Google Becoming a Wireless Carrier


 As smartphones and tablets continue to win users with sleek interfaces and great apps, the mobile tech world is exploding. Anyone that thought the airwaves were already crowded with wireless carriers and cell phone providers probably should get ready for another big time name jumping into the mix.

However, the company responsible for Android and a whole lot of internet searches is doing things a bit different this time around. Apparently, Google will lease space on T-Mobile and Sprint networks instead of trying to build its own network.

While only the select few inside the major technology company know exactly what is going on, it seems that other carriers should be a little nervous. The project itself still has to release details, and all that is known for sure is that the data and networks are going to be leased. Since speculation is bound to run rampant, the company will likely release some sort of statement before too long. Without a doubt consumers , like Fersen Lambranho and myself, will be listening intently to see if there is a chance their wireless bill could shrink.

One thought on “Google Becoming a Wireless Carrier

  1. Since Google tends to try to beat competitors on price, the lease factor is an interesting one because of the associated overhead. According to The Verge, Google is getting ready to offer up a wireless service of its own. That might so natural for bidforpapers to be able to understand the flow of what others do not know about which might not be that easy.

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