Cyrus Moghadam On A Mission

Cyrus Moghadam studied at Stanford University. His experience with the school dates back from 2014 to the present date. Read more about Cyrus Moghadam at Medium.

Before his years at Stanford, Cyrus attended Deerfield Academy from 2010 to 2013 where he was involved with extracurricular activities. He was part of the Varsity Men’s Rowing, Varsity Football, and Varsity Wrestling sports. During those times, he even did some volunteer work in 2012 for the Amigos de Las Américas. Visit MCLA to know more about Cyrus.

For three months Cyrus volunteered in the rural Dominican Republic with the Amigos de Las Americas to help with disaster and humanitarian relief. The process involved identifying the local need for construction of the new aqueduct. This subsequently came from the use of independent funds that were raised to supervise the construction of the new aqueducts. This helped supply reliable water to over 300 members of the community. In 2014 Cyrus Moghadam attended Stanford University in California Area. He also studied abroad at Brasenose College, Oxford in 2016. Cyrus received a Bachelor’s degree in History from Stanford University from 2014-2018.



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