Gustavo Martinez is a Legend in the Marketing Industy

Gustavo Martinez is definitely someone who knows about advertising and marketing. He has been part of the most notable firms in the industry. He has worked on some of the most well-known ads and led some of the most powerful teams. He was the Chief Executive Officer of J Walter Thompson Worldwide. He was also served as the President of McCann Worldgroup.

Now, he is working with some of the top companies as a consultant. It is something that he has enjoyed doing. In fact, he was doing some consulting before joining those companies. He believes one of the best things that he can bring to any company is his level of creativity. He thinks this is one of the things that will separate one company from another. He also believes companies should hire people who are creatives. This will bring a new spark to the company and help people to come up with new ideas for the growth of the company.

Gustavo Matinez thinks people are the piece that truly makes a company. Taking time to find the right people for certain projects will be highly beneficial to the company. He helps the businesses he works with to streamline their operations, so they will not waste any time and be able to do things efficiently. Martinez enjoys working with start-ups because he knows his consulting firm can help them to be as productive as possible from the start of the company. This will help them to save time and money. He helps them to have a better overall success rate. Gustavo Martinez enjoys what he does so much that he is a bit of a workaholic. He works from the start of the day until the very end. Sometimes he works at least twelve hours per day. When he is focused on something, he truly puts his all into it. He works with teams that have a wide scope of things. Doing this gives him a way to look at things differently. He thinks all businesses should have some form of consulting to ensure they are making the best choices.


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