David McDonald OSI Group: Recap Provisioner Online Q&A

David McDonald is the President and COO of OSI Group, which is a global food-processing firm. And in September of 2012, OSI celebrated twenty years of doing business in China. OSI Group opened its first food business operation in 1992 in Bejing. OSI Group had served the American McDonald’s chain with their meat for many decades. Since then, David McDonald has watched OSI grow along with China’s economy and the McDonald’s chain over the years. And in 2008, OSI China, a subsidiary of OSI Group, supplied over 100 tons of food products like chicken, pork, beef, eggs and more. OSI China had zero complaints as a supplier, which was positive for McDonald’s and other stakeholders like the Beijing Olympic Committee.

OSI China is a reputable supplier who has brokered deals with other brands like Papa John’s, Starbucks, Yum, Burger King, Saizeriya and also Subway. Yet, before the company became a global juggernaut when it comes to food processing, they were once a small, family-owned butcher shop called in Illinois called Otto & Sons. And OSI Group has been able to succeed thanks to the senior management of COO David McDonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin. Moreover, the international food processing company has won many impressive awards and plenty of kudos for their achievements over the years. And as the acting COO, David McDonald has worked hard to improve the firm’s market share.

They have been able to reach many key goals by planning the best ways to expand their markets in Europe, India and especially China. By having a strong relationship with the famous burger chain, Mcdonalds, going back to the ’70s, OSI has ridden the tide of success into many countries with McDonald’s hamburger chain. And executives like David McDonald have helped make OSI Group even stronger, with their 20,000-plus workforce. David McDonald got his start with OSI Group as a project manager and worked his way up to the executive level. McDonald earned a B.S. in Animal Science in 1987. David McDonald attended the University of Iowa to earn his bachelor’s degree. He also sits on the board of food-related organizations as well.

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