First Motorcycle Based GPS

For many motor vehicle owners, a GPS is an integral part of their car, that they simply cannot live without. Motorcycle owners on the other hand, have understandably, not been able to utilize a GPS device due to the evident dangers that it poses to both the rider and other vehicles.

A Russian start-up business by the name of LiveMap, aims to change this, with their development of an Android operating system based, motorcycle helmet that has built in GPS, heads up display and voice control capabilities.

 Jared Haftel even says the helmet itself weighing in at approximately 2.2 pounds and was constructed out of carbon fiber, which is lighter, yet stronger than steel. Within the structural properties of the helmet, there lies a light sensor, battery, micro-display, microphone and an earphone as well. With these specs, the rider can ask for directions or navigate through the system menu via voice command.

The company also proclaimed that even though the device is based off the Android operating system, the user will only be able to utilize the GPS functions of the device and as such, will not be able to play games or watch videos.

Besides the fact that the device can be used as an effective motorcycle based GPS, it can give the rider other useful information such as their speed, weather conditions, temperature and ongoing traffic situations as well.

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