Fabletics is an online retailer which mainly focuses on women’s sports clothing line, accessories, etc., popularly known as athleisure. In the time when Amazon reigns the market of online retailing and e-commerce, Kate Hudson’S Fabletics has been continually growing in the recent years and has astoundingly reached a $250 million business within just three years. Fabletics celebrates the active sportswear of women. In the olden times, brands along with price and good quality were given great importance. However, with the online e-commerce, nowadays customer satisfaction, brand recognition, exclusive design are become increasingly crucial for the determination of popularity amongst the customers.

Following the footsteps of Apple, Warby Parker, Fabletics is also opening new outlets in addition to the already existing sixteen in places like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida and California. Greg Thogmartin, General Manager of Fabletics, believes that the increasing popularity of Fabletics can be contributed to the value that they give to customer relationships. Instead of focusing only on propelling the brand name, Fabletics believes in knowing their customers thoroughly so that they know what to offer them the best.

Fabletics has taken some very creative steps in setting up their physical outlets. These innovative steps have highly gained them a massive popularity amongst the customers. The following are their three creative strategies:

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1. Reverse Showroom Idea:

Most of the brands’ showrooms have now just become dummies where people come to shop but end up buying the same item cheaper online. However, Fabletics has taken steps to reverse this process. They have their outlet as a means of building up firmer relationships with their clients. They are using their showrooms to get to know the local market well through various exciting events and schemes. Most of the 30 to 50% people that come to visit Fabletics’ showroom are already their members and 25% become the members in the store itself. When a customer chooses any item in the store, that item is added automatically to the online shopping cart also.

2. Online Data:

Fabletics relies on a vast pool of data collected from its members to determine the type of clothing which should be displayed in the physical stores. Combining the choices of the customers with a touch of global trend and taste does magic in sparking the interests of the customers.

3. Focus on accessibility, culture and people:

As Fabletics is growing in various countries across the world, the major mantra has been to keep a balance of lifestyle, consumer education and consumer experience. With this, Fabletics has been able to emerge as a company which is aware of the customer needs and data aware. Like Fabletics many other companies are also relying on exclusive products, technology, data science, ROI based media and creative to compete successfully with Amazon.

Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics, is an iconic Golden Globe winner American actress who has a great knack of inspiring women. Being a mother of two herself, Kat is headstrong in inspiring women to lead an active and a healthy life. This inspired her to start Fabletics which has top women sportswear picks specially crafted for health conscious women. Every month, Kate shares her favorite outfits with the women worldwide.

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