Helane Morrison’s Great Skills Changing the Entire Financial Sector

The 2007-2008 economic crash has been the worst economic crisis to hit the Americas economy since the 1930s great depression. Though it sent the economy to a halt, a lot of evils that had been going on in the financial sector were exposed. Unethical behavior that ran from fraud, secret deals, destroyed documents, false audit reports and falsified records were a testimony to the massive corruption that had been unchecked for quite long.

And the results- homes were foreclosed, stock markets collapsed, unemployment reached the highest levels ever, and the citizens suffered. Faith in banks and corporations, in general, was lost. People now realized that the institutions they greatly trusted were gullible too. The shake in the economy was felt worldwide.
It is now close to ten years, and trust in the financial sector is yet to be regained. In a recent poll by done Wall Street Journal/NBC, 72% of the citizens do not believe that the economy is back on the right track. And with elections nearing the situation is expected to get worse as there is a direct correlation between the presidential race and the stock market performance.
Someone of high ethical integrity is required to be able to regain and maintain sanity in this sector. The kind of a person, who can keep their integrity, and the integrity of the people around them. Helane Morrison has proved to be this person. She is certainly going to turn around the reputation of a sector that has been ruined for a very long time.
All along in Helane’s career from journalism to government service, she has been working towards protecting the vulnerable from corruption. For more than thirty years, Helane has been the most important player in the financial industry employing her determination and influence to change the sector to the best.

Due to her exemplary performance, the government invited her to serve in the US Securities and Exchange office in San Francisco as the head of enforcement. Here she was given the power to protect both individuals and corporation against fraud. Applying her law and journalism skills, Helane Morrison represents clients in legal, business and financial matters. She has collaborated with the government agencies and the media to ensure that all transactions are done legally.
Morrison has also been working towards making sure that the ratio of women to men leaders in the financial sector is equal. In this move, she joined Hall capital, the only financial company led by women. She says that the ethical culture of the company attracted her. The company also encourages the culture of work/life balance. Morrison also serves on the boards some of the notable organizations.

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