LocationSmart: A Company That Offers Beneficial IP Geolocation Services To Businesses

Geolocation is defined as the identification of the geographic location of an object. Devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and any other internet-connected device’s location can be geographically identified in the real-world using geolocation.

A company called, LocationSmart specializes in geolocation technology. Specifically, the company focuses on “enabling context-aware application development.” Founded in 1995, LocationSmart is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.

LocationSmart Helps Businesses Through IP Geolocation

In a recent article dated July 23rd of 2019, LocationSmart gives readers “5 ways to help businesses using IP geolocation.” The article begins by essentially telling business owners that if you haven’t used this type of technology for your business yet, its best to start now to take advantage of all the benefits this technology has to offer.

Additionally, the article states that by doing so, business owners can effectively make improvements in communicating with customers while “supporting business activities.” The article then explains the inner workings behind geolocation.

It talks about IP addresses and the role it plays in identifying a user or an internet-connected object. It then talks about IP geolocation and its functionality. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Capterra

Next, the article begins telling readers the five beneficial uses of IP geolocation for business owners. The article first talks about regulations. Specifically, businesses that are in heavily regulated industries can benefit from using IP geolocation.

“Online betting” is an example of a type of business that IP geolocation pertains to. In this example, this particular industry is heavily regulated due to regulations on a state and local level that businesses of this nature are required to comply with.

A user’s geographical location is a required piece of information to avoid being out of compliance. IP geolocation can benefit business owners by preventing “legal consequences” from occurring by identifying a user’s geographic location using IP geolocation.

The next topic covers “online fraud.” Many times we have read or seen on the news that online fraud runs rampant in today’s technology-based society. For obvious reasons, we are forced to create layers of security to protect us from these types of crimes. The article then gives an example that may already sound familiar to many readers.

The use of IP geolocation can identify if the true user of an account typically accesses their account in a certain location. In this example, the article talks about the use of this type of “IP intelligence” to create steps in identifying a true account holder through an authentication process.

Using this data or intelligence will benefit both businesses and their customers in differentiating between fraudulent activity and true account holder access.


As mentioned, LocationSmart was founded in 1995. Mario Proietti and Masoud Motamedi are Co-Founders of the company. Mario Proietti currently serves as LocationSmart’s Chief Executive Officer. Masoud Motamedi currently serves as the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

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