Chris Burch’s New Home

Entrepreneur Christ Burch said he always wanted to have a place in Paris to call home. He got his wish. He is renovating the 1608 Hotel Particulier to make it a new home for him and his family.

A couple of years ago, Chris Burch was visiting Paris and he found out that this hotel was for sale. He went to take a look at it and fell in love. He knew that it was going to need a complete makeup but was just for the challenge. He has six children so the home he lives in does need plenty of room for all. He decided to make the purchase and turn this into this home.

The 1608 Hotel Particulier is 10,000 square feet. The interior and the exterior of the home are considered to be landmarks. This hotel has most of the original flooring and beams from past centuries. He wanted to restore the building to its original glory.

It took years to complete and several top designers but now the home is ready. The home got a complete makeover while embracing the style from past centuries.


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