Jed McCaleb Believes Blockchain Technology Is The Next Big Thing

Cryptocurrency has quickly become a trend all over the world since taking the markets by the storm a few years back and Jed McCaleb believes that a bigger change will be coming to the markets at large with the release of his company’s technology. As a major player in the crypto markets, Jed McCaleb has been on board with most of the major moves in the market since crypto first made an appearance.

Today, Jed is the CTO for Stellar, a company that is working to release a new cryptocurrency network that will work internationally. Jed did an interview recently with CNBC and discussed what his technology will do and how it will take the market by storm in the next several years. Stellar aims to solve the current problems cryptocurrency has when it comes to different currencies and it will be able to handle transactions in seconds, so the company says.

In less than five years, the market has risen billions of dollars and there are many untapped markets out there right now that can be utilized in the financial systems. According to Jed, cryptocurrency is the future of financial platforms and it is here now. Stocks and the like will most likely follow suit sometime down the road as the technology continues to develop.

Coin Telegraph said that there are many up and coming companies out there focused on bitcoin and cryptocurrency that are working on ways to make the platform more accessible and safe for the digital markets around the world. Stellar’s own XLM coins labeled as lumens managed to become one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the entire market at the beginning of this year, though they have sold their stakes in that market since that time.

Given his assortment of roles in cryptocurrency corporations and his years of executive experience, Jed McCaleb certainly might be on to something with the idea that blockchain technology will take over the future of finances and assets.


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