Classdojo Launches A Convenient Way Of Inspiring Learning And Sharing.

Extraordinary things happen in classrooms, geniuses are born, and other things happen, the only problem is, parents rarely get a glimpse of this classroom environment. ClassDojo, which started in 2011 as an education technology company, recently launched its app that will make parents, teachers, and students share the classroom environment.

It takes a community to educate a child; ClassDojo understands this concept very well. With their app, teachers can upload photos, videos, and audios of classroom activities. Parents can access the same content from their end. It is a very simple-to-use communication platform.

Liam Don and Sam Choudhury launched the Series B round of funding to supplement further development of the project, with reference from They raised $21 million to bring their total funding to $31 million. Expansion of services, marketing, and the addition of features and capabilities areas will get a significant boost in the financing.

Investors involved at this stage include General Catalyst and SignalFire. Monetization of the app is at an infant stage. The current priority is the distribution of the App to more stakeholders to make the app a must-have among teachers, schools, and parents. Over 85, 000 schools are using the app. This translates to about two in three schools in America. The company has 25 employees drawn from the education sector.

Considering that the company is yet to make any revenues, ClassDojo’s growth and positioning must be an attractive proposition. For it to raise $21 Million in one round of funding in a crazy tech crowdfunding frenzy is a testament to the faith investors have in this edtech startup. Silicon Valley venture capitalists will follow this app development and growth keenly.

The founders believe that as more people use the product, monetization will come later. Though the app is gaining grounds overseas, a more aggressive marketing approach can enable the product to grow beyond the US, visit the App’s page. Such growth will make the product more competitive compared to its competitors Nearpod and Remind.

Adding more features will enhance privacy and improve the overall user experience. One must not forget that the app’s sole purpose is to create a learning community where all stakeholders can monitor the learning progress. While a parent can access videos, photos, and audios of class work, projects, and other classroom activities today, the future will be more progressive.

Parents will be able to buy class materials, engage more with schools, and communicate more efficiently with other players in the learning process.  Head over to this.

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