Growth of Anthony Petrello in the Energy Sector

With the current growing demand of energy caused by the rampant industrialization around the globe, investors are benefiting from the creation of this crucial commodity. Nabors Industries Ltd. is one of the major players in the energy sector that have been in business for decades. Based in Hamilton, Bermuda, the company boasts of its vast capability in geothermal and natural gas drilling technologies, and it is ranked among the best and the largest in the world. At the helm of its leadership is the renowned Chief Executive Officer who doubles up as the company’s board chairman, Tony Petrello. His contribution to the company is unmatched.

Tony Petrello has an enviable academic background which has earned him a name in the industry elevating him to the echelons of power. He is a graduate of two world class universities, Yale and Harvard. He graduated with a J.D. degree from the Harvard University School of Law and later proceeded to pursue a bachelor’s degree and a Masters in mathematics at the Yale University. His ambition in acquiring the best he could get in the academic filed was not in vain. He commenced his professional pursuits in 1979 when he decided to practice law at the Baker& McKenzie Law firm. He was a managing partner at the law firm’s branch in New York for 5 years.

After practicing law from 1986-1991, Anthony Petrello decided to switch careers and that’s when he joined the Nabors Industries. He came in as a Chief Operating Officer but it did not take him too long before he was made the president of the company a year later. Anthony Petrello’s reputation grew over the years and in 2003 he was elevated to become the company’s President as well as the deputy chairman of the board. He held the position until 2012 when he again got alleviated to the position of the CEO and chairman of the board

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Why There is an OSI Industries

Due to the unification of numerous nations, they remained dedicated to making the world a better place. Moreover, they focused their efforts on providing their citizens with safe food. In spite of such progress, several developing nations remain ill-equipped at providing their citizens with safe food to eat. As a result, the citizens of these nations remain at risk when it comes to eating food. In recent years, viruses such as Ebola and Listeria have wreaked havoc on people around the world. In addition, thousands of these people have died from these illnesses. However, multiple companies exist with the intention of providing safe food products and services.

However, only a few of them can compare to the offerings of OSI Industries. Furthermore, OSI Industries remains a corporation worth billions of dollars. Since 1909, OSI Industries has remained a mainstay in the industry. As a result of the company’s offerings, they have remained an industry leader. Moreover, the company began its operations as a family meat market. This remains attributed to its founder immigrating to the United States from Germany. By the late 1920s, the company expanded its operations to a broader audience. As a result, the company grew exponentially. Moreover, the company continued to build its reputation around Chicago.

To expound further, the company remains headquartered in the Chicago area. To expound further, the company has partnered with companies such as McDonald’s and KFC. Initially, McDonald’s had hundreds of meat suppliers. However, OSI Industries eventually became their primary meat supplier. Moreover, the company has received numerous awards and accolades. Recently, the company purchased a Tyson food plant in Chicago, Illinois. To expound further, the company purchased the food plant for $7.4 million dollars. In parallel, the company also purchased Baho Food. As a result, this expanded their operations in Europe.

Service From Dr. Jennifer Walden

In order to get the best service possible on a cosmetic surgery, a person would need to do business with nothing but the highest quality cosmetic surgeons around. Anyone who happens to live in the Austin, Texas area would do well to touch base with Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. wallet in is a high quality professional who offers a litany of cosmetic surgeries. Some examples of the cosmetic surgeries that she offers include facelifts, nose jobs and breast augmentations.

When looking into cosmetic surgery, a person needs to understand what kind of surgery they would most like to receive and why they should trust doctor wanted to provide it. By understanding the matters in this article, person will be in a great position to get the highest quality medical professional at their service for cosmetic surgery.

Things to know about getting a cosmetic surgery

First things first, prospective patients should be sure that they are able to afford their breast augmentation, nose job or other cosmetic surgery. For example, a breast augmentation might cost approximately $7000, while a facelift might cost $10,000. By really understanding what these surgeries cost, it will be much easier for a patient to get this proper service from a doctor that can handle this and to know more click here

Any interested patient needs to also make sure that they get the help of a cosmetic surgeon, by way of a consultation. This consultation will lay out everything to be expected and to put the patient’s mind at ease. There are a lot of reasons why Dr. Jennifer Walden is an excellent professional who is able to provide high quality cosmetic service. Dr. Walden received her degree from the University of Texas and is a cosmetic surgery professional who has advanced to the lead of her career field. She has years of experience in her field and will happily provide patients with everything that they need.

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Betsy DeVos work history

We exist in a time where women have succeeded in professions that were previously termed impossible, especially for women. Many women have since broken this myth and excelled in their endeavors. Betsy DeVos is such a woman. Betsy DeVos is a businesswoman who is known due to her positive influence in various aspects of life. Be it in politics, business and philanthropy work.

Before her success, Betsy DeVos started to pursue her career earlier in life while she was still a student. She was in Calvin’s College where she studied arts. After completing schools, she worked for different companies serving in various positions. At the workplace, Betsy DeVos maintained high work ethics, and she had a reputation for being aggressive in her pursuance of excellence. Read more about her philanthropy at

Betsy DeVos assisted on various national and local councils. These boards include;

  • The Art Prize
  • The American Enterprise Institute
  • The Foundation for Excellence in Education
  • The Devos Institute of Arts Management

As at now, she is the Secretary of Education for the USA. In this position, Betsy DeVos has campaigned for equality in education among children. Furthermore, she has implemented the charter school system and the school choice system. These systems offer alternative education programs to enable a fair and conducive environment for school going children. Also, the charter school system provides quality education to a child as compared to the public education system.


Betsy DeVos has participated in many philanthropic activities. She founded the Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She founded this organization with her husband, Dick Devos. The foundation is an organization that seeks to help people from her community improves their quality of life. Furthermore, this organization empowers people from her community in the following areas; justice, arts, education, and leadership. The arts prize which was found by her son recognizes excellence in arts from people from her community and all over the world.

Also, she financially helps artists from her community to be able to innovate and show their work to the world. She does this through her organization, the Devos Institute of Arts Management. This institute empowers artists by training, supporting and instilling a sense of leadership in them. Through this organization, many youths have been able to benefit and show their art to the world.

The Neurocore centers

The Neurocore centers are facilities that offer biofeedback therapy to people with disabilities, specifically deficit disorders and autism. Both Betsy and her husband Dick Devos are on the board of this organization. They have funded these centers to increase research on brain disorders and help people suffering from these diseases lead a quality life. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

White Shark Media: Boosting The Digital Image Of Their Clients

White Shark Media is known to be an expert in the field of digital marketing. The company was founded in 2010 and since then has offered their services to numerous different clients. The company is one of the top search engine optimization companies in the country and aims to help their customers reach their digital marketing goals through the numerous services that they provide. The company has worked with a significant number of clients coming from a variety of different sectors. They know exactly how to digitally optimize their clients who come to them so that they can reach their online goals.

With numerous different countries from all over the world opting to go down the digital marketing route, the competition to stand out gets even tougher. The internet has now become one big international marketplace, with brands from all over the world coming to sell their products to common audiences. White Shark Media provides their clients with services which would help them improve their overall image online, and which would assist them to expand their reach and grow their business. The company is one of the few in the entire country who have received a certification by Google as a leading digital marketing company who knows how to work around Google AdWords properly. For customers who want to optimize their online image with the help of Google AdWords, White Shark Media is the company to call. The company is also a certified partner of Bing Ads and offers their clients a bunch of services which would help them optimize their brand using the same.

White Shark Media is also known to be a brilliant firm when it comes to search engine optimization. SEOs are one of the main aspects of digital marketing that can make or break a brand. The importance of SEO’s is tremendous since customers will only opt to buy your products if they are able to find you through a simple search. By helping their clients be more optimized on a digital medium, White Shark Media has transformed numerous businesses, getting them more potential customers and expanding their markets.

ClassDojo Changes The Way Parents And Teachers Communicate


ClassDojo is an app that fosters the communication between parents and teachers, and encourages the students to get involved. It allows the teachers to keep the parents up to date on how the student is performing in social activities and academia by allowing them to select behaviors. These behavior are attached to points that the students earn when they are awarded with one of the behaviors. The students loves the point system because it makes learning into a game that they look forward to playing. The students are also able to customize their own avatar, which promotes their self expression through the use of the app.

ClassDojo has proven to be a great tool for the teachers to use in order to save time. The platform is very easy to use and all they have to do is select a behavior instead of recording checkmarks down on the board like they used to do it. Since the app is available for smartphones and tablets, it is great for use on the go and teachers can even use it when they are walking in the hallway. They are able to assign points and behaviors to individuals students or to groups, depending on how they are working that day. It is also a great way for parents to stay involved because they send out an email update on the student’s progress every week.

ClassDojo also an instant messaging option so that the teacher has easy access to the parent should they need to communicate about something urgent and important. The parent also has the ability to initiate contact with the teacher, so it goes both ways. The students love the Class Stories, which are a collection of pictures and videos recorded throughout the day. It encourages them to succeed and perform well.


Mikhail Blagosklonny Research On Preventing Aging

Early Life and Education

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncologist and a scientist famously known for his contribution in studying cancer and aging. In his field of professionalism, Mikhail is a proud holder of an M.D in Internal Medicine and a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology. Mikhail earned his degrees from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg in Russia.

Professional Contribution and Research

Rejuvenating Immunity is an article written by Mikhail where he tries to explain how the use of Rapamycin can prevent aging. Based on his argument, Mikhail explains that hyperfunction theory of aging is the continued growth that is primarily driven by signaling pathways such as Target of Rapamycin. Therefore, Mikhail believes that aging can be controlled by targeting this pathway. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

In the previous years, Rapamycin was only a basic antibiotic that was only used in controlling cancerous cells and preventing graft rejection in individuals who had undergone transplantation. However, in the current medicine world and thanks to advanced technology, Rapamycin use has evolved. For instance, Evirolimus, a class of Rapamycin has been found to improve immunity in aging individuals.

In preventing aging, Mikhail uses two different theories in explaining the use of Rapamycin. These models are Triumph of Mtor-Centric Model and Tor-Centric Model. In this article, Mikhail also addresses the issue of dying. Since Rapamycin is believed to prevent aging, many questions on whether people will die when they use Rapamycin have been raised. Mikhail explains that though Rapamycin delays the onset of age-related diseases such as cancer, the use of this drug does not make anyone immortal. Mikhail believes that in the future, the post-aging syndrome caused by the use of Rapamycin will be the causative agent of death.

Mikhail joined the New York Medicine College in the year 2002 as an associate professor of medicine and later acceded to the Ordway Research Institute in Albany as a senior scientist. In the year 2009, Mikhail joined the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a professor of oncology. It is from this cancer center that Mikhail has gained global recognition thanks to his research skills and medical contribution.

Mikhail works as an editor-in-chief of Oncotarget and Cell Cycle. Apart from this, he also doubles up as an associate editor of cancer biology and therapy, and he is also an editorial member of the Cell Death Differential board. As a scientist with a rich history in cancer medicine, Mikhail Blagosklonny proposed the use of Rapamycin to reduce aging. Rapamycin is an antibiotic used to treat cancer. By recommending its use in prolonging life, Mikhail attributes his research to signal transduction, tumor suppression, and ontogenesis. By promoting the use of Rapamycin, Mikhail believes that cancer can be cured and aging can be controlled. By bringing all of these into one place, Mikhail believes that it is possible to prevent aging if the right procedures as stipulated by his research are followed keenly and applied accordingly.

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Apart from conducting research, Mikhail is also an author with his main writing topics been aging hyperfunction theory. Apart from this, Mikhail also writes about chemotherapeutic engineering and cyclotheraphy. With over 300 research articles, reviews, and book chapters under his name, Mikhail is no doubt a force to reckon with when it comes to cancer research and oncology studies.

The Innovations of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, NantHealth, and Allscripts have partnered to instigate eviti, a support solution which gives clinical workflows in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. Girded with this application, the Clinical Pathways program will be enabled to inform the physician about the proper cancer treatment of each patient without interrupting their workflow. This hugely innovative solution was assembled with the help of the input of hundreds of oncologists.

After his mother died from cancer, Richard Stephenson opened the first Cancer Treatment Centers of America as a single cancer hospital in 1988 in Zion Illinois. In the years after that, there were four other hospitals opened. In January 2015, the CTCA Global was opened in Schaumburg, Illinois. It has since moved its headquarters to Boca Raton, Florida, where is continues to serve the five CTCA cancer hospitals. The move bolstered the struggling Boca Raton economy by providing it with 225 jobs and putting $6 million in its development in the city.

In recent years the organization has begun extending its reach to other parts of the world. There has been a fairly recent change in leadership. For the past few years the organization has been led by Gerard van Grinsven. He left in October 2015. In 2016 CTCA named Dr. Rajesh Garg as its replacing president and CEO. Garg has his law degree from Yale Law School and his B.A. in Genetics and Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. The leadership of the company of extremely optimistic about its future.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.