How Children With Facial Deformities Will Benefit From Avi Weisfogel’s Campaign

Clef palates and cleft lips are the most common type of facial deformities among people of all ages. As much as many people turn a blind eye on this condition, corrective surgeries are important in ensuring that the faces of those suffering from this condition are restored. When the procedure is done on children, it goes a long way in enhancing their self-confidence because they won’t different from others.

Renowned dentist and sleep specialist, Avi Weisfogel recently inaugurated a noble initiative, which will be in the form of a Go Fund Me campaign. This plausible cause aims at raising a minimum of 2,000 dollars to go towards supporting Operation Smile, a non-governmental organization with global set-ups. Operation Smile organizes free surgical clinics all over the world to correct facial distortions amongst children and young adults. Weisfogel believes that the organization is the epitome of what he stands for; that every child deserves special medical care so that they can grow into happy and healthy adults.

Mr. Weisfogel is also supporting the NGO because it is dedicated to causes that are close to his heart by virtue of his medical profession. This makes it the sole beneficiary of his campaign owing to the fact that it has consistently strove to help children with these physical conditions. Operation Smile has built extensive networks in its 33 years of existence. This has been made possible through the formation of partnerships with medical experts, health facilities, governments and local communities. Such unions have enabled it to source for volunteers whenever it has had to conduct operations. They also become of essence whenever the NGO wants to train local health professionals.

He is the proprietor of Dental Sleep Masters, a facility devoted to the treatment of sleep-related disorders. The facility is one of the most renowned medical facilities in New Jersey. This is attributed to its unique approach to the varying needs of its clients. Weisfogel is dentist by profession and has practiced in the field for more than 15 years. In the past, he founded Healthy Heart Sleep, a consultancy firm that worked with therapists from all over the world. It offered advice about the creation and organization of effective sleep labs.

Outside his professional undertakings, Avi is a passionate hockey fan. He supports the New York Rangers, which plays in the National Hockey League. Besides this, he is an adherent rock and classical music fan and cites Pink as his favorite rocker.

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