Leader Sharon Prince and the team at Grace Farms


An article from author and speaker Doug Sandler recaps what Grace Farms is all about and its creator/founder in Sharon Prince and the team. Sharon Prince is an entrepreneur and the founder of public space Grace Farms. Prince understands having a good team holds extreme value as one person cannot uplift a community or project alone.


Grace Farms is an 80-acre space located in Connecticut that was built to honor a sense of community and get others to communicate and talk about important modern-day issues seen today in human trafficking, child exploitation, and the outdoors. Click Here for more information.


Grace Farms is also seen as a way for people to escape and be one with nature. Discussions from knowledgeable individuals can be seen on the premises, and people can go on tours to see birds or other creatures that roam the grounds. The entrepreneur already believes that Grace Farms has made a positive impact in the community with discussions on these issues and in being a part of new policies to protect hotel workers.


Sharon Prince believes that leaders must have many different qualities and make a difference. Some of these qualities include having a passion, a sense of purpose, and be able to hire the right kind of people for the job.


Sharon Prince is passionate around topics such as human trafficking, violence against women, and child exploitation. The entrepreneur has participated in discussions on these topics before and was the president of a clothing company named 66North.


Some of the other members on her team are Krishna Patel as the Justice Initiative Director, Rod Khattabi as the Director of Law Enforcement, J. Mark Fowler as the Nature Initiative Director, Karen Kariuki as the Community Initiative Director, Matthew Croasmun as the Director of Faith Initiative, and Pamela Ruggio as the Arts Initiative Curator. As can be seen, not one person makes Grace Farms as all these individuals are a part of the foundation.


View source: http://www.dougsandler.com/news/2019/6/18/grace-farms-sharon-prince-sets-out-to-accomplish-the-impossible-meet-the-visionary-and-her-leadership-team

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