Investing in the Future with Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is a company specialising in investment advice. Their affiliate in Korea recently was able to work with an equity fund which focuses on healthcare. The fund has 147 million dollars in capital. Highland Capital Management’s investors with NPS Korea are interested in more than just returns. They are also concentrating on the different opportunities this could open up in Korea and China as well as the US.

Highland has more two decades of experience, and they are one of the largest companies within this industry. The two founding fathers created their first joint business conquest in Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The company slowly took off and was able to grow from there. And in the 2000s Highland Capital Management was born as people know it today.

Expanding their market reach to Asia is a risk the company is willing to take to continue growing. A business without growth becomes stagnant. That causes the existing clients to migrate to other, more competitive businesses slowly. Building the business also allows the company to maintain high standards and create new business relationships. The executives and experts working for the company bring unique solutions of different investment related problems to the table.

Highland Capital Management created a good reputation for the company and its services. Every employee is motivated, skilled and cares about the clients. This attitude comes right from the top and allows Highland to finish each fiscal year on a positive note.

They have extensive knowledge in healthcare sector which makes them the perfect partner for investors in the field. Looking into new opportunities in North America, and Asia will expand the company’s reach.

People are more interested in acquiring health care, and that creates a more complicated demand base in the sector. Investors noticed this trend and expressed their interest.

Highland Capital Management works with several niches within the investment market. They offer their clients solutions in areas such as credit hedge funds, long-only funds and individual situation private equity and collateralised loan obligations. They also provide different alternative investments, including emerging markets, long or short equities and natural resources. All of these are of interest to investors across the board.

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