How Stratford Shields Helped The University Of Ohio

Stratford Shields has been an executive in the municipal finance sector for over 20 years. He lives in Chicago and is one of the managing directors at Loop Capital Markets. He is in the Public Finance Investment Banking division with the responsibility of working with major clients across the Northeast and Midwest. He was once at the Ohio Office of Management and Budget where he was the deputy director and he was also once the president of the State Controlling Board.

He spent five years working for Morgan Stanley as their head of public finance. Stratford Shields led a turnaround effort at this company that resulted in their managed negotiated rankings to go from 10th to a consistent 4th. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history at Ohio State University. He also earned an MBA at Columbia University.

He says that in order to best help his clients he reads a lot of news in order to keep up with current events. Stratford Shields says he also reads the news to satisfy his own curiosity about what is going on in the world. He says that by reading multiple news sources he gets different sides of the news and is more productive and creative in his work.

Stratford Shields once worked on a project with the chief financial officer of Ohio State University. This university needed him to come up with some privatization ideas. The goal was to streamline operations at this university and to fund its endowment. Stratford Shields came up with the idea of privatizing their parking system. In 2012, Ohio State University started a 50-year concession with LAZ/QIC to privatize their parking system. The university received an upfront payment of $483 million. This money was used for several purposes and funded the university’s endowment which advanced student scholarships and research.

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