Madison Street Capital Doing what it knows Best, Leading the Acquisition Process of RMG Networks by Sachs Capital Group

Madison Street Capital a world-renowned leading investment firm is the lead consultant for Sachs Capital Group in the acquisition of RMG Networks. Madison has decades of experience in mergers and acquisition including providing financial advisory services. Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Partners financed the purchase. RMG Company is a leading provider of digital signage services including media and software services. The firm has a host of high profile clients including the top 100 companies that were featured in the list of Fortune 100. The Madison Street Capital team of experts according to the firm’s CEO Charles Botchway was under the guidance Barry Petersen, a senior manager.

Sachs Capital Group CEO Mr. Gregory H. Sachs commented on the acquisition and said that the firm was delighted to have acquired RMG Networks. Sachs was also full of praises towards the Madison Street Capital team and commended them for providing guidance building relationships and making efforts in seeing that the acquisition process becomes a success.

The lead consultant from Madison Street Capital Mr. Barry Petersen was also excited to see the acquisition process become a success and in a statement said that the whole process was a great experience to him and his team. According to Petersen RMG Networks that recently incorporated new services such as cloud-based digital signage and Korbyt which is a communication platform is better placed for greater things for its owners.

Following the acquisition, the RMG shares were valued at 1.29 dollars per share. The shares will cease from trading at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

The acquired RMG Network is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has several office outlets in different parts of the world. The firm is focused on helping firms accelerate productivity by offering digital messaging services. RMG through the combination of hardware, software and business application services provides a central accountability point for data integration and visualization including real-time performance management.

Sachs Capital group, on the other hand, is a firm that is in the business of providing accomplished entrepreneurs with flexible managed capital. The firm’s philosophy is that of long-term capital appreciation.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a privately held for Profit firm that for over a decade boasts of providing business with exceptional wealth creation services. The company which is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois provides clients with private equity, mergers, and acquisitions including business valuation and advisory services. Besides, Madison Street Capital has over a decade worth of experience in venture capital services and corporate tax planning. The firm which was founded way back in 2005 has grown over the years to become a global investment company with offices across North America, Asia, and Africa. Madison Street Capital reputation in the investment sector is that of excellence and reliability.


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