Dr. Jennifer Walden Gets Glowing Online Reviews from Satisfied Patients

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Texas and New York plastic surgeon with many years of experience. Her reviews on the internet are glowing in their praise of the work she has performed on people. Here is a sampling of some of them.

The Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews include one from August 24, 2016, that stated their experience was remarkable from beginning to end. This review was from a woman who needed a highly complex breast revision. A previous plastic surgeon she had seen did a terrible job. She said that her breasts are now “amaaaaazing”. She called Dr. Walden a perfectionist as a compliment on how exacting she was in detail.


Another review states that they went to Dr. Walden to get a rhinoplasty (aka nose job) done. She called it absolutely beautiful work that left her very happy with her appearance. A review on July 26, 2019, stated that they had recently started going to Dr. Walden’s clinic to get facials. She called out Lola, who they said did a great job reducing the size of her pores on her nose and cheeks. She got a gold mask that she 100% recommends.

A review left on Yelp stated that it had been six months since her operation. She called Dr. Walden an artist who did amazing work. Her body is now perfectly proportioned which was a dream of hers. She said that all of the nurses she came in contact with were incredibly sweet and caring. The experience was better than she thought possible.

Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are also on Google reviews. One left on June 21, 2019, saying that everything was perfect and that five stars out of five weren’t sufficient to convey her experience. She felt right at home from the very first time Dr. Walden consulted with her. The drive to the clinic took five hours, which she feels was time well spent. She recommends that people never go cheap when it comes to plastic surgery because you get what you pay for.


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