ClassDojo Changes The Way Parents And Teachers Communicate


ClassDojo is an app that fosters the communication between parents and teachers, and encourages the students to get involved. It allows the teachers to keep the parents up to date on how the student is performing in social activities and academia by allowing them to select behaviors. These behavior are attached to points that the students earn when they are awarded with one of the behaviors. The students loves the point system because it makes learning into a game that they look forward to playing. The students are also able to customize their own avatar, which promotes their self expression through the use of the app.

ClassDojo has proven to be a great tool for the teachers to use in order to save time. The platform is very easy to use and all they have to do is select a behavior instead of recording checkmarks down on the board like they used to do it. Since the app is available for smartphones and tablets, it is great for use on the go and teachers can even use it when they are walking in the hallway. They are able to assign points and behaviors to individuals students or to groups, depending on how they are working that day. It is also a great way for parents to stay involved because they send out an email update on the student’s progress every week.

ClassDojo also an instant messaging option so that the teacher has easy access to the parent should they need to communicate about something urgent and important. The parent also has the ability to initiate contact with the teacher, so it goes both ways. The students love the Class Stories, which are a collection of pictures and videos recorded throughout the day. It encourages them to succeed and perform well.


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