Luscious Lime Crime

Lime Crime explodes onto the makeup scene like a water balloon on a hot summer’s day. Makeup for unicorns is right; the pigments that make up Lime Crime’s vibrant collection seize the viewer by the eye and don’t let go. Luscious and silky lipsticks in shades of avocado green and powerful plums create mouth watering smiles. Transform into an ethereal creature with one swipe of the potent eye shadows. Shatter hearts with some perfectly placed cat’s eye liner. Whoever you are, whatever you are, Lime Crime has come to transform you into the true magical beast that you have always been.

With colors like poly and fetish that can be seen on Pinterest, and the luxurious bae bouquet, the wearer can’t help but pique the interest of all that pass by. Are you a sweet and sultry pre-Madonna? Get your groove on with the Venus eye collection. Not your style? Never fear my dear, the grunge collection has you covered. No matter if you’re a sultry book worm or a midnight vampire (Or both!) Lime Crime can bring out the inner unicorn in you. Top off those bedroom eyes with some liquid eyeliner. You can go glam with a classic black, or shake things up with a lip-puckering lemon colored liner. These user friendly tubes make it a cinch to execute those flirty lines. You choose your fantasy with these show stopping shades.

Lime Crime has created a line of makeup from another realm. The hues call to arms the warrior women-those art lovers and trail blazers that set the standard for beauty in the world. This is for the bold women, the lovers of darkness and the embracers of light, but certainly not for the faint of heart. Lime Crime asks the wearer to release their inner unicorn in an expression of beauty and rebellion. Don’t be afraid, grab that unicorn by the horn and ride it into your vibrantly colored destiny. is the official website.

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