Encouraging Community Buy-in for Schools

Any teacher could tell you that children perform better in scholastic settings when they have parents, family and community supporting them in their educational efforts. ClassDojo offers a communications platform which facilitates that involvement. According to studies, family support is actually more important that the student’s socio-economic background. ClassDojo’s free app (iOS or Android) offers a teacher-moderated social network that allows parents and teachers to stay in contact, while students are rewarded for working hard at school with the ability to send pictures and videos to parents, or share classwork from their individual student portfolios. Children, especially younger children, thrive on the positive reinforcement of attention from parents and guardians.  More related articles on angel.co.

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Knowing that someone is caring about their education pushes students to attend regularly, helps them excel, and provides the emotional validation to engage in continuing their educations. Invested parents, one might say, are the emotional training wheels of a child’s education; without which they tend to wobble. ClassDojo helps educators initiate community buy-in that nurtures a positive learning environment. Partnering with parents, teachers and students, the educational tool empowers authentic connections for scholastic communities in the public, private and charter schools of 180 international countries. In the United States ClassDojo can be found in two out of every three schools. By reaching out to involve home and family in the student’s education, teachers and parents cooperate in building the student’s desire for learning and allow them to feel they are meeting expectations and excelling at school.  visit the App’s instagram.com page.

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