How iFunding Operates To Make Big Time Investments In The Real Estate Market

The American real estate market had widely been dominated by billionaire investors and billion dollar firms. This market only allowed investments from investors who had enormous financial capability. William Skelley is an investor and business person who has been in the business sector for a very long time. He has worked in different sectors in the business markets, and he has been able to gain a lot of experience and expertise. William Skelley is the founder and owner of iFunding. He states that from his time in the business markets he saw the need of opening up more investment opportunities. He added that he wanted this investment opportunities to be directed to investors who had the potential but lacked the ability to invest individually. William admits in an interview that from this vision his iFunding firm was formed.

As a real estate financing and equities expert, William Skelley based the operations of his iFunding firm in the real estate market. In 2012, he developed an investment model known as crowd funding. Skelley says that his crowdfunding investment model allowed low and middle class accredited investors to invest in high potential projects. He adds that he identified the real estate market to be the best sector that his crowdfunding investment model would work optimally. His iFunding investment firm practices the crowd funding ideology. This firm allows accredited investors across all levels of the economy to put together their small capital contributions and create a viable amount of capital for investment. The capital collected is used to make huge investments in the real estate industry whereby every investor would be able to benefit from their small investments. iFunding offers investors with as low as $5000 an opportunity to invest.

William Skelley, the iFunding founder, says on Twitter that so far his firm and its investment model has recorded unmatched success in the market. To begin with the investment model has been embraced by numerous investors in the market who were looking for a lucrative investment opportunity. William Skelley says that since his crowd funding platform is aimed at the larger investment market; his firm has been able to raise a lot of capital that has enabled it to undertake various real estate projects. iFunding also chips in the capital on top of what its investors have given to increase the viability of their investments. This real estate financing firm also offer equities to real estate developers undertaking their independent projects. iFunding founder William Skelley said that his firm would continue opening up more investment opportunities in the market, as well as an app for smart phones.

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