It All Begins in the Mind-The Ascension of Jacob Gottlieb

Have you envisioned being great? Do you dream big? If so, has any of your dreams come to pass? In reality, many people dream big but only a few of them work towards achieving their dreams. Jacob Gottlieb, for example, is a man who has everything that is legally binding to reach his present status.

Mr. Gottlieb, just like many people, traces his background to a humble upbringing. Jacob, the son of two immigrants from Poland, got born in the United States and New York City has been Gottlieb’s home ever since. Gottlieb, just like his parents who ended up becoming respectable people in society has made a living out of medicine and economics, empowering lives in his wake.

So remarkable has Jacob’s performance been in the corporate scene that he will get remembered for being the brains behind Visium Asset Management and Balyasny Asset Management. To say the least, not many children from immigrant families make it in life like Jacob has done.

Jacob, from the get-go, has trained to be a doctor but his calling has always been to be a financial analyst. In short, Jacob Gottlieb has become great for following his dreams. Gottlieb, an alumnus of the New York Medical School gets known to have taken his internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Mr. Gottlieb might have quit on his medical pursuits but it is the many principles learned at school that have edified his career.

Are you aware that Jacob picked stocks as a youth? So phenomenal was Gottlieb in the trade that he even won an unusual contest by picking the right stocks. Believe me, Gottlieb would never have found his way to Buyside Research, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., and the Merlin Biomed Group had he failed in proving his worth as a trader.

You are wrong to think Jacob Gottlieb is always a corporate junkie. It is true Jacob has done some superb things in the business world but it is also true that Gottlieb has excelled out of the corporate scene.

For instance, Gottlieb has been a staunch supporter of the Robin Hood program for the longest time now, joining hands with several like-minded individuals to support the poor living in New York City. In truth, Gottlieb has been a blessing in disguise to most of the communities living in Brooklyn, New York, enough reason for him to get revered in this part of the country.


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