Dan-Bethelmy Rada Speaks on the Challenges of Developing All Natural Hair Care Products

Demand for environmentally friendly products is on the rise. Increasingly companies are responding to the demand including hair care companies. Recently, Dan Bethelmy-Rada Matrix/Biolage’s Global Brand President talked about his company’s line of all natural products for hair called R.A.W. R.A.W. was developed under guidelines established by L’Oréal as part of their Sharing Beauty With All program. Rada explained that from the ingredients to production to the packaging R.A.W. represents a 100% commitment to protecting the environment.

Dan-Bethelmy Rada states that all natural components like Moroccan volcanic clay, Bolivian quinoa husk, and Bulgarian coriander have replaced parabens, silicone, and sulfates. He added that all of the R.A.W. ingredients are combined using green chemistry. Raw product packaging is 98% biodegradable.

Satisfying L’Oréal’s standards and meeting their deadline for developing the R.A.W product line proved extremely challenging. Research and development take time and cost money. Testing is especially expensive. The cost of testing figures into the price of the finished product. The trick for Rada and his team was to conduct the needed tests while keeping the selling price as low as possible. As an example of the difficulties, his team had to contend with Dan-Bethelmy Rada sited having to move back the launch of the R.A.W product line until the right all natural clay could be found.

After bringing R.A.W to market the next challenge was to bring consumers and hair care professionals around to the R.A.W way of thinking. The #LiveRaw digital campaign was launched to spread the word about sustainable living. On Instagram, the Our “@Biolage” page contains videos that discuss how to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. A program teaching hair stylist sustainable practices like water and energy conservation has reached 700 salons.

As of this writing, the R.A.W line has been on the market in the US for several weeks. Dan-Bethelmy Rada reports that the reviews have been “…90% positive“. The positive reception the line has received reflects consumer praise not only for the concept behind the R.A.W hair care products but their quality as well. R.A.W was recently released to European markets.

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