JD.com Offers 5G Networks to Other Companies to Boost IoT


JD.com, also known as Jingdong is a name synonymous with advancing technology. Jingdong has been at the forefront of more than enough examples of innovation. Jingdong is a pioneer in the field of commercial drone delivery, it utilized blockchains before they got big, and it uses robotics for automated deliveries as well as its warehouses. So it is no surprise that Jingdong would be right at the front lines of 5G backed IIoT.


The “Industrial Internet of Things” is the business version of the Internet of Things. Both circle around the same concept. Smart devices with internet connection communicating with each other. IIoT serves to optimize logistics and enhance overall performance. It is also very useful in the field of marketing. Data is circulated throughout the company to provide real time solutions to a variety of issues.


Jingdong uses IIoT to track assets, look into inventory, monitor consumer data, manage operations, and a wide majority of other purposes. Up until now IIoT has required human involvement to fully function. 5G cell networks look to change all that. The amount of speed 5G can produce could eliminate the need for human input altogether. View More Information Here.


The possibility such an event would create is far too big for one company. At least that is what JD.com thinks. As it has done with other retail-as-a-service (RaaS) concepts, Jingdong is now offering its 5G network to other outside companies. The move is not just philanthropic but also one of interest. JD.com is curious as to what extend such technology can go. By offering 5G capability to other companies it allows the full range of possibilities to be experienced.


The optimization 5G can provide is something Jingdong has already witnessed. Over 90% of their deliveries are same- to next-day. This is impressive but 5G can take it further. Instead of logistics being able to track a package from the warehouse to its destination a company would be able to track it every second it is in transition. It can also reduce costs, optimize transport to save fuel, and produce even better C2M than it already enjoyed. This is why JD.com wants to offer it to everyone, because the benefits are universal.


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