Role Model for The Young Investor – Chris Linkas

When discussing role models for young investors, one name of that must come up is Chris Linkas. Chris, being an investor over many years, has worked in a variety of different investment firms but also has worked investments around the world. With such a diverse portfolio, he can definitely be looked at by new investors to learn the various forms of investments in the industry. As a young person starting to invest, it can be a little scary. With little to no knowledge of the investment industry, they can learn and dominate the market by jumping in feet first.

Some of the investments that Chris has gotten into include a credit and real estate finance business, servicer and platform investments, secondary LP interests, and various other forms of investments. While these sound all well and good for someone as advanced as Chris Linkas, it’s probably not best for a new investor to start out with these type of investment. The best investments for a new investor would include simple investments like certificates of deposit and bonds. These type of investments are considered very low risk and best for the new upcoming investors.

While it can be very tempting to tell yourself that you can’t invest until you take years of training, the best way to start is by actually doing it. It is best to try it while you’re young, make any mistakes that may happen, learn from them, and make better investment decisions the next time around ( If any person 20 years old takes this route, they could be a great investor by the time they are the age of 30 .

The best thing about investing young is that you get to try a bunch of different markets and learn them over the years. One fantastic thing about Chris Linkas is that he is a very diversified investor having investments, not only in the UK but also in North America. For young investors that are looking to invest in other countries like Italy, France or Ireland, Chris can be a role model showing that it is a very simple process with the right mindset.