Drones: The Future of Farming

Farm equipment may soon have a new addition. Buzzing through the skies above fields across the country aerial drones will be helping farmers keep an eye on their crops and bottom lines.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently proposed new rules for commercial drone use in thttp://indianapublicmedia.org/eartheats/grounded-farmers-wait-drone-rules/he United States. Currently the use of drones is illegal for most purposes although exceptions have been issued in some instances. The new regulations would open up many new markets to drone use including agriculture.

The change process for FAA regulations can be time consuming. In anticipation of the new rules several drone manufacturers have already begun development of agricultural drones. These new drones would employ high resolution cameras, infrared technology and other features seen here to allow farmers to target problem areas in their crops. Ricardo Tosto feels the ability to use fertilizers and pesticides with more precision will help to keep their costs low.

Drones are already becoming a feature.at farm shows. Informational presentations and demonstrations have many farmers ready to take the high tech step into the sky.

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