Jason Hope Believes SENS Foundation Is Doing Some Of The Most Important Work In The World Today:

A fact that gets frequently ignored by everyone to the medical community to the human poplation at large is the fact that aging is the number one common health concern faced by all humans. Humans have always had the attitude that aging is inevitable and completely unavoidable. It is just a natural process of life and everyone will experience it no matter how well they take care of themselves. As people age, there are a number of health conditions and diseases that become more common. The result is often a dramatically reduced quality of life for the afflicted person. These conditions include osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer and high blood pressure. There have been a few advancements in treating these diseases but most of the work on this still exists in the realm of treating symptoms rather than eliminating the conditions.

Scottsdale Arizona’s Jason Hope is a philanthropist who has actively sought to donate to oranizations that work in the area of anti-aging. He is putting his primary focus on the groundbreaking organization SENS. Jason Hope has supported SENS for many years, starting with a $500 thousand donation back in 2010. The organization strives to develop technology that can counteract aging. The goal is for this technology to be available to the general public.

SENS is dedicated to developing biotechnology in the pursuit of improving the human conditon. The company studies living organisms and organic systems. The organization was founded by Aubrey de Grey in 2009. SENS strives to educate the public on the issues of aging along with its well documented research programs focussing on combating aging. The outline that the SENS Foundation has presented regarding its mission is that it aims to “transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease.” SENS has a research heavy approach to its operations but also puts a lot of time into outreach with influencial public figures such as politicians.

Jason Hope supports the nonprofit group SENS because he believes the foundation is doing something that traditional medicine is not. That thing he speaks of is, trying to eliminate the conditions related to aging, rather than use the traditional approach of treating the symptoms and seeing aging as something that is unstoppable. Jason Hope wants to be someone that makes a difference in this important research and he wants to encourage others to follow their hearts in charitible pursuits. Find something you can get behind and support it.

Contact Jason Hope: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation


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