Electric Car Owners Can’t Get a Break

Everyone knows electric car owners switch from fossil fuel cars for pretty much the same reasons:

Electric cars harm the environment less than gas-guzzling vehicles. They save drivers high fuel costs. They allow drivers to have more money to spend on other areas of their lives.

What many electric car owners don’t realize is that their choice prevents their states from getting all of the revenues made from fuel taxes.

This morning, Thursday, May 21, several news outlets covered a recent story about how leaders in Oregon are approaching this problem. They have decided to test a volunteer program in which drivers agree to allow the state to track their mileage and then charge them 1.5 cents per mile. Officials believe this is the only way to make up the money they typically acquire from fuel taxes that they use to repair roads and bridges.

Yet, many electric car owners like Ivan Ong have already spoken out against the program arguing that the state could recoup the lost funds in other ways, such as adding the tax at re-charging stations.

Why are some drivers upset?

First, there is the question of privacy. Many drivers do not want the state tracking their vehicles. Secondly, a lot of drivers are concerned that the state is forcing them to change their driving habits. Lastly, they argue that they are still putting the money back into the economy in new ways.

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