NuoDB Gives Clients an Edge

NuoDB is an SQL oriented transactional database management system meant for distributed cloud deployment. It is categorized as NewSQL that retains the old SQL traits but also brings in new features that support cloud-computing scale out processes. The communication of application programs with NuoDB though SQL statements is similar to the communication in the relational database. The database also includes ACID compliance, guaranteeing reliability in transactions.

NuoDB architecture diverges from the established relational approaches since it uses a three-tire structure that is the administrative, storage, and transactional tiers. The layered approach makes NuoDB operate without the need for close coupling application and disk data. This has always been an encumbrance in the cloud applications.

NuoDB works by dividing data elements into software objects called atoms. The inbuilt database design uses an in-memory cache to support cloud style elasticity while at the same time making sure that all data objects are safely stored and maintained. It also supports a multi-version concurrency control. That detects and resolves access conflicts after pointing out deadlocks. It uses object oriented and message oriented computing distribution methodology.

NuoDB is developed and marketed by NuoDB Inc., which was originally the NimbusDB in 2008. It was made available to the public in 2013.

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